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Top Mac Data Recovery Software: Expert Reviews

Top Mac Data Recovery Software: Expert Reviews

Searching for the best Mac data recovery software can be a daunting task given the variety of options available. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share my personal experiences with some of the most popular data recovery applications for Mac. Whether you’ve accidentally deleted a file or suffered a system crash, these tools can help you get your data back. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of each software to ensure you choose the right one for your needs. Let’s dive into the details!


Disk Drill

https://www.cleverfiles.com/ screenshot

Disk Drill is my top pick for Mac data recovery software due to its user-friendly interface and powerful features. The software supports a wide range of file types and offers quick and deep scan options. It also has a Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery features to protect and back up your data.

Official Website


  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports multiple file types


  • Expensive premium plans
  • Scanning can be time-consuming

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

https://www.easeus.com/data-recovery-wizard/ screenshot

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is another excellent option featuring a simple interface and reliable performance. It’s particularly useful for recovering deleted, formatted, or otherwise inaccessible data. It also allows you to preview files before recovery, ensuring you get exactly what you need.

Official Website


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Previews files before recovery


  • Limited free version
  • Can be pricey

Stellar Data Recovery

https://www.stellarinfo.com/data-recovery-mac.php screenshot

Stellar Data Recovery offers a robust set of features for both beginners and advanced users. It’s adept at recovering files from formatted drives, corrupted volumes, and even lost partitions. The software supports a broad range of file types, making it a versatile option for Mac users.

Official Website


  • Versatile file type support
  • Recovers from multiple scenarios


  • Scan speed is relatively slow
  • Advanced features cost extra

Data Rescue

Data Rescue by Prosoft Engineering is a specialized tool designed for retrieving lost files from failing drives. It features powerful scanning options and a user-friendly design. The software also provides comprehensive support, guiding you through each step of the recovery process.


  • Specialized for failing drives
  • Comprehensive support


  • Can be expensive
  • No free trial for recovery

Wondershare Recoverit

https://www.wondershare.com/data-recovery-mac/ screenshot

Wondershare Recoverit is a well-rounded data recovery solution that’s easy to use. It provides reliable recovery for a wide range of data loss scenarios, be it accidental deletion, system crash, or virus attacks. The software also offers a preview feature before the final recovery.

Official Website


  • Easy to use
  • Previews files before recovery


  • Limited features in free version
  • Scanning can be slow

Cisdem Data Recovery

https://www.cisdem.com/data-recovery-mac.html screenshot

Cisdem Data Recovery is a proficient tool designed to recover lost, deleted, or formatted files from your Mac. The software supports a wide range of scenarios and file types, ensuring comprehensive data retrieval. It also incorporates a preview function, allowing you to see what will be recovered before you proceed.

Official Website


  • Supports many file types
  • Includes preview function


  • Interface can be confusing
  • Relatively high cost

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery offers an effective solution for recovering lost or deleted files on Mac. The software is known for its straightforward interface and reliable performance. Its free version allows users to recover up to 1GB of data, making it a decent option for those with minimal recovery needs.


  • Easy to use
  • Free version available


  • Limited free version
  • Not as feature-rich as competitors

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When it comes to data recovery software for Mac, the choices are vast and varied. While Disk Drill mac data recovery software stands out as a top choice for its impressive features and user-friendliness, there are other valuable options worth considering depending on your specific needs.

For instance, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers a straightforward interface and effective recovery capabilities, particularly useful for those less experienced with technology. Similarly, Stellar Data Recovery boasts powerful features tailored for both beginners and advanced users, making it suitable for various data recovery scenarios.

Another noteworthy mention is Data Rescue by Prosoft Engineering, which excels in recovering data from failing drives. Its user-friendly design and robust scanning options stand out significantly. Additionally, Wondershare Recoverit is a reliable choice that supports a wide range of data loss situations, providing users the flexibility to preview files before deciding to recover them.

If budget constraints are a concern, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery offers a free version that can recover up to 1GB of data. This can be particularly useful for those who need to retrieve a small number of files quickly without paying for premium services. Moreover, Cisdem Data Recovery offers powerful features with a preview function to ensure you recover exactly what you need.

Choosing the right data recovery software can make a significant difference in efficient and effective data retrieval. Factors such as ease of use, pricing, compatibility, and specific features tailored to your needs should all be considered. Always ensure you’re using updated software and make a habit of backing up your data regularly to minimize the risk and impact of data loss.


Key features to consider include file type support, user-friendly interface, scan speed, and recovery rate. Software should also offer recovery from various storage devices.

Yes, advanced data recovery software can recover files from formatted drives by scanning for remnants of previously stored files and reconstructing them.

For basic deletions, you might restore files from the Trash or a Time Machine backup. For complex recoveries, specialized software is recommended.

Supporting a wide range of file types is crucial as it increases the chance of successful recovery of diverse data such as documents, images, and videos.

Many reputable recovery solutions offer free trials with limited functionalities or quotas. It's advisable to test software before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs.

Yes, comprehensive tools can recover data from external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, and other storage devices using sophisticated scanning algorithms.

A user-friendly interface streamlines the process, making it easier for users to perform scanning and recovery tasks efficiently without needing technical expertise.

Disk Drill and Stellar Data Recovery are renowned for their effectiveness, features, and ease of use. Explore more about them at their homepages for detailed information.

Faster scan speeds reduce the time needed to locate and identify lost files, making the recovery process more efficient, especially for large volumes of data.

Consider factors like compatibility with your macOS version, supported file systems, user reviews, professional reviews, customer support, and the range of recovery features offered.