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10 Best YouTube to MP4 Converters: Ultimate Review

10 Best YouTube to MP4 Converters: Ultimate Review



Converto is a highly efficient YouTube to MP4 converter that works wonders for video connoisseurs 🎥. It’s not only quick and intuitive but also comes with a host of features that makes video conversion a breeze. Just copy the YouTube link, paste it into the Converto search bar, and you’re good to go 🏁.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Highly intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Offers additional features such as video editing.

🥺 Cons

  • Occasional absent audio after conversion 🙉.
  • The Converto website is filled with ads😏.



Y2Mate is another powerful contender in the YouTube to MP4 conversion race 🎞. This online tool supports both HD and Full HD videos for conversion. What’s even more impressive is its indifference towards the limitation in terms of the size or number of YouTube links 🎲.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Supports HD and Full HD video conversions.
  • No limitation on the size or number of YouTube links.

🥺 Cons

  • The conversion speed sometimes lags.
  • Lots of pop-up ads.



ClipConverter certainly lives up to its name by performing YouTube to MP4 conversions at lightning speed ⚡. No software download needed! Just paste your YouTube link, choose MP4, and you will get your file in no time💼.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Fast conversion speed.
  • No software download needed.

🥺 Cons

  • Doesn’t support videos that are blocked in certain countries.
  • Pop-up ads can sometimes interrupt the process.



Welcome your newest YouTube to MP4 online converter, 2Conv 🥁. This tool might be new, but don’t underestimate its power. With 2Conv, converting YouTube videos to MP4 is a straightforward, no-frills process.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • User-friendly.
  • No additional software needed for converting.

🥺 Cons

  • The conversion process can be slow at times.
  • Website has a lot of ads.

Online Video Converter


Online Video Converter firmly roots itself as a popular choice amongst YouTube to MP4 converters 🏆. No registration required, just enter your YouTube link and convert instantly! It even gives a preview after conversion.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • No registration required.
  • Gives a preview after conversion.

🥺 Cons

  • Website is cluttered with ads.
  • Doesn’t support video formats other than MP4.



Flvto deserves a mention in the world of YouTube to MP4 converters. With its easy-to-use interface and amazingly quick conversions, it caters to the needs of all video enthusiasts beautifully 😍.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Quick conversion process.

🥺 Cons

  • Occasional lags when downloading the converted file.
  • The website offers limited video formats.



MP3FY is a powerful YouTube to MP4 converter. It supports high-speed conversions while maintaining the quality of the video. Its striking feature is the ability to convert lengthy videos 🥊.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Supports long video conversions.
  • High-speed conversions.

🥺 Cons

  • Occasional crashes with long videos.
  • Some users have reported video syncing issues.



TheYouMP3 prides itself on high speed and efficiency. It’s an all-in-one online YouTube to MP4 converter that requires no additional software downloads or installations. Just copy, paste, and convert 🔄!

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • No additional software downloads needed.
  • High speed conversions.

🥺 Cons

  • Shorter videos may take longer to convert.
  • The website’s design is not very user-friendly.



Last but not least, YTBmp3 is a solid tool for converting YouTube to MP4 🥊. This digital powerhouse is user-friendly and gets your job done in record time! Simply enter your URL, and voila! Your conversion is ready before you know it.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • User-friendly.
  • Quick conversion process.

🥺 Cons

  • Does not support video downloads longer than 2 hours.
  • Ads can sometimes make the website unresponsive.

🏁🏁 Conclusion 🏁🏁

The world of YouTube to MP4 converters is vast and full of impressive tools. From Converto to YTBmp3, each tool offers its own unique features to suit your conversion needs 🤗. Enjoy downloading your favorite videos for offline use or editing purposes! Remember, always respect copyright and always convert responsibly. Happy converting 🎈!


What is a YouTube to MP4 converter?

A YouTube to MP4 converter is a tool that allows you to convert YouTube videos into the MP4 format. This enables you to download and save videos from YouTube to your device for offline viewing.

How does a YouTube to MP4 converter work?

A YouTube to MP4 converter works by extracting the video data from the YouTube link you provide, then converting that data into an MP4 file. You can then download this file to your device.

Are YouTube to MP4 converters legal?

Using a YouTube to MP4 converter in itself is not illegal. However, downloading copyrighted content without permission is illegal. Always ensure you have the proper rights or permissions before downloading any content.

What are the 10 best YouTube to MP4 converters?

The list of the 10 best YouTube to MP4 converters is provided in our main article. Please refer to that for detailed information about each tool.

Are these YouTube to MP4 converters free?

Some YouTube to MP4 converters are free, while others offer both free and paid versions. Each tool has different pricing plans, which are detailed in our main article.

Do YouTube to MP4 converters require installation?

Some YouTube to MP4 converters entail a software download and installation, while others function online without requiring any software installation.

Can I use YouTube to MP4 converters on any device?

Most YouTube to MP4 converters can be used on various devices and platforms. Although, it’s always safe to check the device compatibility before using a specific tool.

Is the video quality compromised when converting YouTube to MP4?

This depends on the converter being used. High-quality converters should maintain the video quality during the conversion process.

Can I convert YouTube videos to formats other than MP4?

Yes, many YouTube to MP4 converters also support various other video formats like AVI, MKV, MOV among others.

What is the fastest YouTube to MP4 converter?

The speed of conversion depends on many factors including the size of the video and the speed of your internet connection. We discuss the conversion speed of each tool in our main article.

Are there any limitations on the length of the YouTube video I can convert?

This depends on the individual converter. Some tools may have limitations on the length or size of the videos you can convert.

What happens if the conversion process fails or gets interrupted?

If the conversion process fails or gets interrupted, simply try again. If repeated attempts fail, it could be an issue with the specific video, the converter, or your internet connection.

Can I convert YouTube videos to MP4 without any watermark?

Yes, many converters offer the option to convert videos without any watermark, though this may be a premium feature in some cases.

Is there a limit to how many videos I can convert?

This depends on the converter you use. Some may have limits in the free version but allow unlimited conversions in their paid version.

Can I convert a YouTube playlist to MP4?

Some YouTube to MP4 converters do have the capability to convert whole playlists. Check the features of the specific tool to confirm.

Are there YouTube to MP4 converters that also download subtitles?

Yes, some YouTube to MP4 converters also have the ability to download and integrate subtitles into the converted videos.

Is it safe to use YouTube to MP4 converters?

Whilst most converters are safe, be sure to use trusted and reviewed tools to ensure the safety of your device and data. Always avoid tools that seem suspicious or request unnecessary access permissions.

How long does it take to convert a YouTube video to MP4?

The conversion time depends on factors like the size of the video, the speed of your internet connection, and the server load of the converter. However, most conversions are typically completed in a few minutes.

Are YouTube to MP4 converters compatible with other video sharing platforms?

Though they are primarily designed for YouTube, many YouTube to MP4 converters can also download videos from other video sharing platforms. Check the specific tool’s features for details.

Why should I convert YouTube videos to MP4?

Converting YouTube videos to MP4 allows you to watch them offline at your convenience, without needing an internet connection. It also makes it possible for you to transfer and view these videos on other devices.