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GIMP vs PhotoScape X (best free photo editing software mac)

Ease of Use
Editing Tools
Effects & Filters
Custom Brushes
Batch Edit
RAW Files
Collage Maker
Mobile App
GIMP 💻 is a free, open-source software without any cost associated. Free as a bird! 🕊️
PhotoScape X 💥 offers both a free version and a ‘Pro’ version for $39.99 (one-time payment). 🎈

GIMP 🔥 is ideal for advanced users seeking a robust 🏗️ open-source photo editor.👩‍💻

PhotoScape X 💎 offers great tools for batch editing and creating gifs. A gem for beginners!🌟

GIMP Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Open-source 🔓 and customizable 👐 interfaces

  • Advanced editing tools 🛠️

  • Supports layers and custom brushes 🖌️

  • Edits RAW files 📂

  • Strong user community for support 👥

PhotoScape X Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • User-friendly interface 🙌

  • Great for batch editing and creating gifs 🎞️

  • Decent selection of editing tools and filters 🎨

  • Offers a collage maker 💡

  • Good for beginners 🌱

Top Cons
  • Steep learning curve ⛰️

  • Limited effects and filters 🌈

  • Lacks a collage maker ❌

  • Limited customer support 🤷

  • No mobile app 📵

Top Cons
  • Less advanced editing tools 🛠️

  • Fewer custom brushes 🖌️

  • No support for RAW files 📂

  • Does not support layers ❌

  • No mobile app 📵

Other best free photo editing software mac


Fotor 🌈 is easy and intuitive to use, being perfect for simple editing tasks and collage making.👌


Adobe Photoshop Express 🦉 offers reliable, quick editing solutions for those on the go. 🏃‍♀️


Pixlr X ✨ provides streamlined, layered editing in a simple interface, suitable for any user level 👍.


Some highly recommended free photo editing software for Mac users include GIMP, PhotoScape X, Pixlr X, Canva and Paintbrush.

Absolutely, GIMP is often considered to be a free alternative to expensive software like Adobe Photoshop. It offers a wide range of professional features that are perfect for advanced image editing tasks.

PhotoScape X offers an impressive range of features, including an innovative combination of photo editing and graphic design capabilities. It’s especially known for its user-friendly interface and a wide selection of filters and effects.

Indeed, GIMP is a cross-platform software available not only for Mac users but also for Windows and GNU/Linux users.

With PhotoScape X, you can edit nearly every type of photo, whether it’s a portrait, landscape, nature photo, or even a digital art project.

While GIMP’s advanced features can be overwhelming at first, there are numerous beginner-friendly guides and tutorials available on the GIMP official website that aid in the learning process.

PhotoScape X provides numerous attractive features such as a photo viewer, editor, batch editor, page creator, gif animation, and color picker.

Yes, GIMP supports layers, masks, and blending modes. This allows for advanced editing tactics which are a staple in professional editing workflows.

PhotoScape X is compatible with MacOS X version 10.12 or later and Windows 10.

Absolutely. GIMP is not only for photo editing but also great for graphic designers. It includes tools for design elements like logos, icons, web graphic elements and art for user interface components.

Definitely. PhotoScape X is one of the most highly rated free photo editing software among Mac users for its user-friendly interface and robust editing features.

Yes, GIMP supports RAW format using a plug-in called UFRaw. This feature is greatly appreciated by photographers who frequently work with high-quality images.

Definitely. PhotoScape X offers a variety of color correction tools such as curve, levels, and color balance to adjust the overall color of your image according to your preferences.

Certainly. GIMP is highly customizable according to user-preference. You can add new tabs, dockable dialogs and rearrange tools in the toolbox.

Indeed, PhotoScape X provides customer support on its website. Users can access tutorials, FAQ and support forms for more help.

Certainly. Using GIMP, you can enhance your photos by correcting distortion, sharpness, colors, illumination and much more using a wide range of tools and filters.

Yes, PhotoScape X has a dedicated feature to create GIFs from a series of photos or video frames.

Yes, GIMP does provide templates. In addition, users can also create and save their own custom templates for future use.

Of course. PhotoScape X provides an easy-to-use tool for creating collages, photo mosaics, and posters from multiple photos.

Yes, with GIMP, users can apply numerous enhancements to portraits, including ‘healing’ to remove blemishes, ‘dodge and burn’ to bring focus, and ‘smudge’ to smooth skin tones.

One of the best free photo editing software options for Mac is GIMP. It’s a versatile and powerful program that offers a vast range of tools and features for photo retouching and editing.

The GIMP software brings in an array of features, such as layer editing, color adjustment, effects and filters, and advanced selection tools. It also supports multiple file formats and can be extended with various plug-ins.

Absolutely, GIMP can be used for professional photo editing. Its advanced features and ability to add plugins can cater to a variety of editing needs, from basic touch-ups to complex image manipulations.

While GIMP does offer a steep learning curve due to its advanced features, it provides detailed tutorials and user guides on their website, making it easier for beginners to understand the software.

Yes, GIMP does support RAW images. However, it needs a separate RAW converter like UFRaw or Darktable for processing these files before they can be edited.

Definitely, PhotoScape X is another excellent free photo editing software option for Mac. It’s lauded for its user-friendly interface along with the combination of powerful features and simple tools.

One of the unique things about PhotoScape X is its all-in-one editor, viewer, and batch processor. Other features include split-toning, montages, gifs, and more. And it is particularly known for its easy-to-use collage function.

PhotoScape X is indeed beginner-friendly as the interface is highly intuitive. It also provides helpful tooltips for its options, making the learning process less intimidating for beginners.

Yes, while PhotoScape X is user-friendly and excellent for beginners, it also offers advanced options like curves and levels adjustments, lens and color corrections, among others.

Yes, PhotoScape X does support RAW image editing. However, this feature is only available with the Pro version of the software.

The Pro versions of both GIMP and PhotoScape X offer more advanced tools and features that can be well worth the upgrade if you’re a professional photographer or require more intricate editing features.

Other free photo editing software options for Mac include Darktable and Paint.NET. These are also powerful tools with various features, suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Yes, both PhotoScape X and GIMP are cross-platform software, which means they can work on multiple operating systems including Windows and Linux as well.

You can download GIMP from its official website, and PhotoScape X from the official site.

Both GIMP and PhotoScape X have extensive tutorials and guides on their official websites. User communities also contribute to various online tutorials and forums to assist beginners.

Both GIMP and PhotoScape X use non-destructive editing processes, meaning your original photo remains untouched and all changes can be undone.

Both PhotoScape X and GIMP offer a print function that lets you print your edited photos directly from the software.

Yes, both GIMP and PhotoScape X regularly update their software to introduce new features, fix bugs, and improve user experience.

Yes, both GIMP and PhotoScape X support batch editing, which allows for editing multiple photos at once, saving time and effort.

GIMP and PhotoScape X support a variety of image formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF. They also allow you to save files in their own format so you can edit them later without losing any changes.