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Ultimate Guide to Cleaner Guru App

Ultimate Guide to Cleaner Guru App

Having struggled with keeping my digital devices running smoothly for years, I stumbled upon an ultimate solution that promises to clean and optimize my devices effectively: Cleaner Guru. Cleaner Guru stands out as a versatile application designed to improve device performance, manage storage, and ensure smooth operation. In this detailed guide, I’ll share my personal experience using Cleaner Guru, along with various methods to utilize its comprehensive features effectively. Cleaner Guru has proven to be a game-changer, especially when it comes to dealing with common digital clutter and performance issues.


Common Scenarios:

Struggling with App Clutter? 🛠

  • Are you tired of manually managing dozens of apps?
  • Do unused apps take up a significant amount of storage space on your devices?
  • Are you experiencing slow performance due to accumulated app data?

If these issues sound familiar, Cleaner Guru offers a perfect solution by automating the cleaning process and optimizing app storage.

Low Storage Space? 📉

  • Is your phone often displaying the ‘low storage’ notification?
  • Are you struggling with large media files and numerous duplicate photos?
  • Do system files and junk data occupy a considerable portion of your storage?

Cleaner Guru has proven highly effective in releasing valuable storage space by removing junk data and optimizing storage use.

Device Running Slow? 🐢

  • Has your device become sluggish over time?
  • Do you experience lagging while switching between apps?
  • Are background processes draining your battery quickly?

Cleaner Guru efficiently enhances device performance by managing and cleaning background processes, improving battery life, and ensuring a smooth user experience.


Step-by-Step Guide. Cleaner Guru Review:

Method 1: Utilizing the Junk Cleaner 🧹

  • Open the Cleaner Guru app and navigate to the ‘Junk Cleaner’ section.
  • Tap on the ‘Scan’ button to allow Cleaner Guru to identify unnecessary files.
  • Once the scan is complete, review the list of found junk files and unnecessary data.
  • Click ‘Clean’ to remove these files and free up valuable storage space.
  • Regularly perform this cleaning operation to maintain optimal device performance.

Note: Ensure to review the list before deletion to avoid removing important files accidentally.

Conclusion: The Junk Cleaner efficiently eliminates unnecessary files, freeing up storage and boosting overall performance.

Method 2: Cleaning Duplicate Photos 🏞

  • Launch Cleaner Guru and go to the ‘Duplicate Photos’ section.
  • Press the ‘Scan’ button to begin searching for duplicate images on your device.
  • Review the results and select the duplicate photos you wish to delete.
  • Click on the ‘Delete’ button to remove all selected duplicates.
  • Repeat this process periodically to keep your photo library organized.

Note: Always verify duplicates before deletion to avoid losing unique photos.

Conclusion: This method helps in organizing your photo gallery and reclaiming storage space by removing unnecessary duplicates.

Method 3: Managing Installed Apps 📲

  • Open Cleaner Guru and head to the ‘App Manager’ section.
  • Review the list of installed apps and identify those you no longer use.
  • Select the unused or rarely-used apps and click the ‘Uninstall’ button.
  • Confirm the uninstallation process to remove these apps from your device.
  • Use the App Manager periodically to keep your device clutter-free.

Note: Making a habit of reviewing apps regularly ensures better storage management.

Conclusion: The App Manager helps manage and uninstall unused apps effectively, optimizing storage and enhancing device performance.

Method 4: Boosting Device Performance 🚀

  • Access Cleaner Guru and select the ‘Performance Booster’ option.
  • Tap on ‘Boost Now’ to start the optimization process.
  • Cleaner Guru will close unnecessary background processes, freeing up RAM.
  • Wait for the completion message, indicating boosted device performance.
  • Regularly use the Performance Booster to keep your device running smoothly.

Note: Avoid boosting performance too frequently as it might interfere with ongoing tasks.

Conclusion: The Performance Booster optimizes your device by freeing up RAM, ensuring smoother operation and faster response times.

