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How to Delete Messages on Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mac: Easy Message Deletion

Managing messages on Mac devices is slightly different compared to iPhones and iPads, especially when it comes to deletion of messages. This guide breaks down the process with easy-to-digest steps ✅, helping you navigate the specifics of this crucial function. 💻📨💬


Select and Delete Individual Messages

To delete individual messages, simply open the app and go to the conversation you wish to edit. Click the text message bubble 🗨️ you want to delete, which will be highlighted in a different color 🌈 once selected. From here, hit the backspace button ⬅️ on your keyboard and bingo, the message is gone! Alternatively, right-click on the message bubble to see the delete option. 💼🖱️


Multiple Message Deletion

If you need to delete several messages, hold down the command key ⌘ and click on the messages you wish to remove. This function allows you to select message bubbles in any order. Also, if you have multiple messages in a row, select the first one, hold shift and select the last one to select all the messages in between – similar to handling files in Finder. 📑📎🗂️ Then, hit the backspace key or right-click to delete those messages in a snap! 💨


Deleting Entire Conversations

If you want to wipe out the entire conversation (not just individual messages), swipe left on the conversation located on the left side where all conversations are listed. This will expose the big red delete button resembling a trash can 🗑️. One swift click, and the entire conversation goes down the drain! 👋👋👋


Understanding What Deleting Does

Deleting in iMessage primarily affects your view of the conversation. While you can’t remove messages from the receiver’s device, it’s important to understand that you’re only deleting messages for yourself 🤷‍♀️. The deletion also applies only to the device you’re currently using. So, if you delete a conversation on your Mac, it could still be visible on your iPhone. 📱🔄💻


The Unsend Feature in Latest Updates

If, however, you’ve been blessed 🙏 with iOS 16, iPad OS 16, or Mac OS Ventura, you do have an additional power: the ‘undo send’ feature. 💡As its name suggests, this function allows you to recall a message sent recently, but only within a two-minute window ⏱️. The receiver will be notified about the unsent action, granted that they also have a recent OS version. Otherwise, the recall won’t affect them at all! 😯


Turning off Messages on Mac

If you decide to completely turn off messages on your Mac, you’ll need to follow a few extra steps (not included in this guide). Remember, every feature on your device is there for a reason, so use each power wisely! 😉

Conclusion: 🏁

There you have it, a step-by-step guide to managing messages on your Mac. 🎉Deleting messages or entire conversations can be swift and easy with these steps. Keep in mind, deleting doesn’t affect the receiver’s end, and the ‘undo send’ feature only works under specific conditions. Forearmed with this knowledge, message management on your Mac just got a whole lot simpler! 💼✨🌟


Follow this step-by-step guide to delete messages on your Mac. The article walks you through the process in a simple to understand manner.

Once you delete messages from your Mac, it may be difficult to recover them. Ensure to backup important messages before deleting.

This might be due to a system glitch. Try restarting your Mac and if the problem persists, ensure that your Messages app is updated.

When you delete messages on your Mac, they are permanently removed from your device. They won’t show up on your Mac anymore.

The article provides guidelines to delete multiple messages at once. You just need to select the messages to be deleted.

Yes. Follow the steps in the guide to learn how to mass delete iMessages.

The article provides step-by-step details on deleting entire conversations from your Mac.

Currently, there is no native feature to auto-delete or schedule deletion of messages on Mac.

If your iPhone and Mac are connected via iCloud, deleting messages on your Mac will also remove them from your iPhone.

No, you have to open the Messages app to delete messages on a Mac.

Yes, you can delete attachments without removing the entire message. The guide provides details on how to do this.

Yes, the guide features shortcuts and tips to speed up the message deletion process on your Mac.

Mac does not currently support deleting messages from a specific date range from the Messages app.

Yes, you can select and delete unread messages in one go using the steps from the guide.

Once a message is deleted, it cannot be undone. However, you can restore messages from a backup if you have one.

The guide provides steps on how to select multiple messages for deletion on your Mac.

Yes, deleting messages, especially with attachments, can free up space on your Mac’s hard drive.

No, there isn’t a shortcut. You need to follow the steps provided in the guide.

No. Messages can only be deleted directly from the Messages app on your Mac.

Yes, when you delete a message on your Mac, it is permanently removed and cannot be retrieved.

You can use the scroll bar on the right side of the Messages app to quickly navigate through your messages.

Yes, deleting a conversation will remove all the messages within that thread.

Yes, you can delete messages sent to a particular contact by navigating to the conversation with that contact and deleting the specific messages.

No, you need to open the Messages app and select the specific message or conversation you want to delete.

The best approach is to create a backup of important messages as the Mac does not have a feature to lock messages from being deleted.

To delete links, you would have to delete the entire message that contains the link.

No, deleting a message will delete the entire content including text and attachments.

You can use the search bar in the Messages app to search for specific messages. Once you find them, you can delete them according to the guide.

As long as you have access to your Mac remotely, you can follow the steps in the guide to delete messages.

Deleted messages do not go to the trash, they are permanently deleted from the Messages app.