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Change Folder Icons on Your Mac or MacBook Pro – Complete Guide

Customize Folder Icons on MacBook Effortlessly

Ready to transform the look of your Mac or MacBook Pro by changing the folder icons? 💻 With a bit of magic, you can customize your desktop to resemble your personality and preferences, making it easier and more fun to navigate! Let’s take Baby Yoda for an instance. 🚀 Here’s how to do it!


Find Your Ideal Image

Start off by identifying an image you want as your folder icon. For instance, I searched for Baby Yoda. 🧐 The internet is your oyster here – browse until you find an image that resonates with you. Pick one with a transparent background for the most professional look. Once you’ve found it, control-click the image and select ‘Copy Image’. 📋


Locate the folder on your Desktop

Next, return to your desktop and locate the folder whose icon you want to change. With the folder selected, hit ‘Command + I’ on your keyboard, bringing up the info screen. 📁


Paste the Image

Click on the clickable folder icon visible in the info panel. To paste our image, use the command ‘Command + V’. 🔮 And voila, behold the transformation! Your folder has now morphed from a mundane default icon to an exciting personalized one! 👏 In this case, you’ve just unlocked a Baby Yoda icon.


Enjoy Your Customized Folder

Your new folder icon works just like any regular folder, but with a visual twist that you love! You’ve just given your desktop a personal touch, sparking joy every time you look at it. Go on and explore this newfound power of customization – the possibilities are endless! 🎉

Conclusion: 🏁

And there you have it! A complete guide to customizing your Mac or MacBook Pro folder icons. Not only have you created a more personally appealing workspace, but you’ve also made your desktop utterly unique. Enjoy this new skill and don’t forget to express yourself through your icons! 😄 If you found this guide useful, don’t hesitate to share it. Have any questions? Drop them here and let’s make tech life simpler and fun together. Cheers! 🍻


Changing folder icons on your Mac helps to customize your desktop and make it easier to find specific folders.

Yes, you can change folder icons on your MacBook Pro. The process is similar to Mac desktop computers.

No, changing the folder icon does not affect the content inside the folder.

You can use PNG, JPEG, or ICNS files to change your folder icons.

You can revert to the default folder icon by navigating to the ‘Get Info’ menu and clicking on the ‘Revert’ button.

Yes, you can use any image you’d like as long as it’s in a supported format.

No, changes to the folder icons are only visible on your own device. They will not be visible to others when sharing folders.

Yes, you can change the icons for folders on external drives as well.

No, you don’t need any specific software. You can do it within your Mac’s built-in Finder application.

Yes, you can use the same icon for as many folders as you’d like.

No, you can use images of any size. However, very large images may slow down your Mac.

No, you do not need administrative rights to change folder icons. However, you’ll need permission to modify the folder.

There are several online resources where you can download icons in various styles and themes.

You can use graphic editing software like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP to create your own icons.

No, animated images won’t work as folder icons. You’ll need to use static images.

Yes, changing folder icons can help you quickly identify the contents of a folder, making it easier to organize your files.

The process is the same as on other versions of macOS. Simply right-click the folder, select ‘Get Info’, and drag your desired icon to the top-left corner of the info panel.

Yes, you can manually arrange folders in Finder to group folders with the same icons together.

There could be several reasons, for example, you might not have sufficient permissions, or the image file can be incompatible. Try to use another image or check your folder’s permissions.

When in List view in Finder, the folder icons are smaller and your custom icon may not be easily visible. Switch to Icon view to see the icons in a larger size.

Once you’ve set an image as a folder icon, deleting the original image file won’t affect the icon. The icon information is stored separately.

You cannot directly share the folder icon, but you can share the image file you used. They can then apply this image as an icon on their own folders.

No, GIFs are not supported as folder icons. Folder icons must be static images.

No, there are no shortcuts for this action. However, once you get the hang of it, changing folder icons should be quick and easy.

The process is similar across macOS versions. You need to right-click the folder, select ‘Get Info’, and drag your desired icon to the top-left corner of the info panel.

No, you cannot automatically set all your folder icons to the same image. You need to change each one individually.

No, emojis cannot be used directly as folder icons. However, you can save an emoji as an image and use it as a folder icon.

Yes, generally upgrading your macOS does not impact your custom folder icons.

The process is the same as changing any folder icon. You just need to use an image that looks like an app icon.

You can differentiate by the name of the folder or application. Also, folders and applications have slight differences in appearance, such as the ‘open’ indicator under active apps.