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Play Windows Steam Games on Mac Easily through Nvidia GeForce Now

Download & Play Windows Steam Games on Mac with Nvidia GeForce Now

Wish to experience the thrill of Windows Steam Games but own a Mac? No worries, we’ve got you covered. This guide showcases how to seamlessly download and play Windows Steam games on your Mac using Nvidia GeForce Now. Keep the fun uninterrupted. 😉🎮


Open up a Web Browser

The first step in this journey is to open a web browser. Rain, shine, or snow, any browser works fine. We personally use Google Chrome, but the choice is entirely up to you! 😊


Search for Nvidia GeForce Now

Once you are ready to proceed, type ‘Nvidia GeForce Now’ in your search engine. Be vigil to avoid any fake clones and choose the official website i.e., 🕵️‍♂️💻


Understand Nvidia GeForce Now

So what is Nvidia GeForce Now? It’s a cloud gaming service offered by Nvidia. Basically, it allows you to play a game on a Windows computer from your Mac through Nvidia’s server. Pretty cool, eh? 🤩🎮


Select a package and Create an Account

All set? Click on ‘join now’, browse through the different packages available. The free version should suffice for most needs. Next, create an account on Nvidia site with an email ID and password. Piece of cake! 🍰🛠️


Download Nvidia GeForce Now application

Your next action is to download the Nvidia GeForce Now application. Post-download, you can find the file in your downloads folder and run it on your Mac. Your Mac will verify the application and prompt you to drag it into the Applications folder. 📥🔐


Launch and Login to Nvidia GeForce Now

You are almost there. Go to your Launchpad and launch Nvidia GeForce Now. You’ll get a small introduction after which you click on the login button and connect your account.


Connect your Steam Account

In the Nvidia GeForce Now application, click on the menu button to find an option for settings. Search for the section for connections and link your Steam account. Now, you can view Steam games in the game section.


Enjoy your Favorite Games Now

Once your accounts are connected, all you need to do is find the game you wish to play. Nvidia GeForce Now will run an analysis of your network and ensure your connection is good enough. Even if it fails, it should still work, and you can commence your wonderful gaming journey. 😎🎉

Conclusion: 🏁

We hope this guide simplified the process for playing Windows Steam games on your Mac using Nvidia GeForce Now. It’s an exceptional way to keep your gaming progress smooth and uncompromised. So ready, set, game on! 🎮🥳


Nvidia GeForce Now is a cloud-based gaming service that allows you to play games stored on remote servers.

Yes, Nvidia GeForce Now is available for Mac users to play games.

Nvidia GeForce Now streams games from the cloud to your device. It allows you to play games on systems that might not otherwise handle those games.

Not all, but a good number of Steam games are available on Nvidia GeForce Now. Availability might vary.

Nvidia recommends an internet speed of at least 15 Mbps for 720p at 60fps and 25 Mbps for 1080p at 60fps.

You can check the availability of games on the Nvidia GeForce Now website or the app.

Yes, you must have already purchased or own the games you want to play on Nvidia GeForce Now.

There is a free tier of Nvidia GeForce Now available, however, there is also a paid tier that brings additional benefits and features.

Yes, using the Nvidia GeForce Now service, you can play your bought Steam games on a Mac.

No, the power of your Mac does not matter as the games are streamed from the cloud, requiring only a good internet connection.

Yes, you can link your existing Steam account with Nvidia GeForce Now.

You can download Nvidia GeForce Now from their official website and install it like regular software.

You need a Mac with at least macOS 10.10, an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 25 Mbps internet connection for 1080p streaming.

You can stream up to 1080p at 60fps, depending upon your internet speed.

You can use a keyboard, mouse, or a game controller with Nvidia GeForce Now on Mac.

Nvidia GeForce Now supports a wide array of games from Steam, Epic Games Store, and other popular platforms.

Yes, multiplayer games are supported in Nvidia GeForce Now.

Once you’ve linked your Steam account to Nvidia GeForce Now, your compatible games will be available to stream.

Yes, your game progress and data are saved in the cloud.

No, an active internet connection is necessary to stream games on Nvidia GeForce Now.

Nvidia GeForce Now has expanded to many regions globally, but availability may vary.

Yes, besides Mac, Nvidia GeForce Now is also available on Windows PCs, Chromebooks, Android devices, and Nvidia Shield.

The free tier has some limitations – sessions are limited to one hour, and there may be a wait time to start a gaming session.

With the paid tier, you get priority access, extended session lengths, and the ability to play games with RTX On for better graphics.

No, sharing of accounts is not allowed and it may lead to account suspension.

Yes, you can make in-game purchases like skins, add-ons, etc., for the games you play on Nvidia GeForce Now.

Game lag on Nvidia GeForce Now could be due to several factors like slow internet connection, peak usage hours, or issues with the game server.

The support for mods varies from game to game on Nvidia GeForce Now. Check the individual game details for more information.

Game updates are handled by Nvidia on their servers, so you always play the latest version of the game without needing to download updates.

Yes, if you have an Nvidia Shield device, you can stream games to your TV through Nvidia GeForce Now.