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ScreenFlow vs Snagit (best screen capture software mac)

Screen Capturing
Video Editing
Image Editing
Ease of Use
User Interface
Format Support
Customer Support
ScreenFlow monetizes through a one-time purchase model, costing $129 for the full software. 🏷️💵
Snagit monetizes through a one-time license fee, costing $49.95 per user. However, major upgrades may cost extra. 🔄💰

ScreenFlow is powerful and versatile, allowing both screen recording and video editing. 🌟 💪 But, it’s only available for Mac users and can be pricey. 💸 🍎

Snagit is a well-rounded tool that offers both screen capturing and image editing. 👌 📸 However, it lacks comprehensive video editing features. 🎥 😞

ScreenFlow Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Robust capturing and editing features 🎥✂️

  • Smooth recording of high-quality clips 👌🎞️

  • Excellent file format support 📁✅

  • User-friendly interface for Mac users 🍎😄

  • Good integration with other apps 🔗🔄

Snagit Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Screen capturing and image editing in one tool 🖥️🖼️

  • Straightforward to use 👏🕌

  • Wide variety of export options 🔄💡

  • Relatively affordable 💰😊

  • Available for both Windows and Mac users 🖥️🍎

  • Good customer service 🙋‍♀️👏

Top Cons
  • Doesn’t support Windows users 😬🚫

  • No image editing features 😒💻

  • Can be quite expensive for some users 💰😪

  • Learning curve for advanced features 👩‍🏫😅

  • Doesn’t allow live streaming 🎥🤷‍♀️

  • Occasional bugs in the software 🐞😡

Top Cons
  • Limited video editing features 🎥😟

  • No live streaming function 🚫🖥️

  • Subscription based 📆💰

  • Not as intuitive as some alternatives 🤔😒

  • Might be sluggish on older computers 💻🐌

Other best screen capture software mac


Camtasia excels in providing a wide range of screen recording and video editing features. 👏🎥 Its high cost might deter some users, though. 💸😔


OBS Studio is incredibly powerful and flexible with a wealth of features, but it can be challenging to navigate for beginners.🔥😅


QuickTime Player offers simple, free screen recording but lacks advanced features and compatibility with non-Apple devices.😄🍎👎


While several great screen capturing programs are available for Mac, many people believe that ScreenFlow and Snagit are the top competitors. They offer comprehensive features such as high-quality recording, intuitive editing, and extensive sharing options.

ScreenFlow is a versatile and high-quality screen recording software for Mac, which accommodates various recording, editing, and sharing needs. It’s perfectly suited for tutorials, presentations, and gaming videos.

ScreenFlow comes packed with notable features such as high-quality screen recording, video editing tools, animated .GIF support, and stock media library access among others. This makes it a comprehensive solution for all recording and editing needs.

Snagit is a robust software for screen capturing on Mac. It’s not just about recording video but also capturing screenshots and annotating them. Snagit can capture video with audio and also offers editing tools for post-production.

Snagit offers a comprehensive suite of features including video, image capture, and recording, the option for voice narration and system audio, and advanced editing tools such as pan and zoom, adjust audio, animate images, and more.

Yes, ScreenFlow provides a variety of comprehensive tutorials on their official website. These tutorials are designed to assist users of all skill levels in getting to grips with the software.

Snagit offers a free trial, but after that, it is a paid software. The pricing is reasonable considering the extensive features and functionalities it offers. More details can be found on their official website.

ScreenFlow is renowned for its high-quality video capture. It records at 60 frames per second, ensuring your video looks professional and sleek.

Yes, Snagit is capable of capturing screenshots even while it’s recording video. This dual functionality provides great flexibility during post-production editing.

Indeed, ScreenFlow can capture computer audio, microphone narration, and video simultaneously. It also offers an option to edit the audio post-recording.

Yes, Snagit allows users to record system audio and voiceover simultaneously, making it an excellent tool for creating tutorial videos or presentations.

Yes, ScreenFlow allows video sharing directly to popular platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, and Dropbox. This facilitates easy and convenient sharing of your creations.

Snagit enables users to share creations directly to platforms including YouTube, Google Drive, and more, making it a fitting tool for social media enthusiasts or professionals who need to share content rapidly and efficiently.

ScreenFlow is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for individuals new to the software. Additionally, the comprehensive tutorials provided further aid in understanding the software quickly.

Absolutely. Snagit boasts an intuitive interface, enabling users to grasp its functionalities quickly. It’s relatively easy to start recording, capturing, and annotating with Snagit, regardless of your skill level.

Yes, ScreenFlow is capable of recording from multiple screens at the same time, making it a suitable choice for advanced recording needs.

No, unfortunately, Snagit does not support multi-screen recording. However, it excels in single-screen capture and provides robust editing tools to enhance your recordings.

ScreenFlow is ideally suited for a diverse range of users such as educators, marketers, vloggers, app developers, and anyone requiring high-quality screen recording and video editing on a Mac.

Snagit is widely used by professionals in different fields, including teachers, IT professionals, marketers, and bloggers. It’s also great for anyone needing to capture and share images and video from their desktop in high quality.

