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How to type trademark symbol on mac

how to type trademark symbol on mac

Typing special characters on a Mac can sometimes be a puzzling task, especially when it comes to inserting important symbols like the trademark symbol (TM). For professionals in branding, marketing, or legal fields, knowing how to swiftly type this symbol is indispensable. Fear not, as I have compiled a guide for Mac users to type the trademark symbol with ease. From keyboard shortcuts to character viewers and beyond, let’s dive into the various methods I’ve personally used and found to be foolproof.


Common Scenarios:

Composing Legal Documents 🗒

  • One of the most common scenarios where the trademark symbol is needed is when drafting legal documents related to intellectual property. Typing the TM symbol properly ensures the document communicates ownership effectively.

Creating Marketing Materials 📖

  • Marketing professionals often must include the trademark symbol in various marketing materials to indicate a brand’s proprietary name or slogan. Knowing how to do this on a Mac is crucial for crafting compelling copy that respects trademark laws.

Designing Brand Logos 🎨

  • Graphic designers are frequently called upon to place the trademark symbol in logos or branding elements. Precision and speed can greatly enhance productivity and the visual finish of the design.

Step-by-Step Guide. How To Type Trademark Symbol On Mac:

Method 1: Keyboard Shortcut ⌨

  • Place your cursor where you want the trademark symbol to appear.
  • Press and hold the Option key.
  • While holding the Option key, press the 2 key. Release both keys to see the TM symbol.

Note: This method works across most applications on a Mac, including Pages, Keynote, and even web browsers.

Conclusion: This method is quick and convenient for seasoned Mac users comfortable with keyboard shortcuts.

Method 2: Using Emoji & Symbols Viewer 🗒

  • Open the Emoji & Symbols viewer by pressing Control + Command + Space.
  • Type ‘trademark’ in the search bar.
  • Locate the trademark symbol from the search results and click on it to insert it into your text.

Note: The Emoji & Symbols viewer also allows you to explore other special characters and symbols.

Conclusion: This visual method is perfect for those who prefer using the mouse over memorizing keyboard shortcuts.

Method 3: Character Viewer App 🔍

  • Launch the Character Viewer by navigating to the top menu bar and clicking Edit, then Emoji & Symbols, or use the shortcut Control + Command + Space.
  • Enable the advanced Character Viewer by clicking on the gear icon in the corner and selecting ‘Customize List…
  • Browse to the ‘Letterlike Symbols’ category or search for ‘trademark’ to find the symbol.
  • Double-click the trademark symbol to insert it into your text.

Note: The Character Viewer offers an extensive list of special characters and provides additional information about each symbol.

Conclusion: This detailed application is excellent for finding a wide array of symbols, including the trademark symbol.

Method 4: Using Text Shortcut ✏

  • Open System Preferences and navigate to Keyboard.
  • Click on the Text tab and press the ‘+’ button to add a new text replacement.
  • In the ‘Replace’ column, type an abbreviation like ‘tm’ and in the ‘With’ column, input the trademark symbol using Option + 2.
  • Now, whenever you type ‘tm’, it will automatically be replaced by the trademark symbol in any text field that supports text replacement.

Note: Remember to choose an abbreviation that you don’t commonly use in your regular typing to avoid unwanted replacements.

Conclusion: This custom shortcut method is a time-saver once set up, especially for those who use the trademark symbol frequently.

Method 5: HTML Character Code for Web Content 💻

  • When crafting web content, type the HTML character code ‘™’ wherever you need the TM symbol to appear in your HTML document.

Note: This method is specific to web developers and content creators who work directly with HTML code.

Conclusion: Using HTML character codes ensures the trademark symbol is displayed correctly on web pages.


Precautions and Tips:

Boosting Typing Efficiency ✨

  • Regularly using and practicing keyboard shortcuts for the trademark symbol and other special characters can significantly speed up your typing workflow on a Mac.
  • Consider creating custom keyboard shortcuts for symbols you use frequently to make your typing experience more efficient.

Enhanced Typing Productivity

Apart from inserting symbols, enhancing your overall typing productivity on your Mac can lead to a more efficient workflow. Consider exploring other Mac features such as Text to Speech, Dictation, or Keyboard Customizations to better suit your typing habits. When it comes to typing less common characters, the use of third-party applications or specific Mac Accessories that provide additional functionality can be a game-changer. Mastering these can not only help with the trademark symbol but a myriad of other typing tasks.

For those interested in exploring further, websites like Apple Support offer extensive guides and tutorials on Mac features. Moreover, communities like MacRumors can be valuable resources for tips from seasoned Mac users. Embracing a holistic approach to productivity, from keyboard shortcuts to software customization, can transform your interactions with your Mac.


Understanding the optimal method to type the trademark symbol on a Mac is a small yet significant part of navigating the digital space. Whether you’re preparing formal documents, creating web content, or designing graphics, incorporating these tips into your Mac usage can streamline your processes and ensure you communicate effectively. Always remember to consider the context of your work and choose the method that integrates best with your workflow.

For additional information on using special characters and symbols, I encourage visiting the Apple Support website. And remember, with a little practice, typing the trademark symbol on a Mac can become second nature!


To input the trademark (™) symbol on a Mac, hold down the Option key and press the 2 key once.

Yes, you can use the Emoji & Symbols viewer by pressing Control+Command+Space, then searching for trademark and double-clicking the symbol.

In Mac’s Pages, click on Edit > Emoji & Symbols, then locate and insert the trademark symbol from the characters menu.

To type the registered trademark symbol, hold Option and press R. This will insert the ® character into your text.

You can access the Mac keyboard viewer by going to System Preferences > Keyboard, then checking the Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar option.

Yes, navigate to System Preferences > Keyboard > Text, click the + button, and assign a text shortcut to the trademark symbol ™.

Ensure your keyboard layout is set properly in System Preferences > Keyboard. If it persists, consider resetting the shortcut or using the Emoji & Symbols viewer.

In Microsoft Word on a Mac, either use the Option+2 shortcut or select Insert > Symbol and choose the trademark symbol.

Yes, if you customize your Touch Bar, you can add the trademark symbol for easy access when typing documents.

Mac users can visit Apple’s official support page at Apple Support for guidance on typing special characters and symbols.