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Best Free Apps For Mac

Best Free Apps For Mac

As a longtime Mac user, I’ve seen software come and go, claiming to enhance your productivity or streamline your digital life. But the price, quite literally, can be a big barrier. That’s why I’ve cultivated a love for free apps that amplify the Mac experience without costing a penny. Here are some standout options that I’ve personally found to be exceptionally useful, presented with a balanced view to help you make an informed decision before downloading anything on your cherished MacBook or iMac.


Apple Notes

Apple Notes is a native note-taking app with powerful features that rival even some of the paid alternatives. With seamless iCloud synchronization, it allows access to your notes across all your Apple devices. It provides a simple user interface, folder organization, and the ability to attach media files to your notes.

Official Website


  • Integrated with macOS and iOS for a unified experience
  • Supports attachments like photos, videos, and documents


  • Primarily beneficial for users deep within the Apple ecosystem
  • Lacks advanced features of dedicated note-taking apps

GitHub Desktop screenshot

GitHub Desktop simplifies the development workflow on Mac for both beginners and seasoned users. It offers an approachable graphical interface for managing your repositories without needing to resort to command-line tools. This version control client is indispensable for developers looking to collaborate on projects.

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  • User-friendly interface for Git operations
  • Facilitates collaboration and repository management


  • Limited functionality compared to command-line Git
  • Best suited for developers and not the general user base

VLC Media Player screenshot

VLC Media Player is a renowned multimedia player that supports a wide range of audio and video file formats, eliminating the need for multiple players. Its ability to play damaged, incomplete, or unfinished files is a notable feature that sets it apart from the standard media software available on Mac.

Official Website


  • Plays almost any media file format
  • No need for additional codecs or plugins


  • User interface is not the most intuitive
  • Occasional performance issues with very large files


AppCleaner is a small application that helps you to thoroughly uninstall unwanted apps. It searches for all files associated with the software you wish to remove and allows you to delete them completely. This keeps your Mac tidy and frees up valuable disk space.


  • Ensures complete removal of applications and their associated files
  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality


  • Some applications may require manual file search and removal
  • Not as robust as some paid alternatives

Alfred screenshot

Alfred is a productivity application for macOS that boosts efficiency with hotkeys, keywords, and text expansion. Think of it as Spotlight with a turbocharger. It helps you launch apps, search the web, and perform custom actions with just a few keystrokes. The more you use Alfred, the more you’ll realize just how powerful it can be.

Official Website


  • Improves efficiency with customizable workflows
  • Significant time-saver with keyboard shortcuts and search functions


  • Core features are free, but Powerpack for advanced workflows is paid
  • Learning curve to fully utilize its capabilities


For various needs, there is likely a Mac app out there that won’t cost you. Whether you’re after a tool to help with graphic design or one for video editing, developers have made sure there’s something for everyone.

When looking for more free apps, make sure you visit trusted sources such as the MacRumors forums or browse through the MacWorld website. They often feature curated lists of free software, and you can gain insights from other users’ experiences.

Moreover, the Mac App Store is a treasure trove of free applications. It’s not just a place for premium software; there are plenty of gems that are available at no cost. Remember to look at the ratings and reviews to get a sense of the app’s reliability and usefulness.

It’s also worth noting that many premium apps offer a ‘freemium’ model. This means you can use the core functions for free, with an option to pay for more advanced features. This can be a great way to test out an app and see if it fits your workflow before making any financial commitment.


Notable free productivity apps for Mac include Alfred, a powerful app launcher and productivity tool, and Evernote, which is great for note-taking and organizing information. Explore more at

Yes, GIMP is a popular free graphic design software that works well on Mac for image editing and creation. Visit

Avast Security for Mac is a reliable and free antivirus solution that provides essential protection without costing anything.

iMovie comes pre-installed on new Macs and is an excellent free video editing tool for beginners and intermediate users alike.

Yes, LastPass offers a free version that works across multiple platforms, including Mac, to manage and store passwords securely.

Telegram is a versatile free app that provides a secure and fast messaging platform compatible with Mac devices.

While Preview, the built-in Mac app, allows for basic PDF editing, for more advanced features, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC offers a free version.

Google Drive provides generous free storage space and is fully compatible with Mac, perfect for storing and sharing files.

Thunderbird, developed by Mozilla, is a robust free email client that supports multiple accounts and is available for Mac users.

Trello offers a user-friendly interface and is a great free app for organizing tasks and managing projects collaboratively on a Mac.