Both ScreenFlow and Snagit have unique strengths. ScreenFlow is a better choice for those who require advanced recording and editing features, and need to record multiple screens. Snagit fits those who need screen capture software with robust yet easy-to-use annotation tools. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Snagit is a prominent screen capture software that works well on Mac. It offers advanced image editing tools, video recording, options for capturing scrolling webpages, and text extraction functionality. Users can add annotations, highlight, blur, or magnify areas for emphasis, making it perfect for creating tutorials and presentations. Also, it provides options to share the created content directly to various platforms or cloud-based services. More information can be found on their official page.

ScreenFlow stands out with its powerful screen recording, simultaneously capturing your video camera, microphone, and computer’s audio. It’s lauded for its outstanding video editing tools, which include numerous video properties, audio filters and even a built-in stock media library. Moreover, it allows users to record from their iPhone or iPad screen for creating mobile-oriented tutorials or demos. Detailed features can be viewed on the ScreenFlow website.

Snagit is designed with an intuitive user interface, making it extremely easy for beginners to understand and navigate. On initiating the software, users are presented with a guide on various options and how to execute the tasks. Detailed information and help topics are a click away and are elaborated with screenshots and steps. The learning curve is relatively short for Snagit.

Yes, ScreenFlow is equipped with cutting-edge video editing features, such as transitions, text animations, video animations, chroma key, multi-channel audio, and more. These tools enable professionals to create and tweak videos at a detailed and precise level. The polished outputs can then be exported into various formats or shared directly to social platforms or cloud services.

Yes, the free trial version of Snagit does come with limitations. It’s available for 15 days after which you’ll need to purchase a license to continue using it. It places a watermark on the images and videos you capture. Also, support from TechSmith is limited during the trial period. Visit the official page to know more about Snagit.

Yes, ScreenFlow offers a free trial version. Users can download it from the official website to explore its features. However, this version adds a watermark to the exported videos, and purchasing the full version is necessary to remove it. Despite this limitation, the trial offers full functionality, letting users fully experience ScreenFlow’s capabilities.

Yes, Snagit comes with a unique feature known as ‘scrolling capture’, which allows the user to capture the entire webpage from top to bottom, even if it extends beyond the visible screen. This makes Snagit perfect for capturing long pages in a single high-quality image.

Indeed, ScreenFlow comes with a feature known as ‘iOS Recording’, which allows users to record the screen of their iPhone or iPad directly to the Mac, ideal for creating mobile-related tutorials or demonstrations. However, the user would need a lightning cable to connect the device to the Mac.

Running Snagit requires a Mac with OSX 10.11 or later, an Intel Processor (Core i5 or above recommended), 2 GB of RAM (4 GB or more recommended) and around 1 GB of hard-disk space for the program installation. A video capture requires more space and processing power, so a more distributed system is preferable for such tasks.

To run ScreenFlow on a Mac, one would require OSX 10.13 or later, a 64-bit Intel-based CPU, a minimum of 4 GB of RAM but 16 GB is recommended for high-resolution and quality, and around 20 GB of hard-disk space for the installation and operations. However, if you plan to work on videos a lot, additional storage will be needed.

In Snagit, after capturing the screenshot, it automatically opens in the Snagit Editor, where you can add text, arrows, shapes, and other types of annotations. It also allows users to add effects like borders, shadows, and more. After editing, the user can easily save and share the image directly.

After capturing or importing a video in ScreenFlow, the user can add transitions or effects directly from the video properties panel. Users can choose from a variety of transitions and easily apply them by dragging and dropping onto the timeline elements. For effects, adjustments can be made to parameters like brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. In other words, the software provides professional-level control to the user.

Yes, Snagit supports video capture along with audio. It means you can record your screen while simultaneously recording audio from your microphone, or from the system’s audio. This feature is particularly helpful for creating video tutorials or demonstrations, where audio narration is required.

Yes, ScreenFlow can simultaneously record audio from a microphone or from your Mac system’s audio along with capturing the video. This allows the creation of videos with live narration or system sounds, making ScreenFlow an excellent tool for creating tutorials, demonstrations or webinar recordings.

Yes, Snagit offers options to share the captured images and videos directly from the editor to platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, it also provides sharing options to various other platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and more through its output accessories.

Yes, ScreenFlow comes with a ‘publishing’ feature that allows users to directly share the finished videos on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. The user can set the resolution, quality, privacy settings and even add descriptions and tags before publishing.

Snagit is especially beneficial for creating tutorial content, thanks to features like step tool, which automatically numbers steps in a process, and a moveable text box for brief descriptions. Besides, the ability to capture both static screen images and videos walk-throughs, the function of extracting text from the screenshots, and its extensive array of annotation options make Snagit a top choice for educational content.

ScreenFlow is highly advantageous for creating educational content, owing to its top-notch video capture and editing capabilities. Features like ‘mouse callouts’, which highlight the mouse pointer, or ‘touch callouts’ for denoting taps or swipes in iOS recordings, make the actions on screen easily understandable for the viewers. Moreover, ScreenFlow also allows for captions or subtitles, making the content more accessible.

In terms of pricing, a single user license for Snagit is available at $49.95. There’s also a volume discount for buying multiple licenses. The price includes free updates for a year, but for major upgrades, a discounted upgrade price is applicable. All pricing details are available on the official Snagit store page.

For a single user license, the ScreenFlow software is priced at $129. An option to pay an extra $60 for major updates for a period of three years is also available. A bundle package that includes the Stock Media Library access for a year is priced at $175. You may visit ScreenFlow’s purchase page for more details.