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How to Change Your Mac Icon Folder Color on Monterey: A Complete Guide

Change Mac Folder Icon Color: Monterey Guide

Welcome back! Today, we’ll walk you through how to change your Mac icon folder color on Monterey step by step. Be sure you’re updated to Monterey before starting. You can check this by clicking on your Apple, then ‘About this Mac’. With this guide, you’ll be able to customize your folder colors to your liking in no time! 👍


Creating a New Folder

The first thing you should do is create a new folder. You can do this by either using the shortcut ‘Command + N’ or by going to the ‘File’ menu and selecting ‘New Folder’. After creating the new folder, left click on it and select ‘Get Info’. This should open up a Finder tab. From there, focus on the small icon at the top; we’ll be changing this to customize the color of your new folder. 😄


Copying the Folder Icon

Next, we click on the folder’s tiny icon at the top and hit ‘Command + C’. This will copy the icon to our clipboard. From here, we can enter Preview mode. Choose ‘File’ > ‘New from Clipboard’; you’ll then see your folder icon that you just copied. This will be the basis for our color transformations! 🎨


Changing the Folder Icon Color

Now, to change the color of our folder, we need to use the marking tool. This tool allows us to alter different aspects of our icon’s appearance, like its gradient, texture, and color tint. You’ll see different levels that you can adjust by dragging the sliders. Changing the saturation, temperature, and tint will give you a range of colors. Note that getting those vibrant yellows and reds can be tricky—but keep experimenting to achieve the color you want.


Pasting the New Color onto the Folder Icon

Once you have your desired color in your Preview window, hit ‘Command + A’ then ‘Command + C’. Jump back over to the ‘Get Info’ window—where our original folder icon is—and hit ‘Command + V’. You’ll see that the color of the folder has now changed to your selected tint. Woohoo! 🎉


Changing the Folder Icon to an Image

Alternatively, instead of changing the color tint of the folder, you can also change the folder icon to an image. Do this by simply right-clicking on any image (like the varying color folders), clicking ‘Save Image As’, and saving it to your computer. After which, open your ‘Downloads’ folder, select the image, and hit ‘Command + C’. Finally, paste it to your chosen folder by selecting it and hitting ‘Command + V’. Voila! Your folder boasts a fresh new look! 👏

Conclusion: 🏁

And that’s it! Now you know how to change your Mac icon folder color on Monterey in two ways: via color manipulation and image replacement. We hope this guide saves you time, energy, and avoids frustration. If this guide was helpful, don’t forget to follow for more tech-related tips and tricks! 💖


Changing the Mac folder icon color can help you to organize your files better, making it easier to find certain folders.

Yes, you can indeed change the color of your Mac folder icon on Monterey by following the steps given in the guide.

Yes, you can always revert to the original color of your Mac folder icon at any time you want.

There are no specific prerequisites for changing the Mac folder icon color other than having a Mac running Monterey.

No, changing the Mac folder icon color is a cosmetic change and will not affect the performance of your Mac.

No, you will need to change the color of each Mac folder icon individually.

You can find the option to change the Mac folder icon color in the Get Info window, which you can access by right-clicking on the folder.

There’s no direct shortcut to change the Mac folder icon color but you can use the keyboard shortcut to access the Get Info window.

No, changing your Mac folder icon color only affects the appearance of the folder, not the files inside.

You can use any color imaginable, provided you have an image of the desired color to set as your folder icon.

Yes, by using custom images, you can change not only the color but also the shape of your Mac folder icons.

Yes, you can set any picture or image as your Mac folder icon.

Yes, you can restore the default Mac folder icon at any time by accessing the Get Info window and removing the custom icon.

No, you can change the color of your Mac folder icon using the built-in tools on your Mac.

You can use any image file format, such as PNG or JPEG, for your Mac folder icon.

No, adding a color to the default Mac folder icon would require changing it to a custom image.

No, changing the Mac folder icon color is a simple process that doesn’t require any special technical skills.

Yes, you can set your Mac folder icon color to match the color scheme of your Mac by using an image with the desired color.

Yes, the process of changing the Mac folder icon color is similar on most versions of macOS.

No, animated GIFs are not supported as Mac folder icons.

Yes, your custom Mac folder icons will remain after updating your macOS.

No, changing the Mac folder icon color does not usually require administrative privileges.

Yes, but it’s generally better to get the owner’s permission first before making changes to their Mac.

No, changing the Mac folder icon color only alters the appearance of the folder, not its permissions.

Yes, you can set the same custom icon for as many folders as you wish.

No, setting a custom icon doesn’t affect how you open or use a folder.

Yes, you can set custom icons for both files and folders on your Mac.

While there’s no built-in feature to sort folders by color on a Mac, you can manually arrange your color-coded folders in Finder.

The recommended size for a custom folder icon on a Mac is 512×512 pixels, but macOS can automatically scale your icons to fit.

No, there is no known limit to the number of folders you can customize the icon of on a Mac.