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Stellar Data Recovery vs Disk Drill (best mac data recovery software)

Ease of Use
File Format Support
Scanning Speed
Recovery Options
Customer Support
Deep Scan
Partition Recovery
RAID Recovery
User Interface
Offers a free version with limited features. Full version is available at $89 for a lifetime license per user.
Monetizes through subscriptions: $79.99/year for the professional version, while the premium is at $99.99/year.

Disk Drill shines with its broad file format support and user-friendly interface. A solid pick for any Mac user!🖥️🌟 Does not support RAID recovery.😕

Stellar Data Recovery combines simplicity and efficiency, perfect for quick recoveries.🥇👍 However, it lacks advanced features.😮📝

Disk Drill Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Supports a broad range of file formats 🏳️‍🌈📝

  • Easy to use interface 😊🖱️

  • Excellent customer support 🎯💬

  • Impressive recovery capabilities 🦾💾

  • Good scanning speed 🏎️⏳

Stellar Data Recovery Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Very user-friendly interface 😊🖥️

  • Recovers from formatted systems too. 👍💽

  • Good recovery efficiency 🪄✅

  • Fast scanning speeds 🐆⏩

  • Many file formats supported 📚🌈

  • Solid customer support. 💼💬

Top Cons
  • Paid versions can be a bit pricey 💰🔺

  • RAID recovery not supported 😔

  • Scans cannot be paused ⏱️🚫

  • Free version is quite limited 🆓🤏

  • Lacks an extensive file preview option 🖼️😢

  • Doesn’t display scan time remaining ⏳❓

Top Cons
  • Does not support RAID recovery 😕

  • No free full version available 👛💀

  • Limited advanced features 📊📉

  • Cannot pause scans 🚫⏸️

  • No lifetime licensing option 👎⏳

Other best mac data recovery software


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers advanced recovery tools and fast scanning, but the free version has limited functionality. 😌💼


iBoysoft may not offer a free version, but its high success rate and clean interface make it worthwhile.✅🔎


UltData from Tenorshare provides a reliable file recovery with an easy-to-use interface. Limited to file types.😉📚


Mac data recovery software is designed to retrieve, restore, and recover lost, deleted, or inaccessible data on Mac systems. These tools like Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill can salvage files deleted accidentally, lost through software issues, or from damaged hard drives.

Stellar Data Recovery works by scanning your Mac’s hard drive or any connected external drive, locating lost or deleted files, and then enabling you to retrieve them. It’s proficient in recovering a variety of file types including documents, videos, photos, and more.

Disk Drill offers features like deep scanning, partition recovery, and advanced file recovery options. Additionally, it provides a data protection tool called Recovery Vault, which acts as an extended recycle bin for your Mac, storing information about deleted files for easier recovery.

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery is highly reliable for critical data loss situations. It offers advanced features, such as the ability to recover data from encrypted hard drives, making it possible to recover data in almost any scenario.

Disk Drill is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It makes the complex process of data recovery accessible to users of all skill levels with its simple controls and clear instructions.

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery can recover files from physically damaged or corrupted hard drives. It has powerful algorithms capable of retrieving data in such cases, although the success rate may vary depending on the degree of damage.

Yes, Disk Drill supports recovery from connected devices like USB drives, external hard drives, or even iOS devices. This makes it a versatile and comprehensive tool for data recovery tasks.

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery is compatible with a wide range of Mac systems, including older versions. It supports both Intel and M1 chip models, ensuring most Mac users will be able to use it for data recovery.

Disk Drill’s Recovery Vault is an innovative feature that adds an extra layer of protection by proactively storing information about deleted files. It significantly enhances the chances of successful file recovery even when the original files are no longer present in the trash bin.

No, Stellar Data Recovery operates in a read-only mode, which means it does not alter the original data while scanning or recovering. Therefore, it does not pose any risk to the existing data on your system.

Yes, Disk Drill offers powerful partition recovery capabilities. It can restore data even from lost or deleted partitions, making it a robust and comprehensive data recovery solution.

