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How to Screen Share on a Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide 🍎

Mac Screen Sharing: Tech Support Guide

Ever needed to give a friend or family member a helping hand with their Mac? Thanks to the screen sharing feature, you can now provide tech support from the comfort of your home. Screen sharing not only lets you see their screen, but also lets you take control of their screen and solve the problem for them. This function is super handy when you need to assist someone who isn’t tech-savvy. Here’s a simple guide on how to use the screen sharing feature on a Mac 👇.


Ensure You’re Logged Into iCloud

To start, ensure that both you and the person you’re helping are logged into iCloud. By default, you should be logged into iCloud with Messages. If you’re unsure, just go to preferences and ensure that ‘Enable Messages in iCloud’ is checked. This should be enabled by default on both ends 🔄.


Start a Message Thread

The person you’re helping should be available on your message thread. In this thread, find the tiny ‘i’ button. This will reveal an option underneath the contact’s name that says ‘Share’ 💌.


Send a Screen Share Request

Upon clicking ‘Share’, you’ll get a drop-down option that says ‘Ask to share screen’. The person at the other end will receive a notification about your request to share their screen 👥.


Accept the Screen Share

On the recipient’s screen, in the upper right-hand corner, a prompt saying ‘They want to share your screen’ will appear. They’ll need to hover over that, click on ‘options’, and then accept 🖱️. Once they’ve done that, another window will appear requesting control over their screen. The ‘Control’ option should be chosen by default. Once the person accepts the request, you’ll be able to control their Mac.


Help Out

Now that you have control over their Mac, you can efficiently solve their problem. For instance, if they want to switch off dark mode but aren’t sure how to, you can do it for them 🌚. Remember, an audio call is also on, so you can talk them through the process so they can do it by themselves next time.


End the Session

When you’re done assisting with the issue, you can close the session by clicking the red button on the upper left-hand corner of the screen. This ends the screen sharing session and hands back control to the owner 🤝.

Conclusion: 🏁

Screen sharing on a Mac is an excellent functionality for those who need to offer immediate tech support to family or friends. It’s hassle-free and allows you to not only guide the users through the problem but also solve it for them if needed. And with the presence of an active audio call, you can also educate them, enabling them to solve similar problems by themselves in the future. All that’s needed is a Mac computer and an iCloud account ⭐.


Yes, you can screen share on a Mac.

Yes, Mac comes with an in-built screen sharing feature.

Open the Screen Sharing app, then enter the Apple ID or the network address of the user.

Yes, you can screen share with someone using a non-Mac device through compatible apps.

Some compatible apps include Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams.

Start a Zoom meeting, then click the ‘Share Screen’ button in the meeting toolbar.

Make sure you’ve given proper permissions to the app you’re using for screen sharing.

Yes, you can screen share with multiple people at once using apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Yes, but only share your screen with people you trust.

No, Mac has a built-in screen sharing tool that does not require extra software.

Close the Screen Sharing window or app you are using.

Yes, with their permission, you can control the other person’s Mac.

Yes, Skype supports screen sharing on Mac.

In a Teams meeting, select Share content, then choose the screen or app you want to share.

Yes, Mac has a built-in feature called Sidecar for screen sharing with an iPhone or iPad.

Yes, most screen sharing apps allow you to share a specific application window.

The built-in screen sharing feature on a Mac is free. Some third-party apps may require payment.

There is no maximum duration for screen sharing on a Mac.

Yes, some apps allow you to record a screen sharing session.

The quality of screen sharing ultimately depends on internet connection speed.

Yes, you can include audio when screen sharing.

In your screen sharing app, look for an option to include computer sound or system audio.

Yes, screen sharing does require an internet connection.

The limit depends on the app you are using. The built-in Mac Screen Sharing allows for one connection at a time.

Screen sharing is supported on all from macOS Yosemite and newer.

This means that the app can’t establish a connection. Check your internet and the server address.

Some functions, including screen sharing, may be limited in safe mode.

The best software depends on your needs, but options include the in-built Mac Screen Sharing, Zoom, and Teams.

Yes, some apps let you send files during a screen sharing session.

Yes, screen sharing is commonly used for online presentations.