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How to strikethrough on mac

how to strikethrough on mac

Striking through text on a Mac can be a subtle yet powerful way to convey changes, corrections, or updates in a document or message. As a regular Mac user, I’ve frequently encountered situations where I needed to apply this formatting. In this article, I’ll share several methods I’ve used to add strikethrough to text across various applications on macOS. Whether you’re working in word processors, emails, or messaging apps, learning how to strikethrough can enhance your editing capabilities.


Common Scenarios:

Editing Documents on a Mac

Text Revision 📝

  • While revising documents, adding a strikethrough indicates a deletion without removing the original text.
  • Collaborating with others on documents often requires showing edits clearly.
  • Using strikethrough in proposals demonstrates updates to terms or pricing.

Communicating via Messaging Apps

Instant Corrections ✏

  • In messaging apps, a strikethrough can correct a mistake without deleting the whole message.
  • Strikethrough is used to denote sarcasm or convey a joke without misinterpretation.
  • For task lists, strikethrough visually indicates completed items within a chat.

Email Correspondence

Email Editing 📧

  • Business emails often require edits and updates; strikethrough clearly highlights changes.
  • When issuing corrections, a strikethrough is less abrasive than a full rewrite.
  • In email newsletters, a strikethrough can grab attention to promotions or updates.

Step-by-Step Guide. How To Strikethrough On Mac:

Method 1: Keyboard Shortcut in Word Processors

Using Shortcuts ⌨

  • Select the text you want to strikethrough.
  • Press Command (⌘) + Shift + X on your keyboard.
  • The selected text will now appear with a strikethrough.

Note: This method typically works in word processing programs like Pages and Microsoft Word.

Conclusion: Keyboard shortcuts provide a quick and efficient way to apply strikethrough formatting when editing documents on your Mac.

Method 2: Using Format Menus in Text Editors

Menu Navigation 🖱

  • Select the text you wish to strikethrough.
  • Click on the Format menu at the top of the screen.
  • Navigate to Font and then select Strikethrough.
  • Choose the type of strikethrough if multiple options are available.

Note: The options available may vary depending on the text editor, such as TextWrangler or Sublime Text.

Conclusion: Format menus offer more control over the strikethrough style, making it suitable for users who prefer using the mouse over keyboard shortcuts.

Method 3: Using TextEdit on Mac

Native App Use 🍏

  • Open the TextEdit app on your Mac.
  • Select the text you want to strikethrough.
  • Right-click on the selected text and choose Font > Strikethrough.
  • Alternatively, use the Format menu, then Font, and Strikethrough.

Note: TextEdit is a simple and accessible tool included with macOS that can handle basic text formatting, including strikethrough.

Conclusion: For quick edits without needing a full-featured word processor, TextEdit proves to be a handy option for applying strikethrough on a Mac.

Method 4: In Email Clients like Apple Mail

Email Formatting 📬

  • Compose a new email or reply in Apple Mail.
  • Select the text you want to strikethrough.
  • Click on the A icon for text formatting options.
  • Select the strikethrough button (S with a line through it).

Note: This will instantly apply the strikethrough to the selected text within your email.

Conclusion: Strikethrough in email clients is a fantastic way to highlight edits when communicating professionally or to draw attention to updates and promotions.

Method 5: Strikethrough in Note Apps

Note-Taking Specials ✍

  • Open your preferred note app, such as Apple Notes.
  • Select the text you want to strikethrough.
  • Use the formatting options provided, often found under the Format menu or a stylized A icon.
  • Choose the strikethrough option to apply it to the text.

Note: Some note apps may not support strikethrough formatting, so check the app’s capabilities beforehand.

Conclusion: Utilizing note apps for organizing thoughts and tasks becomes more effective when you can visually mark items as complete with strikethrough styling.

Method 6: Strikethrough Shortcut in Google Docs

Strikethrough in Cloud 🌥

  • Access your document in Google Docs on your Mac.
  • Select the text to apply a strikethrough.
  • Press Command (⌘) + Shift + X to apply the strikethrough.

