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Best Data Recovery Software Mac

Best Data Recovery Software Mac

Navigating the treacherous waters of data loss can be a daunting prospect for any Mac user. Having personally experienced the sudden disappearance of precious files, I understand that sinking feeling. In sharing my journey to data recovery salvation, I aim to provide guidance based on my own research and learnings. With a plethora of data recovery software options for macOS, I will highlight some of the premier tools that helped me on my quest. And, as an advocate for informed decisions, I’ll present a balanced view of each application’s strengths and shortcomings.


Disk Drill screenshot

For me, Disk Drill stood out as a robust and user-friendly option. Not only does it support numerous file systems, but its recovery algorithms are powerful and efficient. The interface is intuitive, and I found the preview feature particularly helpful in identifying the files worth recovering before initiating the process.

Official Website


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Supports a wide range of file types and systems


  • The free version has limitations on data recovery
  • Deep scan mode can be time-consuming

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard screenshot

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is touted for its simplicity and effectiveness. It has proven to be a reliable choice for me, with features like bootable media for emergencies and repair of corrupt photos and documents. It covers various data loss scenarios and is fairly straightforward to use.

Official Website


  • Simple and easy to navigate interface
  • Capability to repair damaged files


  • Scanning can be slow, especially for larger drives
  • Full recovery features are not free

Stellar Data Recovery Professional screenshot

I found Stellar Data Recovery Professional to be another formidable contender, with a suite of advanced features geared toward professionals. Its ability to recover files from lost partitions and create disk images for safe data recovery are commendable, plus the interface is quite user-friendly.

Official Website


  • Recovers data from lost partitions
  • User-friendly interface


  • The cost can be high compared to other options
  • Some file types might not preview correctly

Wondershare Recoverit screenshot

Wondershare Recoverit impresses with its modern interface and high success rate in recovering lost files. It provides 8 different recovery modes to cover various scenarios, and the video repair tool is a unique addition worth mentioning. However, deep scans may require a bit of waiting time.

Official Website


  • Diverse range of recovery modes
  • Video repair function is a standout feature


  • Deep scans can be slow
  • Free version limits data recovery volume

Data Rescue 6 screenshot

What struck me about Data Rescue 6 was its combination of powerful performance with professional-grade features. It has a strong focus on data recovery rather than additional utilities, and I appreciated its honesty to that single mission. The software’s attention to cloning functions aids in securing data before a full scan.

Official Website


  • Advanced cloning capabilities
  • Focuses solely on data recovery


  • Interface might seem complex to some users
  • It’s a premium product with a higher price point


In my research, I learned that data recovery journeys hinge not just on the correctness of software chosen but also on the details of the incident. It’s a domain where user vigilance is key, and knowing the initial steps can make or break the recovery success rate.

For instance, initiating a recovery process with a software that isn’t fully compatible with your Mac’s filesystem or one that operates poorly with your macOS version could exacerbate your problems. Therefore, before you embark on any recovery attempt, ensure that the application you select is completely compatible with your system.

Furthermore, with the advent of APFS (Apple File System), it’s now vital to use data recovery tools that support this newer file system, especially since older tools may lack this compatibility. I found myself on forums and product FAQs to ascertain this information, something I’d highly recommend for any user.

Additionally, seek out software with a proven track record in handling SSDs if your Mac uses flash storage, as these devices have different recovery requirements compared to conventional HDDs. Regardless of the tool you pick, the consensus from experts and my own experiences underline the importance of timely action. The sooner you deploy a recovery tool after data loss, the better your chances of a successful retrieval.

While researching, I found a few high authority websites like Apple’s official support page and Samsung’s community forums extremely helpful in providing foundational knowledge and user experiences. Incorporating their advice in conjunction with the right software is a strategic move towards effective recovery.


Key features include comprehensive file type support, user-friendly interface, effective deep scan capability, preview option before recovery, and a reliable recovery rate.

Data recovery software scans your Mac’s storage to find recoverable data, reconstructs lost file structures, and restores them to a selected destination.

Yes, most data recovery tools for Mac can recover files from external hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards, and other storage devices.

Yes, provided the space hasn’t been overwritten, Mac data recovery tools can often restore permanently deleted files.

Free versions of data recovery software often exist but may have limitations on the amount of data recoverable. Disk Drill offers a free tier.

Stop using the drive immediately to prevent overwriting data and use reputable data recovery software for Mac, or consult a professional data recovery service.

Not necessarily; many data recovery applications designed for Mac have intuitive interfaces geared towards average users with no technical expertise.

Some data recovery programs may help in recovering temporary files related to unsaved Word documents, depending on the specific circumstances.

Reputable data recovery software is designed to perform read-only operations, preventing further data loss. It’s crucial to download software from reliable sources.

Evaluate your specific needs, the types of files you need to recover, the software’s user reviews, and whether the price aligns with the features offered. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a popular choice.