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How to Block a Sender in iMessage on Mac: A Practical Guide

Block iMessage Contacts on Mac – Learn

Ever wanted to stop receiving messages from a particular contact on your Mac? Then this guide is for you! iMessage is a powerful communication platform used for sending text and multimedia messages between Macs, iPhones, and iPads. It uses your phone number or email address for communication. 😊📱 But did you know that you can block certain senders from contacting you through iMessage on your Mac? Follow our easy guide to block a sender in iMessage on your Mac.


Accessing the Messages App

Firstly, you need to open the Messages app where all your conversations are housed. On the finder menu, click on the Go tab. In the drop-down that appears, select Applications. Inside the Applications window, search for the Messages icon ❤️🔍. Click on the icon to open the Messages app. Simple, right?


Navigating to Preferences

Once the app is open, you need to get to the Preferences. Navigate to the Messages tab from the menu bar at the top. From there, select Preferences. You’re making progress! 😁👏


Finding the Blocked List

Within Preferences, go over to the Accounts tab. Make sure to click on your account that’s shown in the left side pane. Within this space, you can manage your blocked list. Look for the Blocked button to view the list of currently blocked iMessage senders. 😎📝


Blocking a Contact

The final step: blocking the contact. Click on the plus icon and select the contact you wish to block. Once you’ve done this, that contact will be visibly added to your list of blocked senders and will be unable to contact you through iMessage. Now you have the power! 😆💪🚫

Conclusion: 🏁

And there you have it! With these simple steps, you can easily block a sender from contacting you in iMessage on your Mac. No technical know-how necessary. Yes, it’s that easy, so don’t shy away from taking control of your messaging environment. Remember, you have the power over who can contact you. 💻💼💡 Thanks for reading! For more exciting self-help guides, do visit us regularly. To serve you better, you’re invited to share your feedback or questions in the comments. Stay empowered, technologically! 👍🎓


Blocking a sender in iMessage on Mac is useful if you no longer want to receive messages from that specific sender. It can help in reducing spam or cutting off annoying conversations.

On your Mac, open iMessage, select a conversation with the sender you want to block, click on ‘Details’, then click their name, phone number, or email address. Select ‘Block this Caller’ and confirm.

Yes, you can unblock a sender in iMessage. Follow the same steps for blocking, but instead of ‘Block this Caller’, you’ll see ‘Unblock this Caller’.

No, Apple does not send a notification or message to a blocked sender. They may notice that you do not respond to their messages, but they will not be directly informed.

When you block a sender, you will not receive notifications of their new messages. Their messages will still be sent, but you will not see them unless you unblock the sender.

When you block a contact in iMessage, it also blocks them from FaceTime and voice calls. However, you can choose to mute a conversation in iMessage, which will not affect calls or FaceTime.

Ensure you’re running a MacOS version that supports this feature. If you’re running an older version, you may not see the ‘Block this Caller’ option.

Yes, when you block a sender in iMessage, it syncs across all your Apple devices where you’re signed in with the same Apple ID.

Yes, you can block any number or email address in iMessage even if they are not saved in your Contacts.

Yes, blocked senders will still be able to leave voicemails, although you will not get a notification.

No, blocking a sender in iMessage does not delete existing conversations or messages. They will still be accessible unless manually deleted.

Your list of blocked senders can be found in iMessage Preferences. Click the ‘Accounts’ tab and then ‘Blocked’.

No, you cannot block a sender specifically in a group chat. However, you can leave the group chat or block the sender completely.

Yes, even if you’ve blocked a sender, their messages will still appear in any group chats that you share.

No, you must individually block each sender in iMessage on your Mac.

Yes, you can still see the sent status for messages to a blocked sender, but you will not receive their replies.

No, blocked senders do not receive a specific message or notification. They will only see that their messages are not being delivered.

The ‘Filter Unknown Senders’ feature in iMessage sorts messages from people not in your Contacts into a separate list. It doesn’t block them, but it helps in managing messages from unknown senders.

Yes, calls from blocked senders will still appear in your recent calls list, but you won’t receive a notification at the time of the call.

Yes, you can still block a sender on your Mac even if they only use SMS. The process is the same as blocking an iMessage sender.

The block feature in iMessage is available for IOS 7 and later versions.

No, the block feature in iMessage does not allow timing control. Once a sender is blocked, they stay blocked until manually unblocked.

No, blocked senders will not see ‘Read Receipts’ for their messages.

Yes, you can still send messages to a blocked sender, but you will not receive any messages or calls from them.

There’s no definitive way to tell if you’ve been blocked on iMessage. If your message are never marked as ‘Delivered’, this may be a sign. Reach out in another way to confirm.

Yes, you can block a sender directly from within the Messages app on your Mac. Go to the conversation, click on ‘Details’, then click on the name, phone or email and choose ‘Block this Caller’.

Yes, when you block a sender in iMessage, it syncs across all your Apple devices where you’re signed in with the same Apple ID.

To block a sender who is sending unwanted messages, select their conversation, click ‘Details’, then click their name, number, or email address. Select ‘Block this Caller’. Always report harassment to the proper authorities.

No, iMessage does not currently provide a method to block senders based on keywords. Blocking is only possible based on contact information.

No, blocking a sender in iMessage on Mac only applies to iMessage, FaceTime, and voice calls. It does not affect other messaging applications.