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery can recover data from encrypted drives, providing you have the necessary password or decryption key. This feature is particularly valuable in situations where data needs to be recovered from secure business or personal environments.

Yes, Disk Drill provides a preview option allowing you to view your recoverable files before proceeding with the actual recovery. This useful feature enables you to recover important files selectively, saving time and disk space.

Stellar Data Recovery deploys efficient algorithms that help in swift scanning and recovery processes. However, the speed can also depend on factors like the size of data and the health of the system’s hard drive.

Beyond its core recovery capabilities, Disk Drill also provides tools for data protection to prevent future data loss. The Recovery Vault for example, stores data about deleted files, while the Guaranteed Recovery tool keeps a copy of every file moved to a selected ‘Recycle Bin’.

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery can retrieve data not only from your Mac’s internal hard drive but also from external devices like external HDD, SSD, SD cards, and other storage devices connected to the system.

Yes, Disk Drill is continually updated to work with the latest versions of macOS, ensuring compatibility with the most recent Mac environments and file systems.

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery is capable of retrieving files lost due to virus or malware attacks. It also provides an option to recover lost data after a system crash or software malfunction.

If your Mac system fails to recognize a file system, Disk Drill can still attempt to recover the data. It supports a broad range of file systems, including those used by Windows and Linux, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful data recovery.

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery allows you to specify the file types you want to recover, such as documents, emails, videos, photos, and more. This can make the recovery process faster and more efficient if you’re seeking specific types of files.

Stellar Data Recovery is a robust software solution tailored for retrieving lost or deleted files and folders in digital devices. It’s highly optimized for Mac environment, but also supports Windows.

Stellar Data Recovery is compatible with a wide range of devices. These include Mac and Windows computers, external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and solid-state drives.

Both everyday users and professionals can use Stellar Data Recovery. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it ideal for any type of user.

Stellar Data Recovery is highly efficient, capable of recovering a wide variety of file types, including documents, photos, videos, audio files, emails, and more.

Disk Drill is a versatile data recovery software designed to recover lost or deleted data from nearly any storage device, including internal and external hard drives, USB flash drives, and memory cards.

The Disk Drill software can be used on Mac and Windows computers. It also supports other storage media like external hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards.

Indeed, Disk Drill software is designed to be user-friendly. It features an intuitive and straightforward interface, making data recovery accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Disk Drill is extremely effective at recovering lost data. It features advanced scanning technology to deeply search storage media and retrieve various types of files.

Both Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill are top-tier options in the field of Mac data recovery software. They’re renowned for their efficiency and user-friendly interface.

Yes, you can. Both Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill are designed for this specific task. They can effectively recover accidentally deleted files on Mac devices.

While both Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill are designed for ease of use, your experience may depend on your familiarity with data recovery software. Both feature intuitive interfaces tailored to assist users of every skill level.

Absolutely, both Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill can retrieve data from corrupted drives. Their advanced algorithms are capable of extracting data even from severely damaged storage devices.

Yes, Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill include a preview feature that lets you see the files that can be potentially recovered before you proceed with the recovery process.

Both Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill can recover a large variety of files, including but not limited to images, videos, audio files, documents, archived files, and emails.

Yes, both Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill provide customer support. You can get assistance from their support teams if you encounter any challenges while using the software.

Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill are extremely reliable when it comes to data recovery. They are well-reviewed by users worldwide and are trusted by millions for their data recovery needs.

Yes. Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill can recover data lost due to a system crash. They are designed to handle a wide range of data loss scenarios, making them a valuable tool in any tech arsenal.

While both Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill offer free versions, they also have premium options that unlock extensive capabilities. Links to the software can be found on their websites – Stellar and Disk Drill.

Recovery times with Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill can vary based on several factors such as the size of data, type of storage device, and severity of data loss. However, both offer a ‘Quick Scan’ option for faster results.

Yes, both Stellar Data Recovery and Disk Drill offer hard drive cloning options. This feature allows you to make an exact copy of a disk drive, which can be useful when you want to upgrade or replace your storage media.