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How to Download and Install Valerian Game on Your Mac 🖥️

Downloading & Installing the Valerian Game on Mac Steps

In today’s modern era, gamers are always on the hunt for new games to explore. One of such captivating games is Valerian 😍. The challenge is, it might seem tricky to instal this game on your Mac. Don’t fret! This article provides a comprehensive guide to ease the process of downloading and installing Valerian on your Mac 🍏. Are you ready? Let’s dive in! 🏊‍♂️.


Opening Safari and Searching Parallels

To kickstart this process, open up your Safari Browser. What you need to do next is search for something called Parallels 👀. Wondering what Parallels is? Worry not! It’s a Mac and windows virtualization software that helps run Windows on your Mac with ease.


Getting Parallels Desktop for Mac

Once loads, select the Parallels Desktop for Mac 💽. Keep in mind it’s a paid application, but there’s a free trial available. So, you can easily check out whether it fits your needs. Time to get the free trial! 💸.


Installing Parallels Desktop

For installation, you’ll need to open up Parallels Desktop on your Mac, after which a Windows system will open. Next, put Parallels on it 📥. All that’s left is to verify the installation process and voila! You’ve successfully installed the Parallels Desktop! 🎉.


Installing Windows on Parallels Desktop

Now that we’ve installed Parallels Desktop, it’s time to install Windows on it. Look out for the Installation Assistant pop-up and click on Install Windows ⚙️. It’s essential to note that the process could take some time as Windows 11 will be downloaded. Take a break and let the software do its magic! 💫.


Finalizing Windows Installation

After the completion of Windows download, click on the play button to start installing Windows. As the installation commences, you’ll see that you can move around your cursor, giving a true Windows computer experience – all in your Mac! 🖱️.


Installing Valerian

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here – installing Valerian! 🎮. Open up a web browser and search for Valerian. Next, visit the official website,, and click on Play Free. Sign in or create a new account, and you’re almost there! 🏁.


Downloading and Launching Valerian

Once you’ve successfully signed in, click on the Download button to start downloading Valerian 📣. Wait for it to finish, and then you can commence the final installation process. Once everything is set up, you’ll be able to launch and enjoy playing Valerian right from your Mac! 🚀.

Conclusion: 🏁

And there you have it! A step-by-step guide on how to download and install Valerian on your Mac using Parallels Desktop 😎. It might seem like a lengthy process, but believe me, it’s totally worth it. Enjoy endless gaming sessions with Valerian right on your Mac! 🎉. Remember, if you love the experience, consider purchasing the subscription after the two weeks free trial. Happy Gaming! 🎮.


Valerian is a popular game that offers an immersive experience in a world of fantasy and adventure. The game allows players to explore, battle, and solve puzzles in a rich, interactive environment.

You can download the Valerian game from the official website or from authorized app stores like the Apple App Store for Mac.

Yes, the Valerian game is compatible with all MacOS versions from OS X 10.9 onwards.

The Valerian game requires around 2 GB of free space on your Mac.

While the Valerian game can be downloaded and installed offline, some game features require an active Internet connection.

The Valerian game requires a Mac with OS X 10.9 or later, 2 GB of free disk space and a graphic card that supports OpenGL 3.3 or higher.

To install the Valerian game on your Mac, download the game installer from the official site or the Apple App Store, and follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the installer.

Yes, the base version of Valerian is free-to-play. However, there are in-game purchases and premium features that can be purchased separately.

Yes, you can use the same game account to play the Valerian game on multiple Macs.

Indeed, Valerian offers multiplayer functionalities which allow you to engage with your friends in the gaming experience.

The download and installation time for the Valerian game depends on your internet speed and your Mac’s performance. However, on average it takes about 20 minutes.

If you download Valerian from the official website or an authorized retailer like the Apple App Store, it is perfectly safe.

If the installation is interrupted, it should resume from where it left off when you try again. If it doesn’t, you may need to restart the installation.

Yes, Valerian does have multiplayer capabilities.

Yes, you can transfer your game progress as long as you use the same account on the new device.

Yes, you can run Valerian in windowed mode. You can adjust this in the game’s settings.

Yes, Valerian supports most gaming controllers that can be connected to a Mac.

This could be due to several factors, such as insufficient disk space, an incompatible system, or problems with your internet connection. Try clearing some space, checking your system’s compatibility, or resetting your internet connection.

If you have trouble downloading or installing Valerian, you can get help from the support section of the official website.

Yes, you need to create a game account to play Valerian. This allows you to save your progress and access other game features.

In-game purchases in Valerian can include things like game currency, extra lives, special items, or additional levels.

There could be several reasons why Valerian is crashing on your Mac, including an outdated game version, insufficient system resources, or a software conflict. Try updating the game, closing other applications, or contacting game support for further help.

Valerian is updated regularly with new content, bug fixes, and improvements. Updates occur approximately once a month, but this can vary.

Yes, there is a user guide available on the official website which includes detailed instructions and tips for playing Valerian.

This issue may occur due to a weak internet connection as Valerian requires a good connection to save game progress. Also, make sure you’re logged into your account.

You can change the game language in the settings menu within Valerian.

Yes, as long as you’re logged into your account, you can uninstall and reinstall Valerian without losing your progress.

You can report a problem by going to the ‘Help’ or ‘Support’ section on the official Valerian website and following the instructions for reporting issues.

Some features of Valerian can be played offline, but others require an internet connection.

You can add friends in Valerian by going to the ‘Friends’ section in the game menu, and following the instructions.