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TweetDeck vs Twitter for Mac (best twitter apps for mac)

User Interface
Ease of Use
Multiple Account Management
Tweet Scheduling
Mobile App
Twitter for Mac is also free. There are no in-app purchases or premium tiers. ✔️
TweetDeck is completely free of charge. 💰 There are no premium tiers or hidden costs. 👀

Twitter for Mac🖥️ offers seamless integration with macOS and superior native UI🌐. However, it lacks advanced features. 📊

TweetDeck 🐦 shines with its powerful customization🔧 and multiple account management🔁. Its major downside is lack of a dedicated app. 📱

Twitter for Mac Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Seamless macOS integration🔄

  • Native UI🌐

  • Instant notifications🔔

  • Ease of use💡

  • Dedicated Mac app🖥️

TweetDeck Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Powerful customization🔧

  • Advanced column layout👬

  • Multiple account management🔁

  • Free to use💸

  • Built-in tools for tweet filtration🔍

  • Centralized control panel🎮

Top Cons
  • Lacks advanced features🛑

  • Ineffective multiple account management🔄

  • Limited customization options🔧

  • No tweet scheduling features📅

  • Limited notification settings🔕

  • Dependent on OS updates🔄

Top Cons
  • No dedicated mobile app📵

  • Lacks scheduling features📅

  • Limited analytics📉

  • Reliance on browser performance🌐

  • Outdated design✖️

Other best twitter apps for mac


Hootsuite provides robust functionality and comprehensive analytics📈 , but can be a bit pricey💰.


Buffer focuses on scheduled posting📅 and ease of use. It lacks full-blown analytics📉 and is somewhat expensive.💸


SocialPilot offers a wide trove of features including analytics📊 and bulk scheduling. However, its interface could be more intuitive. 🎮


TweetDeck is an official desktop application designed by Twitter. It simplifies the tracking and organization of numerous Twitter accounts in a single dashboard, offers scheduling tweets facility and more advanced functionalities.

Yes, there’s an official Twitter app known as Twitter for Mac which is created specifically to be used on macOS platform.

Users can schedule tweets for future posting right from their TweetDeck dashboard. It’s a handy feature for those who want to maintain a consistent online presence without having to manually tweet at all times of the day.

Yes, Twitter for Mac does allow users to manage and switch between multiple Twitter accounts without logging out and back in each time.

Yes, TweetDeck is available for macOS. You can download it directly from the Mac App Store.

No, TweetDeck is completely free to use on desktop.

Twitter for Mac provides all of the standard features of Twitter, including the ability to tweet, retweet, like tweets, search, and manage multiple accounts. It also has a dark mode for a more comfortable viewing experience.

While TweetDeck has many advantages, it might be a bit overwhelming for casual Twitter users due to its complex interface with multiple columns displaying information.

No, Twitter for Mac requires an active internet connection to fetch data from Twitter’s servers. You need an active Internet connection to post, like, or interact with tweets.

Yes, there are several other apps like Tweetbot and Twitterrific that you can use on Mac for accessing Twitter.

Yes, you have the flexibility to add or remove columns and adjust settings to customize your TweetDeck interface according to your preference.

The Twitter for Mac app allows you to receive notifications for mentions, direct messages, likes, retweets, new followers, and more.

TweetDeck is available on web and as a desktop application for MacOS.

Yes, Twitter for Mac does support multi-factor authentication as a part of Twitter’s security measures.

Yes, you can view trending topics in a specific column on your TweetDeck.

Yes, Twitter for Mac allows users to add emojis to their tweets.

Yes. TweetDeck is particularly effective for customer service due to its columns that can be customized to show mentions, direct messages, etc. This makes it easy to handle interactions and respond to customers promptly.

Yes, Twitter for Mac does support the use of GIFs in tweets. You can either upload one or use the integrated GIF search.

Yes, you can adjust your privacy settings on TweetDeck just like on Twitter. You can choose to have your tweets public or protected, the latter means only approved followers can see your tweets.

No, you don’t need a separate account to use Twitter for Mac. You can simply use your existing Twitter credentials to log in.

TweetDeck offers a variety of features such as the ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule tweets, create collections, and monitor realtime conversations. It also provides custom timeline views, helps to track hashtags, mentions, and much more.

No, Twitter for Mac provides a more streamlined experience, with a focus on reading and posting tweets. It lacks some of the advanced features of TweetDeck like the ability to manage multiple accounts or schedule tweets.

Yes, TweetDeck is available as a web application and can be accessed via any web browser on a Mac.

Other than TweetDeck and Twitter for Mac, other recommended apps are Hootsuite, Tweeten, and Buffer. Each has different but unique features that enhance Twitter usability.

No, TweetDeck is a free application made available by Twitter.

No, Twitter for Mac currently supports only one user account at a time.

The support interface for Twitter for Mac is Twitter Help Center.

To schedule tweets on TweetDeck, click the New Tweet button, enter your tweet, then click Schedule Tweet to set a future time and date.

The main limitation of Twitter for Mac is that it does not support managing multiple accounts or scheduling tweets.

For support and assistance with TweetDeck, refer to the TweetDeck support page on Twitter.

No, Twitter for Mac requires an internet connection to access tweets and perform other functions.

Yes, TweetDeck allows users to set up custom timelines to monitor hashtag conversations, mentions, or specific accounts.

Yes, you can import all of your Twitter lists into TweetDeck and view them as separate columns.

The Twitter for Mac application requires at least macOS 10.15 or later.

TweetDeck is typically considered more complex due to its vast array of features. Conversely, Twitter for Mac has a more simplified interface. User preference usually depends on desired features and ease of use.

Unfortunately, as of now, TweetDeck does not have a standalone iOS app; instead, it can be accessed via a web browser.

Twitter for Mac supports VoiceOver, allows customizable text size, and high contrast display settings for better visibility.

You can download Twitter for Mac from the App Store on your Macintosh computer.

Yes, you can use both applications simultaneously as they’re separate platforms.

Yes, it’s possible to delete a scheduled tweet on TweetDeck. You need to navigate to your Scheduled Tweets column, locate the tweet, and then choose to delete it from the options.