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Unleash Your Artistry with the 10 Best Drawing Apps for Mac 💻🎨

Unleash Your Artistry with the 10 Best Drawing Apps for Mac

Adobe Illustrator Draw


Adobe Illustrator Draw is a vector drawing app designed for Mac users. It allows artists to create scalable, high-quality artwork with a user-friendly interface. The app provides a variety of drawing tools, including customizable brushes, layers, and pressure-sensitive stylization. It also supports the use of digital pencils, pens, markers, and airbrushes. Additionally, users can import their designs into Adobe’s suite of products for further refinement.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Offers stunning vector graphic design capabilities
  • Seamless integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud

🥺 Cons

  • The interface may seem complex to beginners
  • Requires a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud



Procreate app for Mac is a digital painting software created by Savage Interactive for both professional and amateur artists. Its features include an advanced layering system, hundreds of handmade brushes, a suite of innovative artistic tools, and an easy-to-use interface. The app also supports high-definition canvases, allowing users to create detailed artwork. Notably, Procreate for Mac is capable of recording the entire painting process, making it useful for demonstrations or review.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Provides an incredibly responsive environment
  • Ability to create custom brushes

🥺 Cons

  • No free version available
  • Can be overwhelming with too many tools and options

Autodesk SketchBook


Autodesk SketchBook is a drawing and painting software designed for Mac users. It offers a user-friendly interface with customizable brushes, layers, and an exhaustive palette of colors. The app also features unlimited undo/redo, precision tools like rulers and guides for accurate drafting, and animation tools. It’s compatible with hardware like graphics tablets for more professional design work. Perfect for artists, illustrators, and designers, SketchBook lets creativity flow without interruption.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Offers a clean, intuitive user-interface
  • Tiered toolset to cater beginners to professionals

🥺 Cons

  • Limited brush customization options
  • No vector support



The Concepts app for Mac is a versatile drawing and design platform. It allows users to work with vector images, offering infinite canvas and flexible layers. The app offers adjustable brushes for precision and custom color palettes. Users can also export their designs in standard file formats. Its additional features include measure and rule tools, making it suitable for professional designers. This application requires macOS 10.15 or later versions.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Vector based sketching allows flexibility
  • Offers infinite undo feature

🥺 Cons

  • Free version offers limited features
  • Learning curve may be steep for a few



Pixaki for Mac is a powerful pixel art creation application. It is highly optimized for Mac operating systems, offering pixel-perfect precision and robust tools for creating detailed artwork. It boasts numerous features such as layer support, animation frames, custom palettes, and high-res export. This intuitive app provides both grid and freeform drawing options, making it a versatile choice for artists ranging from beginners to professionals.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Great tool for creating pixel art
  • Supports layers and custom palettes

🥺 Cons

  • Limited to pixel art
  • Could be a bit pricey for hobbyists



The ArtRage app for Mac is a digital artist’s workbench that provides realistic painting tools for various art styles. It features oil paints, watercolors, inking pens, and pastels. The app also offers tracing and reference images, custom brushes, and interactive tutorials. With its advanced layer system and realistic color blending, artists can create authentic works directly on their Mac.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Mimics real-life painting techniques like oil painting
  • Has a wide offering of tools and effects

🥺 Cons

  • Interface could be deemed cluttered
  • Lacks advanced design tools

Linea Sketch


The Linea Sketch app for Mac is a straightforward and effective tool perfect for digital sketching. It allows users to draw with a variety of tools and colors, including pencil, ink, markers, and a variety of color palettes. The app includes layer support, split-screen mode for reference images, and annotation tools. It also has import and export features, making it easier to integrate Linea Sketch into your workflow. It excels in offering a user-friendly, streamlined experience for artists.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Easy-to-use with minimalistic interface
  • Mimics the feel of drawing on paper

🥺 Cons

  • Limited set of drawing tools
  • No text tool available

MediBang Paint


MediBang Paint app for Mac is a user-friendly digital painting and illustration tool. Equipped with a wide variety of brushes, fonts, and pre-made backgrounds, it caters to both novice and experienced artists. A standout feature is the ability to share and sync resources across multiple devices. It also offers layer management, comic panel creation, and cloud storage capabilities. This app supports full-color modes and comes with a customizable interface.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Huge library of materials, fonts and backgrounds
  • Geared towards comic and manga creation

🥺 Cons

  • Containing ads in the free version
  • Interface can be complicated for beginners

Astropad Studio


Astropad Studio is a high-end application for Mac that transforms an iPad into a professional graphics tablet for Mac. This app is designed for professional creatives who are looking for superior drawing performance. With superior image quality and zero lag, it allows users to mirror and control their Mac entirely from their iPad. The app includes various features like customizable shortcuts, unlimited upgrades, and priority customer support.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Turns your iPad into a professional drawing tablet
  • High performance with no lag

🥺 Cons

  • Requires an iPad
  • Subscription based pricing

Corel Painter


Corel Painter for Mac is an advanced digital art studio that offers an expansive array of natural media and progressive digital art materials. This application provides real-world art tools like pens, brushes, and texture overlays that mimic traditional painting techniques. It supports layers, advanced brush controls, paper textures, gradients, and complex effects to create unique and sophisticated artworks. Corel Painter also enables output to high-quality prints or digital formats.

