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How to make trademark symbol on mac

how to make trademark symbol on mac

In today’s digitally-driven world, protecting your brand identity is crucial. Using the trademark symbol (™) is a simple yet effective way to assert your claim over your brand’s name, logo, or unique features. As a Mac user, I’ve often encountered the need to insert the trademark symbol into documents, emails, and other digital content. If you are facing a similar need, this guide will walk you through various methods to make the trademark symbol on a Mac with ease. You’ll find that with just a few keystrokes, your brand can display its mark of distinction prominently. Let’s learn how to make trademark symbol on your Mac and ensure your brand gets the recognition it deserves.


Common Scenarios:

Creating a Visual Brand Identity 🎨

  • Branding a product name in a presentation or marketing material.
  • Designing a website with references to registered products or services.
  • Composing a blog post or article discussing various trademarks.

Securing Intellectual Property Rights 🛡

  • Sending an email to stakeholders mentioning a new trademark.
  • Writing a legal document that includes a list of trademarks.
  • Compiling a company portfolio that showcases trademarked products.

Enhancing Digital Content Engagement 📲

  • Posting on social media with mention of trademarked campaigns.
  • Updating a blog or online storefront with new branded offers.
  • Creating downloadable PDF documents that highlight trademarked solutions.

Step-by-Step Guide. How To Make Trademark Symbol On Mac:

Method 1: Keyboard Shortcut 🖥

  • While typing in any text field or document, place your cursor where you want the trademark symbol to appear.
  • Press the Option key, followed by the 2 key. This will insert the ™ trademark symbol into your text.

Note: This method works across various applications including Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and browsers. It’s a quick and universally applicable solution.

Conclusion: This keyboard shortcut offers an immediate and simple way to add the trademark symbol without disrupting your workflow.

Method 2: Character Viewer Tool 🖼

  • Position your cursor where you’d like to insert the trademark symbol in your document.
  • Press Control + Command + Spacebar to open the Character Viewer.
  • In the Character Viewer, type ‘trademark’ in the search field.
  • Select the trademark symbol (™) from the search results and click to insert it into your text.

Note: The Character Viewer tool provides access to various symbols and emoji, making it a more flexible option.

Conclusion: The Character Viewer is a comprehensive tool for finding and inserting special characters and symbols into your Mac-based content.

Method 3: Text Replacement 🔄

  • Open System Preferences on your Mac.
  • Go to Keyboard and select the Text tab.
  • Click the ‘+’ button to add a new text replacement.
  • In the ‘Replace’ column, type a unique abbreviation you’ll remember (e.g., ‘TMsymbol’).
  • In the ‘With’ column, input the trademark symbol using the keyboard shortcut (Option + 2).

Note: With this method, every time you type ‘TMsymbol’, it will automatically be replaced with ™.

Conclusion: Text Replacement is perfect for those who frequently need to use the trademark symbol and prefer not to memorize keyboard shortcuts.

Method 4: Copy and Paste ✂

  • Find the trademark symbol in an existing document or on a Unicode Consortium website.
  • Select the trademark symbol and copy it (Command + C).
  • Go to your document and paste the symbol (Command + V) where you need it.

Note: This method is useful when other options are not available or if you need to insert the trademark symbol into a software that does not support text replacement or keyboard shortcuts.

Conclusion: Copy and paste is a straightforward method that ensures accuracy and is universally understood by all users.

Method 5: VoiceOver Accessibility Feature 🗣

  • To use this method, first ensure VoiceOver is enabled in your Mac’s System Preferences under Accessibility.
  • With VoiceOver active, navigate to your text field and dictate ‘Trademark Symbol’ to your Mac, and it should type the ™ symbol.

Note: This method is ideal for those who may have difficulty using a keyboard or prefer to use voice commands.

Conclusion: Leveraging VoiceOver for inserting symbols like the trademark sign can make your Mac more accessible and efficient, especially for multitasking situations.


Precautions and Tips:

Quick Keyboard Mastery ⌨

  • To remember the keyboard shortcut for the trademark symbol, think of the number ‘2’ representing the two letters in ‘TM’.
  • You can use a sticky note on your Mac or a physical one by your workstation with commonly used symbols and their shortcuts.

Maximizing Character Viewer 💡

  • You can customize the Character Viewer to include your most frequently used symbols by selecting ‘Customize List… and checking the characters you need quick access to.
  • If you often use a variety of special characters, consider keeping the Character Viewer in your Mac’s Dock for quick access.

Explore More Functions

Understanding the full range of your Mac’s capabilities can streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. Accessories like the Touch Bar on certain MacBook Pro models can be customized to include shortcuts for the trademark symbol and other characters. Additionally, macOS regularly receives updates that include new features and improvements. Staying up-to-date by visiting the MacOS Support page will ensure that you’re utilizing your Mac to its fullest potential.

When working with graphic design or publishing software such as Adobe Illustrator, the process for inserting symbols like the trademark sign may differ slightly. It’s beneficial to look into each application’s documentation or help center for specific instructions.

For legal matters related to intellectual property and trademark usage, consulting with a legal professional or visiting the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website can provide guidance and help ensure that your usage of trademarks aligns with regulations.


As you can see from my personal experience, there are several ways to make the trademark symbol on a Mac, each with its own advantages. Whether you’re looking for speed with keyboard shortcuts, functionality with the Character Viewer, or accessibility with VoiceOver, MacOS offers a variety of methods to suit your needs. Take the time to familiarize yourself with these methods, and soon, adding that ™ to your brand assets will be second nature. For more detailed guidance on Mac usage and customizations, be sure to explore the MacOS Support page.


To type the trademark symbol (™) on a Mac, press Option + 2.

Yes, for the registered trademark symbol (®), use Option + R on your Mac keyboard.

Yes, in Mac’s Pages, click on Edit, select Emoji & Symbols, then choose the trademark symbol.

Absolutely, activate the Character Viewer by clicking the Input menu in the menu bar and select Show Emoji & Symbols.

Most text editors on Mac support Unicode input, so using the keyboard shortcuts will correctly format the trademark symbol.

Yes, the same shortcuts apply for the trademark symbol on both Mac desktops and laptops.

Typing the trademark symbol should work across most fonts and styles as it’s a standard Unicode character.

Yes, you can include the trademark symbol in macOS file names and folders using the same keyboard shortcuts.

Non-English Mac keyboards might have different shortcuts. Check Mac’s System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources for layout-specific shortcuts.

For additional details on special characters, visit Apple’s official support page at