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How to type registered trademark on mac

how to type registered trademark on mac

Having the ability to type special characters, such as the registered trademark symbol (�) on a Mac, is essential for professionals across various fields, from marketing to legal work. While the Mac’s functionalities may differ from other operating systems, it offers several straightforward methods to insert these symbols into your documents or presentations. In this article, I will share the methods I have personally used to type the registered trademark symbol. These methods are user-friendly, and no matter what your level of technical expertise may be, you can easily incorporate these symbols into your work with just a few clicks or keystrokes.


Common Scenarios:

Scenario 1: Completing Official Documents �

  • While working on official documents like contracts or terms of service, you need to indicate that a product, service, or company name is registered.
  • Including the registered trademark symbol next to a logo or brand name adds legal credibility to the document.
  • Not using the appropriate symbol can result in miscommunication or even legal challenges about your brand’s intellectual property rights.

Scenario 2: Branding and Marketing Materials �

  • When creating marketing materials like brochures, websites, or ads, distinguishing your brand with the registered trademark symbol is crucial.
  • It signals to competitors and consumers alike that your brand is established and protected.
  • Omitting the registered trademark symbol might give a less professional impression to potential clients or partners.

Scenario 3: Digital Content Creation �

  • If you’re a content creator, you often need to reference various brands and products.
  • Using the correct registered trademark symbols not only adds accuracy to your content but also shows respect for intellectual property rights.
  • It enhances the authenticity and professionalism of your digital content or multimedia presentations.

Step-by-Step Guide. How To Type Registered Trademark On Mac:

Method 1: Keyboard Shortcut घ

  • Place your cursor where you want the registered trademark symbol to appear in the document.
  • Press the Option key and the R key at the same time ( क + R).
  • The registered trademark symbol (�) should now be printed in your document.

Note: This method is the fastest and most efficient when typing the registered trademark symbol on a Mac.

Conclusion: The keyboard shortcut is an instant method for adding the registered trademark symbol and can be easily memorized for frequent use.

Method 2: Special Characters Menu 📋

  • Click on the place in your document where you want to insert the registered trademark symbol.
  • Press Control + Command + Spacebar to bring up the Character Viewer.
  • In the Character Viewer, search for “registered trademark” and select it from the list.
  • Click on the symbol to insert it into your document.

Note: This method provides access to a wide range of special characters and is especially useful when you need symbols that do not have a direct keyboard shortcut.

Conclusion: The Special Characters Menu is versatile and useful for inserting less commonly used symbols as well.

Method 3: Copy and Paste from the Web 📋

  • Navigate to a website that has the registered trademark symbol available for copy and paste.
  • Highlight the registered trademark symbol (�) with your mouse or trackpad.
  • Right-click and select Copy (or use the keyboard shortcut Command + C).
  • Paste the symbol into your document using Command + V.

Note: This method is straightforward and does not require memorizing any keyboard shortcuts.

Conclusion: Copying and pasting from the web is convenient when working on a project that requires the occasional use of special symbols.

Method 4: Using Text Replacement 🔧

  • Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Text.
  • Click the + button to add a new text replacement.
  • In the Replace field, type a shortcut like “(r)”.
  • In the With field, enter the registered trademark symbol (�).
  • Save the text replacement and close System Preferences.

Note: Whenever you type the shortcut you’ve set, it will automatically be replaced with the registered trademark symbol in any text field.

Conclusion: Text replacement is a customizable method and saves time, particularly if you frequently use the registered trademark symbol.

Method 5: Use an ASCII Code 💻

  • Open up any text editor or word processing application where you need the symbol.
  • Press and hold the Option key.
  • While holding the Option key, type the ASCII code for the registered trademark symbol, which is 0174.
  • Release the Option key, and the symbol will appear in your text.

Note: This method may not work in all applications, as the effectiveness can depend on the specific software in use.

Conclusion: Using ASCII codes is a less common, but still viable option for typing special characters like the registered trademark symbol on a Mac.


Precautions and Tips:

Tricks to Remember 🤖

  • Memorize the keyboard shortcut (Option + R) for quick access.
  • Create a sticky note on your Mac with commonly used symbols for easy reference.
  • Use text shortcuts in your device’s settings for phrases or symbols you use often.
  • Keep a Google Doc or note with a list of special characters to copy and paste as needed.

Enhancing Productivity

When working with text on a Mac, especially for business or branding purposes, proficiency with typing special characters can greatly impact productivity and efficiency. Beyond the methods mentioned above, employing text expansion tools or macro commands can automate repeated typing tasks, saving you a significant amount of time.

Applications such as TextExpander allow users to create a library of snippets—blocks of text or code—that can be triggered with simple, abbreviated input. This tool goes a step beyond the built-in text replacement feature of macOS, giving users the ability to use formatted text or even scripts as part of their snippets.

For more advanced users, leveraging the Automator—an application in macOS that performs automated tasks—can streamline workflows even further. Users can create custom workflows to handle repetitive tasks such as renaming files, resizing images, and, of course, inserting specialized text or symbols where needed.

Finally, maintaining a clean and organized digital workspace is paramount. Use desktop organizers or file management tools such as Hazel to automatically sort files and keep your work environment clutter-free. A tidy workspace can lead to a more focused mind, which in turn can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your typing and overall work performance.


In conclusion, typing the registered trademark symbol on a Mac can be achieved through various methods that cater to different preferences and needs. As I’ve shared from my own experiences, these techniques range from convenient keyboard shortcuts to advanced text expansion applications. It’s important to choose the method that integrates seamlessly with your workflow and enhances your productivity. Remember to also consider related best practices for managing your workspace and optimizing repetitive tasks, as this can contribute to a more professional and polished final product. Always respect intellectual property laws by properly using registered trademark symbols when necessary. By incorporating these skills into your everyday practices, you can ensure accurate and effective communication in your documents and digital content.


To type the registered trademark (®) symbol on a Mac, press Option (⌥) + R.

Yes, you can use the Edit menu, select Emoji & Symbols, and then search for registered to find and insert the ® symbol.

While there’s no default document shortcut, after inserting the ® symbol, you can create a custom shortcut within specific applications like Microsoft Word.

Yes. For the trademark (™) symbol, press Option (⌥) + 2. There’s no standard shortcut for the service mark (℠) symbol.

The shortcut Option (⌥) + R usually works across most Mac applications that support text input and formatting.

Yes, the Option (⌥) + R shortcut also works in the Mac’s Terminal application.

Yes, you can copy the ® symbol from another source and paste it where needed in your Mac text.

Try resetting your keyboard settings to default or use the Character Viewer to insert the ® symbol if shortcuts fail.

The Unicode value for the registered trademark symbol is U+00AE, which can be used in various programming and markup languages.

For more information on Mac keyboard usage and symbols, visit Apple’s official keyboard support page: Apple Keyboard Support.