Method 5: Optimizing Battery Life 🔋

  • Launch Cleaner Guru and navigate to the ‘Battery Optimizer’ section.
  • Tap on ‘Optimize’ to start the battery optimization process.
  • Cleaner Guru will identify and eliminate battery-draining apps and processes.
  • Follow any additional recommended steps to improve battery life.
  • Monitor the battery performance periodically using the Battery Optimizer.

Note: Regular battery optimization can extend battery life significantly.

Conclusion: The Battery Optimizer is a crucial tool for managing and extending your device’s battery life by removing unnecessary drains.

Method 6: Secure File Deletion 🗑

  • Open Cleaner Guru and go to the ‘Secure Delete’ section.
  • Select the files you want to delete securely from your device.
  • Click on ‘Delete’ and confirm the action to ensure permanent deletion.
  • Cleaner Guru will use advanced algorithms to make these files unrecoverable.
  • Utilize Secure Delete for sensitive data that you want completely removed.

Note: Once files are securely deleted, they cannot be recovered. Ensure you do not need them before proceeding.

Conclusion: Secure Delete is an effective way to ensure that sensitive data is permanently removed and cannot be recovered.

Method 7: Clearing Cache Files 🗄

  • Access Cleaner Guru and navigate to the ‘Cache Cleaner’ section.
  • Select ‘Scan’ to begin identifying cached files.
  • Review the scanned results to verify which cache files are taking up space.
  • Click on ‘Clean Cache’ to remove these files from your device.
  • Regular cache cleaning prevents accumulation of unnecessary data, enhancing performance.

Note: Clearing the cache periodically helps in maintaining healthy storage levels without affecting your essential data.

Conclusion: The Cache Cleaner aids in removing temporary and cached files, thereby ensuring better performance and storage optimization.

Method 8: Monitoring Device Health 🩺

  • Launch Cleaner Guru and select the ‘Device Health’ monitoring section.
  • Run a full scan to assess the health and performance of your device.
  • Cleaner Guru will provide a detailed report, highlighting any issues found.
  • Follow the recommended steps to address and resolve these issues.
  • Periodically monitor your device health to maintain optimal performance.

Note: Device health monitoring provides critical insights into underlying performance issues and helps in proactive maintenance.

Conclusion: Regularly monitoring your device’s health using Cleaner Guru ensures better performance by resolving issues promptly.


Precautions and Tips:

Ensure Regular Cleaning 🧼

  • To maintain optimal device performance, use Cleaner Guru regularly for various cleaning tasks.
  • Set reminders or schedules to clean, boost, and optimize your device weekly.

Backup Before Cleaning 🗄

  • Always create a backup of essential files before performing any cleaning operations.
  • This precaution ensures you do not lose important data irreversibly.

Extra Tips

For those constantly struggling with device storage and performance issues, adopting a few additional practices can further optimize your experience with Cleaner Guru. Firstly, ensure that your device’s operating system is up to date. Regular updates often include essential patches and improvements that enhance performance and security.

Secondly, consider leveraging cloud storage options such as Dropbox or Google Drive for storing large media files. This practice can free up valuable device storage without losing access to your important documents and photos.

Thirdly, for app management, use built-in features provided by platforms like Google Play or Apple App Store to understand your app usage. Knowing which apps you rarely use can help in making informed decisions on which to uninstall.

Lastly, ensuring the privacy and security of your device should be a priority. Use security apps alongside Cleaner Guru to monitor and protect against malware and potential threats.


Implementing Cleaner Guru into your regular device maintenance routine can result in significantly improved performance, optimized storage, and overall enhanced user experience. As explored in various methods and scenarios, Cleaner Guru addresses multifaceted aspects of device cleanliness and efficiency. For those keen on delving further into this tool, an insightful cleaner guru review on LinkedIn offers a comprehensive overview. Additionally, adopting some extra practices and staying informed on device management trends can further optimize outcomes. Cleaner Guru stands out as an essential tool in today’s digital age for maintaining device health and performance.

Cleaner Guru app reviews on Medium have been mixed, but my experience was generally positive. It does a decent job of cleaning unnecessary files and improving performance. If you’re wondering, “Is Cleaner Guru safe?” I found no security issues.



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