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Guide on How to Write on PDFs on Mac

Writing Text on PDFs on Mac: Detailed Steps

Learn the step-by-step process to effortlessly write on PDFs on your Mac. Perfect for those new to Mac or anyone looking to learn a new trick! 🍏👩‍💻 Discover how to use the preview app and its text tools to make your PDFs more informative.✍️


Open your PDF in the Preview App

Start by locating your PDF and open it using the Mac’s Preview App. This built-in app is the go-to tool for viewing and editing images and PDFs. 😌 It’s simple, intuitive and doesn’t require any third-party installations.🖥️


Activate the Markup Icon

Once your document is opened, navigate to the Markup Icon found at the top of your screen. Clicking on this icon will activate the Markup tool, which houses a bunch of editing features. 💡 One of these is the ability to easily write on your PDF.🖊️


Click on the ‘A’ Text Icon

Upon activating the Markup tool, a panel presents numerous features. Of these, click on the ‘A’ text icon.💫 This action readies the preview app for text entry at the location of your choosing.🎯


Write Your Text and Position It

At this point, you’re free to write your text. Simply type out your message and drag it to where you’d like to place it. You’re free to take your time to ensure the text fits the document layout perfectly.✏️📐


Close the App to Save the Edit

After positioning your text, the only thing left is to save your edit. Luckily, Mac makes this super easy. Just close your Preview App, and it will automatically save the changes to your PDF. It’s that simple! 🚀

Conclusion: 🏁

And that’s how you write on PDFs on Mac. It’s a quick and easy process once you’ve got the hang of it. Now you can confidently add text to your PDFs and make them more useful. Crucial for any user who deals with PDFs on the regular basis. 🌟 So go forth and markup your PDFs!


PDFs are routinely used in business and education. Being able to write on a PDF on your Mac allows you to make notes, highlight areas of importance, or add comments and feedback.

There are several tools available to write on PDFs on a Mac, including Preview, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and various third-party applications.

You can use the markup toolbar in Preview, which includes options like text, shape, sketch, signature, and more.

You can access the markup toolbar in Preview by pressing the toolbox icon, or by selecting ‘Show Markup Toolbar’ from the ‘View’ menu.

Yes, once you’ve selected a tool from the markup toolbar, you can change its color and style using the style icons on the toolbar.

Yes, Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to write on PDFs using the ‘Fill & Sign’ or ‘Comment’ tools.

Some popular third-party apps include PDF Expert, Skim, and PDFpenPro.

Yes, after writing on a PDF you can save your changes by using the ‘Save’ or ‘Export as PDF’ options.

Most applications include an ‘Undo’ option in the ‘Edit’ menu, or a shortcut can usually be used (Command+Z).

Yes, as long as your keyboard supports the language, you can write on a PDF in any language.

Yes, both Preview and Adobe Acrobat Reader allow you to add a signature.

Yes, most applications allow you to select and delete what you’ve written.

Yes, tools like Preview and Adobe Acrobat Reader support shapes, diagrams, and other drawings.

If you have the password, you can unlock the PDF and then write on it.

Yes, both Preview and Adobe Acrobat Reader allow you to add a password.

Yes, certain tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader allow you to add hyperlinks.

Yes, most PDF writing tools support text highlighting.

Yes, most PDF writing tools support annotations in the form of notes or comments.

Yes, you can usually export the PDF with your changes using the ‘Export’ or ‘Save As’ options.

This can depend on your needs. Both Preview and Adobe Acrobat Reader are good free options. For more features, you may consider a third-party app like PDF Expert.

Yes, you can share the PDF by sending it via email, messaging apps, or uploading it to cloud storage.

Some tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader and PDF Expert support editing the original text.

While you can use a tablet pen or Apple Pencil with some Macs or with tablet input devices, please check if your specific type of tablet pen or Apple Pencil is compatible with your Mac.

Some applications support trackpad gestures. For instance, Preview allows you to draw with your trackpad.

Your data’s security depends on the tool you’re using. If you’re concerned about security, check the software creator’s privacy policy.

Yes, some tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader and PDF Expert allow you to add watermarks.

Yes. In apps like Preview, select your text and then adjust the opacity using the style ‘Color Fill’ dropdown.

Yes. Tools like Preview, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and various third-party apps allow file conversion to formats like Word, Excel, or JPG.

Yes. Most apps provide various font options when adding text to PDFs.

Yes, after writing on your PDF, you can print it using your preferred printing method.