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The Ultimate Guide to Using Preview: A Better Alternative to Adobe Reader

mac Users: Handy Guide to Using Preview Instead of Adobe Reader

💬 Do you frequently use Adobe Reader on your Mac to read PDFs? 😲 If yes, you ought to know that there’s an easier, and much better alternative, Preview, readily available on your Mac already!


Ditch Adobe Reader for Preview

If you regularly open, view, and even fill out PDF files, you might be using an app called Adobe Reader. It’s a decent free app from Adobe, and it gets the job done. You can get it from Yet, many Mac users that download this app aren’t aware of the powerful tool that their Mac already possesses – Preview. This built-in app is a part of the operating system and handles PDF viewing just as capably as Adobe Reader, if not better! It’s the default app for opening a PDF, unless you’ve installed Adobe Reader.


Unleashing the Power of Preview

😵 Surprised about having this hidden gem on your Mac already? Well, let’s dive into its capabilities. Preview handles multi-page PDFs effortlessly and allows for easy viewing. From enabling zoom-in and zoom-out to supporting Select and Copy functions for your reading convenience, Preview has got you covered. One can also switch between modes for better viewing, like continuous scroll mode, single page mode or even a two-page mode for a side-by-side view.


Form-Filling and Signatures with Preview

For all those exhaustive PDF forms that you’ve to fill, Preview is at your service! It not only allows you to fill in your details but also lets you sign the document virtually. You can create a new signature using your trackpad, camera, or iPhone and resize it according to the document’s requirement. But remember, Preview, just like Adobe Reader, isn’t a PDF creation tool. To create a new document, use Pages on a Mac or other apps like Word or InDesign.


Preview: Your Weapon for Markups and Reviewing

Does your work involve reviewing and providing feedback on PDFs? Preview’s got your back! You can add figures, arrows, and text boxes to the document to elucidate your points. Even if the form creator hasn’t made it editable, you can still use the Markup Tools to add text. Talk about getting around limitations, huh?


Switching from Adobe Reader to Preview

🔄Eager to make the switch now? Well, it’s simple! You can open a document with Preview through the context menu. If Adobe Reader is set as your default, simply change your default to Preview via ‘Get Info’ for the file. Just select Preview in ‘Open With’ and then click ‘Change All’ to reset your default app for all PDFs to Preview.


Reading PDFs on the Browser: An Easier Path

Going a step further, you may not need an app at all! Surprised? 😲 For a quick read, you can browse your PDFs directly in the browser. Even Safari lets you do a lot of the things that you would need an app for – read the PDF and fill out forms.

Conclusion: 🏁

💡 It’s intriguing how a lot of Mac users end up downloading Adobe Reader when all they need for a comfortable, efficient PDF reading experience is already there on their machine – Preview. Whether it’s due to habit, misinformation, or just sticking with old norms, it’s time to step up, leverage the power of Preview, and enjoy a hassle-free PDF experience. So go ahead and give Preview a try! Happy reading. 📖😀


Preview is an application on Mac that allows you to view and manipulate digital images and PDFs.

While Adobe Reader is a great application, Preview is known for its speed, low CPU usage, and smaller memory footprint.

Preview comes pre-installed on all Mac computers, you do not need to install it.

You can open a file in Preview by right-clicking on the file and choosing ‘Open with Preview’.

Yes, Preview offers a range of features to edit PDFs such as add text, shapes, or signatures, and adjust properties like color, stroke, or fill.

You can save changes by simply going to File > Save or by using the shortcut Command + S.

Yes, you can easily add password protection to your PDFs in Preview under File > Export as PDF > Security Options.

You can merge PDFs in Preview by opening the first PDF and then dragging the second PDF into the thumbnail sidebar of the first.

Yes, Preview has annotation tools that can be used to highlight, underline, and strikethrough text, add notes and comments, draw shapes, etc.

Yes, you can make Preview read text aloud by going to Edit > Speech > Start Speaking.

Yes, you can convert images to different formats by going to File > Export and selecting the desired format.

Yes, you can resize images in Preview by going to Tools > Adjust Size.

While Preview is a powerful tool, it does not support editing of interactive elements in PDFs such as forms or multimedia.

Currently, Preview is only available for Mac OS.

Yes, Preview offers these functionalities under Tools menu.

No, as of now, Preview is only available on Mac OS.

Yes, you can compress PDFs in Preview by going to File > Export > Quartz Filter and choosing ‘Reduce File Size’.

No, Preview does not support batch processing. Each image must be individually opened and edited or converted.

Yes, you can edit the metadata of a PDF in Preview by going to Tools > Show Inspector > Info tab.

Yes, you can create a new blank PDF with Preview by going to File > New from Clipboard.

Yes, you can easily add or delete pages from a PDF in Preview.

Yes, you can add hyperlinks to your PDF in preview.

Yes, you can extract images from a PDF using the rectangular selection tool.

No, Preview does not have built-in OCR capabilities.

Yes, you can fill out non-interactive PDF forms using the Text tool in Preview.

Yes, Preview is a free application on Mac.

Yes, you can open multiple PDFs in Preview and each will open in a separate window.

Yes, you can view two pages side by side in Preview by going to View > Two Pages.

No, as of now, Preview is only available for Mac OS.

Yes, you can easily print your PDFs and images directly from Preview.