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How to Resize a Photo on Mac Without Any Software: A Simple Guide

Mac: Resize Photos in Easy Steps

Photo editing is a crucial part of digital content creation. And one common task is resizing photos. But, how can you accomplish this on a Mac without installing any additional software? Let’s find out! In this guide, we’ll show you how to resize a photo on Mac using the built-in Preview app, an amazing tool you didn’t know you had 😉. Furthermore, we will compare this process with the Windows 10 one for better understanding 🖥️.


Step by step guide to resize a photo on Mac

Brace yourself, we’re about to make your life a lot easier! Let’s get started: 🚀


Duplicate your file

A better approach to preserve your original file is to create a duplicate before editing. To do this, simply right-click on the filename in the Finder and choose ‘Duplicate’ 🗂. Worth mentioning that no software is needed here!


Open the duplicated file

Open the version of your file with the filename ending in ‘copy’. Go to Tools in the Preview app and choose ‘Adjust Size’ 📏. It’s different from Windows but don’t worry, you’ve got this!


Adjust the size

You will find customizable size options, from a smaller version to large. For instance, you could opt for a mid-range 1024 dimensions. Click ‘OK’, and Voila! Your photo is now resized, with a significantly smaller file size compared to the original 🎉.


Save the changes

The preview may show the photo at a different size, but fear not! This is normal. The important point is that you aren’t overwriting your original file 💾. Feel free to open the original and the copied version simultaneously to compare them visually 👌.


Notice the changes

Pay close attention, and you’ll notice the pixelization in the copied version. This is the reason for the smaller file size! It allows the image to load quicker on a website, providing a better user experience ⚡.


Practical application

In case you are planning to use this resized photo for emailing or uploading to a website, consider the dimensions you need. Resampling the image to fit those dimensions will give you the best results. You can fit more photos in an email with the resized versions without losing noticeable quality 💌🌐.

Conclusion: 🏁

This guide made resizing photos on the Mac a breeze, didn’t it? 🎈 You didn’t even need any additional software. Remember, duplicating, adjusting the size, and saving the changes is all it takes. If you found this helpful, don’t hesitate to spread the knowledge. Sharing is caring, after all 💖. Let’s keep making the digital space better, one quickly loading image at a time! 👏


The steps include opening the photo in Preview, clicking on ‘Tools’, then ‘Adjust Size’, input the desired dimensions and finally clicking on ‘OK’.

Yes, you can use the built-in Preview application on Mac to resize photos.

You don’t need any software – you can use the built-in Preview application on your Mac.

There may be a minor loss in quality when you resize a photo, especially if you are reducing its size significantly or enlarging it.

Yes, you can undo a resizing operation by clicking ‘Edit’ and then ‘Undo Adjust Size’. However, once you save the changes and close the picture, you cannot undo the resizing.

Yes, Mac’s Preview app allows you to select and resize multiple photos at once.

Yes, the ‘Adjust Size’ option in Mac’s Preview application lets you adjust the resolution as well.

Yes, you can preserve the aspect ratio by clicking the ‘Scale proportionally’ checkbox in the ‘Adjust Size’ tab.

Preview can resize most common image formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and others.

This is limited by the resolution of the original photo. If you attempt to increase the dimensions too much, the photo may become pixelated.

No, using Mac’s Preview application is completely free.

Ensure that you have an image file opened in the Preview app. If you’re still encountering issues, consider updating your macOS to the latest version.

Pixels are the smallest units of an image. When you resize an image, you’re changing the number of pixels it has.

Reducing the dimensions (in pixels) of the photo principally decreases the file size, while increasing them will generally increase the file size.

While Mac’s Preview doesn’t provide a direct option to resize to a specific file size, you can reduce the dimensions and check the resultant file size.

‘Resample image’ changes the total number of pixels in the image, while ‘Scale proportionally’ keeps the height and width in the same ratio while resizing.

‘Width’ is the horizontal dimension of the photo, and ‘Height’ is the vertical dimension. The units are typically pixels.

Yes, after resizing the picture, you can print it from the ‘File’ menu in Preview.

Yes, you can open and resize a photo from any location using Mac’s Preview. However, make sure to have the necessary read/write permissions to save changes.

Yes, you can resize a GIF using Mac’s Preview. The process is the same as for other types of image files.

You can check the dimensions from the ‘Tools > Show Inspector’ option or by hovering the mouse over the filename in Finder.

This could be due to compatibility issues or the other application not supporting the new resolution/file size. Try opening the photo in a different application.

Restart the Preview application. If the problem persists, check for macOS updates or contact Apple support.

After resizing, you can save and close the photo. Then from Finder, you can rename the photo.

There isn’t a dedicated keyboard shortcut for ‘Adjust Size’, but you can use shortcuts for ‘Tools’ (Option+Cmd+1) and navigate with arrows.

Yes, Finder’s Quick Actions allow you to resize photos in bulk. However, this feature might not be available on older versions of macOS.

Yes, screenshots are typically in PNG or JPG format, and you can resize them using Mac’s Preview.

This usually occurs when a small-sized photo is blown up significantly during resizing. It’s always best to start with a larger, higher-quality photo when possible.

Yes, while saving the resized photo, you can choose to save it in a different format from the ‘Format’ dropdown menu.

Yes, you can adjust the color profile of the image under the ‘Tools’ menu in Mac’s Preview.