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AutoCAD for Mac vs Fusion 360 for Mac (best cad software for mac)

Ease Of Use
3D Modelling
2D Drawing
File Convertibility
Customer Support
Tutorials and Learning Resources
Cloud-Based Capabilities
Collaboration Features
Fusion 360 provides a monthly subscription at $60 per month, with a discounted yearly rate.
AutoCAD for Mac offers a yearly subscription, with pricing starting at $1,690 per year.

Fusion 360 for Mac takes CAD to the next level with it’s full-feature suite and cloud-based design capabilities. Ideal choice for working from anywhere.🌍💻

AutoCAD for Mac💻 offers top-of-the-line CAD software for Mac, excellent for professionals 👷‍♂️ and high-skilled designers. It’s price might be steep for some, though.💲

Fusion 360 for Mac Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Full-feature suite🔥

  • Cloud-based design🌥️

  • Supports simulations🎮

  • User-friendly

  • Extensive learning resources📚

AutoCAD for Mac Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Easy to use👌

  • Excellent 3D and 2D capabilities✍

  • Industry standard for CAD

  • Vast range of supported file formats📂

  • Good customer support📞

  • Extensive learning resources📚

Top Cons
  • Complex for beginners🌪️

  • 3D printing could be improved🖨️

  • Monthly subscription costs💵

  • Requires good internet for cloud-based features🌐

  • Limited offline functionality🚫

  • Needs regular updates

Top Cons
  • Expensive💰

  • Can be complex for beginners🌪️

  • Lacks some collaboration features🚫

  • Not fully cloud-based

  • Requires high performance hardware💻

Other best cad software for mac


For beginners and casual users, SketchUp for Mac provides an easy-to-learn, intuitive interface. However, it might lack advanced features.🎈🙌


LibreCAD provides a no-cost solution for 2D CAD💸, though lack of 3D features limits its use for more complex projects.🌈


For open source seekers, FreeCAD covers it all. It might lack polish, but anyone who needs freedom and adaptability, this one is a catch 🎉🚀


The optimal CAD software for a Mac is AutoCAD for Mac and Fusion 360 for Mac. They offer advanced features, user-friendliness, and great compatibility, which stands out them among other options.

Both AutoCAD for Mac and Fusion 360 for Mac are ideal for professional use. AutoCAD is widely used in architecture and engineering. Fusion 360 also integrates the entire product development process in one software. Your choice might depend on your specific requirements.

No, AutoCAD for Mac is not free. It is a commercial product, but Autodesk does offer a free 1-year educational version for eligible students and educators.

Yes, Fusion 360 for Mac offers a free trial which enables users to evaluate its features before purchasing the full version.

You can install AutoCAD for Mac by downloading the installer from the Autodesk website, running it, following the prompts, and using your purchased license to activate it.

Yes, Fusion 360 for Mac is a cloud-based platform, meaning can be accessed from anywhere and allows for easier collaboration among team members.

Yes, AutoCAD for Mac supports 3D modeling, allowing users to build and visualize their projects in three dimensions.

While you may be able to run Fusion 360 for Mac on older Mac devices, it is designed for newer Macs with more computing power to fully utilize its advanced features.

AutoCAD for Mac does have a learning curve, especially for those new to CAD software. However, Autodesk provides excellent learning resources and tutorials to help users become proficient.

Fusion 360 for Mac is best suited for projects involving product design, mechanical engineering, and 3D printing, thanks to its comprehensive suite of design tools.

Yes, Fusion 360 for Mac supports a variety of simulations, including stress tests, thermal and fluid dynamics, and motion studies, which help users optimize their designs.

Indeed, AutoCAD for Mac is suitable for interior design. It’s favored by interior designers for its precise dimensioning capabilities and extensive collection of design tools.

Yes, Fusion 360 for Mac supports freeform modeling, allowing users to create complex and organic shapes with an intuitive set of modeling tools.

Yes, once you purchase AutoCAD for Mac, Autodesk extends comprehensive customer support to help you resolve any issues you may encounter.

Absolutely, beyond Mac, Fusion 360 is also available on Windows and it provides seamless file compatibility across different operating systems.

Yes, AutoCAD for Mac supports importing files from a wide range of other CAD software, allowing for greater flexibility and collaboration.

Yes, Fusion 360 for Mac provides a library of ready-to-use components, making it easier to build designs without having to create every part from scratch.

Yes, using the ‘Share Design View’ feature in AutoCAD for Mac, users can publish and share their designs directly from the software.

While no special hardware is required to use Fusion 360 for Mac, a powerful computer with a good graphics card will improve software performance, especially when working with complex designs.

Autodesk generally updates AutoCAD for Mac annually, introducing new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance the user experience.

Among the best-rated CAD software for Mac users are AutoCAD for Mac and Fusion 360 for Mac. Both offer powerful features and functionalities that are particularly suitable for design and engineering professionals.

AutoCAD for Mac is a highly versatile CAD tool developed by Autodesk. It’s designed to help users visualize and scale item models, create blueprints, and design everything from buildings to manufactured products.

Yes, AutoCAD for Mac is available for direct download and installation from the Autodesk website.

AutoCAD for Mac offers an extensive set of features including 3D modeling, 2D drafting, digital prototyping, annotation scaling, layer properties per viewport, photo-realistic rendering and, many more.

AutoCAD for Mac allows for seamless compatibility with other Autodesk software and third-party applications, making it easier to integrate your design workflow.

Yes, AutoCAD for Mac is a premium software that requires either a monthly or annual subscription. Details can be accessed here.

Fusion 360 is another excellent CAD software developed by Autodesk. It is a cloud-based 3D design and manufacturing tool that offers an integrated solution from product development to fabrication.

Indeed, one of the major advantages of Fusion 360 for Mac is its cloud-based capabilities. This allows for seamless collaboration, synchronization, and file sharing among team members, irrespective of location.

Fusion 360 for Mac can be easily purchased and downloaded from the Autodesk website.

Fusion 360 for Mac offers a wide range of functionalities such as 3D modeling, simulation, documentation, rendering, and collaboration tools, among others. This makes it a comprehensive solution for any project lifecycle.

Yes, Fusion 360 for Mac integrates well with other Autodesk tools as well as with a host of third-party software. This enables a streamlined and efficient design process.

Yes, Fusion 360 for Mac comes with a subscription plan. You can choose between a monthly or a yearly subscription, depending on your preference and requirements. Pricing details can be accessed here.

Fusion 360 for Mac is suitable for a wide range of professionals, including product designers, mechanical engineers, fabricators, and even hobbyists who have a knack for design and innovation.

Yes, Autodesk provides a free trial for both AutoCAD for Mac and Fusion 360 for Mac. You can check this on their official website.

Indeed, both AutoCAD for Mac and Fusion 360 for Mac are recommended for students, educators, and academic institutions due to their comprehensive features and intuitive interfaces.

Yes, Autodesk offers a variety of tutorials and learning materials for both AutoCAD for Mac and Fusion 360 for Mac. These tutorials can be found on Autodesk’s education homepage.

Both softwares have specific system requirements for optimum performance. You can check the system requirements for AutoCAD for Mac here and for Fusion 360 for Mac here.

Autodesk regularly updates its software to provide users with the most current features and advancements. Users can check the Autodesk support page for the latest updates on their softwares.

While AutoCAD for Mac is a desktop application and thus can function offline, Fusion 360 for Mac is a cloud-based tool. Nonetheless, Fusion 360 does offer limited offline capabilities for design and modeling tasks.