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Renowned for its realistic brushes and art tools
  • Highly customizable with plenty of brushes

🥺 Cons

  • High learning curve for beginners
  • Expensive compared to other alternatives

🏁🏁 Conclusion 🏁🏁

So there you have it! Our pick for the top 10 drawing apps for Mac. Try them out and see which one fits your style the most. Remember, the best tool is the one that best assists you in creating your masterpiece. Each of these apps has their own strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately, they’re all designed to assist you in bringing your artistic vision to life. So break out your stylus or mouse and start creating! 💻🎨🔥

Whether you’re a professional artist, an aspiring illustrator or someone who just wants to doodle on their Mac, these apps are worth checking out. Diverse in their offerings, they cater to a broad array of skills and art forms. It’s quite fascinating how versatile the art space has become, don’t you think? 🤔🎊

Taking a digital art journey is as exciting as it sounds. And with a Mac, you’re setting yourself up for a fun and creative endeavour. So, get one (or several) of these apps and unleash your artistic side. Creativity awaits!


We’ve mentioned apps that are compatible with most Mac models. However, always check the system requirements before downloading an app.

No, these apps offer interfaces suited for both beginners and professionals.

Most apps offer free trials, but it is always a good idea to check on the app’s website or the App Store.

When the trial period ends, you will need to purchase a plan to continue using the app’s premium features.

Some apps do, while others are purely for creating artwork. Check the features of each app in the article.

Most of these drawing apps are optimized to run smoothly but ensure your Mac’s specification meets the system requirements of the app.

Most of these apps have a help or tutorial section within the app or on their websites.

Yes, most of these apps are usable offline, but some features may require an internet connection.

Yes, all of these apps support common file formats for import/export, although the available formats may vary by app.

Yes, all of these apps should support most popular drawing tablet brands. Check with each app’s documentation or support to be sure.

Some of these apps have animation features, but not all do. Check the feature lists in the article.

Some apps may have a maximum canvas size depending on your Mac’s capabilities and the app’s design.

Some drawing apps do offer pre-made templates which can be used as a starting point for your work.

Yes, many of these apps often have a built-in feature to share your work directly to social media.

Yes, most apps support popular cloud storage services to back up your projects.

Some apps have collaboration features, allowing you to work on a drawing with other users in real-time.

Most of these apps come with in-built color palettes and also allow you to create and store your own.

Yes, most of these apps provide a text tool for adding text to your drawings.

While some apps are easy enough for kids to use, they may not have been designed specifically for children.

Some of these apps may have versions available for other Apple devices such as the iPad or iPhone. Check on the App Store for compatibility.

Several highly-rated drawing apps for Mac include Adobe Illustrator, an industry-standard vector graphics software, Corel Painter, a trusted app for professionals, and Procreate, which is popular among both professionals and hobbyists. Additionally, Sketchbook from Autodesk offers a robust set of sketching tools, and Affinity Designer is known for its precision and versatility.

Adobe Illustrator is favored by many graphic designers due to its advanced vector editing tools. It allows for high-resolution artwork creation that is resilient to scaling, keeping the graphical quality intact regardless of size. Illustrator also offers a wide array of typography options and color processing tools, not to mention its seamless integration with other Adobe products. Its official website provides extensive details.

Procreate is adored by artists due to its intuitive interface with minimal distractions, letting the artist focus completely on their canvas. It boasts a comprehensive set of sketching tools, including over 130 brushes, a layer system, and various blending modes. Moreover, Procreate often updates with new features and tools, keeping the app fresh and up-to-date. Check out Procreate’s official website for more info.

What sets Sketchbook apart is it offers a full-screen workspace allowing artists to maximize their drawing area. The app encompasses a range of pencils, pens, and markers imitating real-life sketching tools. It supports both raster and vector graphics, and it’s highly appreciated for its user-friendly interface. Visit Sketchbook’s website to know more.

Yes, several cost-effective options are available. For instance, Krita is an open-source application that provides professional-grade features at no cost. GIMP is another free software that offers diverse functionalities suitable for complex artwork. MediBang Paint is a free lightweight digital painting software packed with various features and a vast library of brushes. You can save money without sacrificing quality with these options. For paid alternatives, Affinity Designer provides a budget-friendly, one-time purchase alternative to Adobe Illustrator.