Note: Google Docs offers a suite of keyboard shortcuts for formatting, including strikethrough, making it a great option for collaborative editing online.

Conclusion: Using Google Docs on Mac provides an easy way to share and edit documents with strikethrough formatting, fostering efficient teamwork in real-time.

Method 7: Markdown Editors for Developers

Markdown Mastery ⚙

  • Open a markdown file in editors like Markdown or Atom.
  • Type two tildes (~~) before and after the text you want to strikethrough.
  • For example, to strikethrough the word ‘example’ type: ~~example~~.

Note: This method is particularly suited for developers or writers who prefer to work with markdown files for their simplicity and version control compatibility.

Conclusion: For those familiar with markdown syntax, this method offers a clean and developer-friendly way to apply strikethrough to text.


Precautions and Tips:

Helpful Hints for Mac Formatting

Golden Tips ✨

  • Consistently save your documents to avoid losing any formatted changes.
  • Get familiar with keyboard shortcuts for each app, as they streamline the strikethrough process.
  • Understand the limitations and capabilities of the app you’re using, as some may not support strikethrough formatting.

Avoiding Formatting Faux Pas

Smooth Editing 💼

  • Avoid excessive use of strikethrough as it can make documents look cluttered.
  • Use strikethrough in conjunction with track changes for clear version control.
  • Ensure readability remains a priority when editing text; it shouldn’t be too hard to decipher the original intention.

Enhance Your Text

Understanding how to effectively use text formatting on a Mac can not only improve the quality of your documents but also enhance communication. Strikethrough is just one of many formatting options available, but it specifically serves as a useful tool for indicating changes or signaling completed tasks without removing text.

Strikethrough is an essential part of writing and editing workflows, especially in professional environments where collaboration and clarity are key. It’s also widely used in content management systems (CMS) and collaboration tools, which often mimic features found in popular text editing software.

For more advanced users, customizable text editors such as Vim or Visual Studio Code can be extended with plugins to include easy strikethrough formatting alongside syntax highlighting and other developer-friendly features.

Regardless of the platform or purpose, mastering the use of strikethrough can contribute significantly to your editing efficiency. It’s not just about making a line through text; it’s about the context and intention behind its use.


Being adept at various text formatting techniques, including how to strikethrough on a Mac, is imperative in this digital age. Whether you’re revising a manuscript, annotating an email, or updating a project management board, the ability to effectively communicate changes is invaluable. Hopefully, with these methods, you’ll find adding strikethrough to your text effortlessly seamless. Just remember to consider the context of its use, and you’ll undoubtedly enhance your written communication.


Select the text you wish to strikethrough, click on the ‘Format’ button at the top, then ‘Font,’ and choose ‘Strikethrough’ from the list.

Some applications support Command + Shift + X as a shortcut for strikethrough, but it may vary or be unavailable depending on the app.

Yes, highlight the text in your email, right-click, select ‘Font,’ then ‘Styles,’ and choose strikethrough from the list of text styles.

Select your text, right-click, and choose ‘Font’ > ‘Strikethrough.’ Strikethrough is applied immediately to your selected text in Notes.

Yes, in TextEdit, select the text, then click ‘Format’ on the menu bar, followed by ‘Font’ and ‘Strikethrough.’

In Keynote, highlight the text, click on the ‘Format’ pane on the right-hand side, and check the ‘Strikethrough’ option under the ‘Style’ tab.

The terminal doesn’t offer text styling options like strikethrough; it’s mainly for command-line operations and scripting.

Preview allows you to annotate PDFs with strikethrough. Click the ‘Markup’ toolbar button, then the ‘Text’ button, and select ‘Strikethrough.’

Yes, select the text, then press Command + Shift + X, or click the ‘Strikethrough’ button on the Home tab in the ribbon.

Many third-party text editors, such as Atom and Sublime Text, support strikethrough via markdown syntax or additional packages.