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Best Dj Apps For Mac

Best Dj Apps For Mac

Welcome to my exploration of the best DJ apps for Mac. With so many choices out there, it’s important to find the right tools to channel your inner DJ and get the party started. As an avid music enthusiast, I’ve had the chance to test and use various DJ applications on my Mac, and I’d like to share my experiences with them.


djay Pro AI screenshot

As a Mac user, djay Pro AI has been a go-to solution for its seamless integration with the macOS ecosystem. Offering cutting-edge AI mixing tools, it allows you to blend tracks effortlessly. Its visual interface is intuitive, which makes navigation a breeze even for beginners.

Official Website


  • Advanced AI features for auto-mixing
  • Integration with streaming services like TIDAL and SoundCloud
  • Powerful tools for music production and live performance


  • Subscription based, which may not suit everyone’s budget
  • Some features can be overwhelming for beginners

Serato DJ Pro screenshot

Serato DJ Pro stands out for its stability and is favored by many professional DJs. It provides extensive support for a wide range of controllers and hardware, making it a versatile choice. It excels in offering high-quality FX packs, advanced sampling, and comprehensive library management.

Official Website


  • Rock-solid reliability and performance
  • Support for an extensive list of hardware
  • High-resolution support for Retina and 4K monitors


  • May require additional purchases for full feature unlock
  • Can be expensive for hobbyists

Traktor Pro 3 screenshot

Known for its strong focus on beat-matching and mixing, Traktor Pro 3 by Native Instruments is a heavyweight in the DJ world. It includes creative mixing features, such as Stems and Remix Decks, offering DJs creative freedom to personalize their mixes. Its sleek interface supports beginners and professionals alike.

Official Website


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Innovative Stems and Remix Decks features
  • Extensive hardware compatibility


  • The learning curve might be steep for beginners
  • Can be resource-intensive on older Mac models

Rekordbox DJ screenshot

Rekordbox DJ is another favored app used by DJs to prepare their tracks and perform live. Developed by Pioneer DJ, it’s specifically designed to match their range of controllers and mixers. With a clear and structured layout, it optimizes workflow and allows for detailed track management.

Official Website


  • Straightforward user interface
  • Tight hardware integration with Pioneer DJ equipment
  • DVS support for turntablists


  • Full functionality requires a Pioneer DJ controller
  • Occasional reports of software bugs

Mixxx screenshot

If you’re looking for a free alternative, Mixxx might just be what you need. This open-source DJ software provides features often found in paid applications, such as waveform displays, beat-syncing, and EQ controls. It’s a great starting point for beginners or those on a budget.

Official Website


  • Completely free and open source
  • Supports a wide range of controller hardware
  • Built-in broadcasting capabilities


  • Lacks integration with streaming platforms
  • User interface not as polished as paid alternatives


Whether you’re an aspiring DJ or a seasoned professional, finding the right tools for your craft is essential. While Macs are known for their robust multimedia capabilities, having software that can harness this power makes a significant difference. An often-overlooked aspect of selecting DJ apps is the community support and the frequency of updates it receives. A vibrant community can be a goldmine for tips, custom mappings for controllers, and much more.

Another facet of DJing in the digital age is the move towards cloud-based libraries. Keeping music libraries in the cloud allows you to access your tracks and playlists from any compatible device, which is a huge convenience. Some software integrates with platforms like Dropbox for this purpose, and it’s worth considering if you move between setups often.

With the rise of live streaming, it’s also essential to think about how your chosen app can integrate with streaming platforms. Apps like djay Pro AI and Serato DJ Pro have built-in features that make streaming your sets a much smoother experience, attracting a broader audience and offering new possibilities for gigs, especially in a time when live events are less frequent.

Audio quality is, of course, paramount. Apps like Traktor Pro 3 and Rekordbox DJ are renowned for their superior sound quality, which can elevate your sets. However, this often comes at the cost of higher CPU usage, so ensuring your Mac can handle the load is key.

Lastly, consider the export functionality of your DJ app. Being able to record your sets with ease and having various options for exporting your mixes can be a huge plus when you want to share your work or critique your own performances.

If you’re still uncertain, taking advantage of free trials where available, or reaching out to fellow DJs for their advice, can be helpful steps in making your decision.


Notable DJ apps for macOS include Serato DJ Pro, Traktor Pro, and Rekordbox DJ, each offering a unique set of features for both amateur and professional DJs.

Mixxx is a highly recommended free DJ app for Mac that caters to both beginners and seasoned professionals with its comprehensive feature set.

Yes, some DJ apps like djay Pro integrate with Spotify, allowing you to mix tracks from your Spotify library directly within the app. Check out djay Pro.

While not essential, additional DJ hardware like controllers or mixers can enhance the experience and functionality when using DJ apps on Mac.

Many DJ apps, such as VirtualDJ and the previously mentioned djay Pro, can seamlessly sync with iTunes libraries for easy access to playlists and tracks.

Ableton Live is a powerful tool for Mac users to create professional DJ mixes and music productions with its extensive range of features. Take a look at Ableton Live.

There are user-friendly DJ apps such as DJAY Pro or VirtualDJ that are intuitive enough for beginners to start mixing without extensive prior knowledge.

Yes, VirtualDJ and Resolume Avenue both offer video mixing capabilities, enabling DJs to incorporate visuals into their performances.

Professional DJs often choose Serato DJ Pro or Traktor Pro for live performances due to their reliability, advanced functionality, and hardware compatibility.

Always check the system requirements on the official website of the DJ app before downloading to ensure compatibility with your Mac’s OS version.