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How to Delete Cache and Cookies on Safari for Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide

Safari: Clearing Cookies & Cache - Stepwise Guide

Struggling with frequent website hang-ups or privacy issues? 🤔 It might be time to delete the cache 📂 and cookies 🍪 from Safari on your Mac 🖥️. This simple guide breaks down every step of the process, ensuring your browsing experience is faster ⏩ and more secure 👮. Keep in mind, cache and cookies play a key role in your web browsing. Cache are temporary files that speed up website loading, while cookies carry various data like usernames and site preferences. Deleting them might affect your browsing, but the trade-off is often worth it. Let’s get started. ⚡


Open Safari Preferences

The first step is to navigate to the preferences tab in Safari. Click on the Safari menu at the top left 😄, then select Preferences. This opens up a number of settings for your browser. But we’re interested in the Privacy tab, so go ahead and click on that. 👍


Manage Website Data

After you’ve opened the Privacy settings, you’ll find an option labeled Manage Website Data. Click on this to see a list of all the websites storing data through your browser. 😮


Deleting Data on a Site-to-Site Basis

I recommend you not to delete everything at a glance; rather, do it on a site-to-site basis. For instance, if you want to delete data from Reddit, you can simply search for it and proceed. You’ll find various types of stored data from these websites, such as cache, cookies, and others. If you want to delete cache only, select it and click on Remove. You can also use the Remove All option, though this will eliminate all the data associated with your selected site. 😕


Deleting All Data

But what if you want to clean your browser completely and start afresh? 🤔 No worries! To delete all stored data, you’ll need to press the small x next to your search. This will clear your search bar, giving you the ability to select Remove All at the bottom. Clicking on this will prompt a confirmation message. Confirm the action, and voila! All your cache and cookies are gone. 👋 Emptying all data also wipes out your search in the website list, making it easy to start with a blank slate. 🧹

Conclusion: 🏁

And there you have it! A clear, step-by-step guide for deleting cache and cookies from Safari on Mac. Remember, it’s sometimes necessary to have a general housecleaning of your browser for maintaining both speed and privacy. But always be aware of the implications of deleting these data. Happy Browsing! 🎉


A cache in Safari is a place where the browser stores website data to reduce server lag. It makes website loading faster.

Clearing cache and cookies eliminates space that the website data takes up on your Mac. It can also resolve specific site-related issues.

To clear your Safari cache, go to ‘Preferences’ from the Safari menu, select the ‘Advanced’ panel, and enable the ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’ option. You can then use the ‘Empty Caches’ function.

A cookie is a small data file stored on your computer by websites you visit. Cookies improve your web browsing experience by remembering site preferences.

To delete cookies in Safari, go to ‘Preferences’, select ‘Privacy’, and then click ‘Manage Website Data’. From there you can remove individual site data or remove all data.

No, clearing your cache in Safari will not remove your saved passwords but clearing cookies may log you out of sites.

There is no set frequency. It can be done anytime you experience site performance issues, or based on personal preferences regarding privacy and data storage.

Clearing cache can free up hard drive space on your Mac which can in turn make it perform slightly faster.

Yes, Safari allows you to block all cookies and not to store cache but this may affect your web browsing experience.

If you can’t see your ‘Develop’ menu, go to ‘Preferences’, select ‘Advanced’, and check the ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’ option.

No, clearing cache and cookies doesn’t affect your browsing history.

Your browser will no longer have any saved data from websites. Websites may load slightly slower at first as they refill your cache.

Clearing cookies will log you out of most websites.

No, clearing cache and cookies will not remove your bookmarks.

No, clearing cache and cookies will not reset your Safari browser settings.

No, clearing cache and cookies will not erase your downloaded files.

Yes, it’s safe to clear cache and cookies. It’s a way to manage privacy and data storage and resolve certain browser issues.

No, clearing cache and cookies will not affect your Safari extensions.

Yes, Safari allows you to select specific sites when clearing cookies. However, cache is cleared for all sites.

To clear cache and cookies on Safari for iPhone, go to ‘Settings’, scroll down to ‘Safari’, and then tap on ‘Clear History and Website Data’.

No, clearing cache and cookies will not delete autofill data. The autofill data is stored separately.

Yes, clearing cookies might reset your ad preferences on certain websites as they are often stored in the cookies.

No, clearing cache and cookies does not harm a Mac. It’s a common browser management and privacy practice.

The shortcut to clear cache on Safari is Option-Command-E.

Currently Safari does not offer a feature to view cache data.

You cannot restore data after clearing cache and cookies as this data is not backed up anywhere.

Not by default, but Safari can be set to automatically clear cookies and data when you quit the program in the Privacy settings.

Websites may load slowly after clearing cache and cookies because they have to reload all their data.

Not exactly, while it can remove some tracking cookies, it’s not a method for virus removal. You should use antivirus software for that.

Yes, there are numerous third-party software options available that can be used to clear Safari cache and cookies.