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How to Download Facebook Videos on PC and Mac: A Complete Guide

Download Facebook Videos: Fast & Easy Tricks

If you’ve ever wondered how to download Facebook videos to your PC or Mac, this is the guide for you. We’ll explain the quickest and easiest methods that will enable you to save any Facebook videos, including Live videos, directly to your computer for reuse or repurposing. 🤓💻


Downloading Videos Directly from Facebook

Start by navigating to the Facebook video you want to download. This could be a video you have uploaded, or a public video. Look for the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the video. ⚫⚫⚫

Clicking these will give you the option to download the video if it is yours and you’re logged into the account from which you uploaded it. Click Download Video and a pop-up box will appear allowing you to save it – easy as pie! 🥧


Downloading Videos from a Profile or Page

The process is almost identical for downloading videos from a group. Simply locate the video you wish to download and repeat the process above by clicking the three dots and choosing Download Video. Always remember to respect copyright rules and regulations and never download someone else’s content without permission. 📵🚫


Downloading Public Videos from Facebook

Yes, it’s possible to download ANY public video on Facebook, not just those kept in private groups or set to private. But remember, respect copyrights!😇 To do this, you’ll need to copy the URL of the video. Simply click and copy the link in your browser, or right-click the video and select Copy Link.

Next, navigate to the website Paste the copied Facebook video link into the bar and hit Download. If there are available, you’ll have the option to download the video in either normal quality or high-definition. 📽

Hit the appropriate option and the video will be saved to your PC or Mac – and voila! You’ve got your video. 🎉🎉

Conclusion: 🏁

And there you have it! That’s how simple it is to download videos from Facebook. Now that you know how to save your Facebook videos or Facebook Live streams, you’re ready to level up your social media game. Remember, the key is to always respect copyright regulations and only download videos for which you have permission. Happy downloading! 🎈🚀


The best way to download videos from Facebook on PC is using an online video downloader or a browser extension.

You can download Facebook videos on Mac using various methods such as online video downloaders, browser extensions, or third-party apps.

Downloading videos from Facebook is permitted for personal use, only if the videos are public. The unauthorized download and distribution of copyrighted content could be against the law.

You might not be able to download a video from Facebook due to various reasons such as privacy settings of the video or restrictions by Facebook.

Yes, you can download Facebook live videos once the live stream has ended.

Your downloaded video’s quality may be poor due to the original video’s quality or the downloader you used. Try using a different downloader or check if the video has higher quality available.

While this guide mainly focuses on downloading Facebook videos on PC and Mac, you can download Facebook videos to your iPhone using certain apps or online video downloaders.

To save a video from Facebook to your computer, you need to use an online video downloader or a browser extension. Paste the video’s URL into the downloader and download it to your computer.

There are many online Facebook video downloaders like FBDown,, Getfvid, and many more. However, please ensure the source’s reliability before using it.

You can use a browser extension to download Facebook videos by installing the extension from your browser’s web store. Once installed, the extension will offer a download option when you browse Facebook videos.

While downloading Facebook videos is generally safe, some risks could include downloading copyrighted content illegally or downloading malicious software from untrustworthy sources.

If the downloaded video doesn’t play, it may be due to incompatible formats or a problem with the video file. Try using a different video player or download the video again.

For public videos, you usually don’t need to sign into your Facebook account. However, for videos that are hidden or shared with limited people, you may need to sign in.

Yes, you can download public Facebook videos without a Facebook account using an online video downloader or a browser extension.

Facebook videos are usually downloaded in MP4 format.

Downloading Facebook videos allows you to watch them offline, save your internet data, share them directly, or use them in personal projects (under the right license conditions).

If the original video was uploaded in HD, most video downloaders would allow you to download the video in the same quality.

Facebook does not provide a direct download option for videos. You need to use third-party tools or services to download videos from Facebook.

Private videos on Facebook are usually restricted to friends or specific people. Downloading such videos without permission could infringe privacy rights.

If the original video doesn’t have a watermark, the downloaded version wouldn’t have it either. But if the video includes a watermark, it will remain in the downloaded video.

This could be due to various reasons – issues with the original video, problems with the downloader, incompatibility with the video player, or incorrect download settings. Try downloading the video again or use a different video player.

Not all Facebook videos can be downloaded. Some may be restricted due to privacy settings or other limitations set by Facebook.

Yes, there are various apps for both PC and Mac that allow you to download videos from Facebook. Please ensure the app’s credibility before downloading.

Yes, once you download a video from Facebook, you can watch it offline without any internet connection.

You can download 360-degree videos from Facebook using specific online downloaders or software that supports 360-degree video downloads.

Downloaders typically only grab the video content. To save comments or reactions, you’ll need to manually screenshot or copy them.

If the download fails, check your internet connection or try a different downloader. If the problem continues, the issue might be with the video or your device.

The speed of the download depends on the service you’re using and your internet connection. Typically, both websites and apps should offer similar speeds.

When you save a video on Facebook, it is only linked to your profile for easy access. The video is not downloaded to your device for offline use.

For your own videos, Facebook provides an option to download your video directly from the video settings menu.