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YNAB (You Need A Budget) vs Mint (best budget software for mac)

User Interface
Budgeting Tools
Bill Pay Reminders
Currency Support
Investment Tracking
Expense Tracking
Importing & Syncing
Reporting Tools
Customer Support
YNAB charges a subscription fee of $11.99 per month, or $84 annually. It does not offer a free plan. 💸💸
Mint is free to use! However, it makes money via targeted offers to users and showing the occasional ad. 🆓😄

YNAB’s strength lies in its unique budgeting system 💪. It’s a top choice for dedicated budgeters, but requires a subscription 📝💸.

Mint offers a varied selection of tools 🛠️, including bill pay reminders 👍, and it’s free! But its budgeting tools aren’t as comprehensive as YNAB’s 👀.

YNAB (You Need A Budget) Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • User-friendly 👍

  • Detailed budgeting tools ⚙️

  • Clear financial reports 📊

  • Helpful learning resources 🎓

  • Can handle investments 💰

Mint Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Great user interface 😀

  • Free to use 🙌

  • Good bill pay reminder 📝

  • Simple expense tracking 🕵️

  • Access to credit scores 💳

  • Decent syncing capabilities 🔄

Top Cons
  • Monthly subscription fee 💸

  • No bill pay feature 😥

  • Limited currency support 🌐

  • Must be online to use 💻

  • Takes time to learn 😅

  • No tax tracking feature 🚫

Top Cons
  • Some ads 🚫

  • Budgeting tools could be better 💭

  • Limited investment tracking 📉

  • Customer service could be improved 👋

  • Some issues with account syncing 🔄

Other best budget software for mac


QuickBooks, although a more enterprise-level solution, offers an excellent organization system 💼👌. It’s a pricier option 💰.


Banktivity offers a wealth of features and strong reporting tools 📊. It can be costly to get the full suite of features 💵.


Moneydance is good for budgeting and has fantastic support for multiple currencies 💱. However, it’s a paid software with a less intuitive UI 😅.


In terms of budget software compatible with Mac devices, some top-notch options include YNAB (You Need A Budget) and Mint. These software platforms allow users to efficiently manage their finances.

YNAB, or You Need A Budget, is a top-rated budgeting app that encourages users to give every dollar a job, thus helping them to more effectively manage their finances. It offers a variety of features such as personal support, a goal-tracking option, and powerful reports that illustrate your spending and saving.

Mint is a comprehensive budget software that allows users to create budgets, track investments, and manage bills. Another perk of Mint is its credit score feature, which provides insights about your credit score and advice about managing it more effectively.

YNAB is compatible with multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. You can use it on your Mac or sync it with different devices to manage your budget on the go.

Mint is widely accessible through various platforms, including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Mobile access provides convenience for users who prefer budgeting on the go.

Yes, YNAB offers a free 34-day trial period. This offers potential users an ample amount of time to explore YNAB’s features and determine if it meets their financial management needs.

Yes, Mint is completely free. Users can enjoy all the features without worrying about subscription fees.

YNAB takes data security seriously. It employs data encryption, third-party audits, and secure data centers to ensure users’ financial information is protected.

Mint also prioritizes user security. Data encryption, multiple layers of security, and user verification are some of the methods Mint uses to protect individual user data.

No, YNAB operates on a subscription model. After the 34-day free trial, users are required to pay for the service on a monthly or annual basis.

Yes, Mint has the functionality to link with your bank account and other financial accounts. This allows Mint to automatically update and categorize your transactions.

Yes, YNAB takes pride in offering excellent customer support. They have a knowledgeable support team ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

Mint provides solid customer service as well through its Help Center, giving users access to a comprehensive knowledge base and the ability to submit requests for further assistance.

Yes, YNAB offers abundant educational resources, including free online workshops, budgeting advice, and guidance on how to get out of debt.

Mint‘s preventive alerts feature sends users reminders about upcoming bills, low funds, and unusual spending to help manage fiscal responsibilities and avoid unwanted expenses.

While YNAB is primarily designed for U.S. users, it can handle different currencies; however, it doesn’t convert currency or offer exchange rates.

Yes, one of the powerful features of Mint is its ability to track and manage your investments, offering a holistic view of your financial outlook.

Yes, YNAB provides insightful reports that illustrate your spending habits, allowing you to pinpoint problem areas and plan accordingly.

Yes, an exceptional feature of Mint is its free credit score monitoring and management advice, providing users a more comprehensive look at their financial health.

Yes, YNAB supports joint budgeting, making it a useful tool for couples and households to effectively manage shared finances.

YNAB is accessible to Mac users at an annual subscription price of $84, or a monthly fee of $11.99. Visit their pricing page for more.

Mint offers a range of features including budget creation, expense tracking, bill reminders, free credit score access, and investment tracking. Visit the Mint website for complete details.

To start using YNAB, first, download the YNAB app from the Mac App Store. Open the YNAB app, sign up for an account, and start creating a budget based on your income and expenses. YNAB offers thorough guides that make the process straightforward for beginners.

Yes, Mint’s budgeting service is completely free to use on macOS, there is no trial period. Check out more about their free services on the Mint website.

Yes, YNAB provides the ability to connect and import data directly from various bank accounts to your YNAB budget. Read more about this on YNAB’s File-Based Importing page.

Yes, Mint incorporates a bill reminder feature within its budgeting software. Users can set reminders for upcoming bills and avoid any overdue payments. Mint’s bill management feature provides more information.

YNAB is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The interface is clean, intuitive, and the platform offers comprehensive documentation for users needing additional guidance.

No, Mint requires an Internet connection as it syncs data from user’s connected financial accounts in real-time. More on this can be found on their help page.

Yes, YNAB ensures regular software updates to improve functionality and address any issues. These updates are automatically installed when connected to the Internet.

Yes, Mint allows users to create customizable budgets according to their income and expenditure patterns. More about this can be found on their budgeting page.

YNAB offers extensive customer support to Mac users through email. They also provide comprehensive guides and resources on their help page.

Mint uses robust security measures such as multi-factor authentication and high-level encryption to protect user data. Find more about their security on the Mint security page.

Yes, YNAB offers cross-platform compatibility and can be synced with iOS devices such as iPhone and iPads. Further information can be found on their download page.

Yes, Mint offers investment tracking on its platform. Users can easily track their investments and view performance over time. Check out the How Mint Works section for more information.

Yes, YNAB provides the flexibility to manage multiple budgets on the same account. Additional details can be found on their Multiple Budgets management page.

Yes, Mint includes various features focused on debt management, such as tracking spendings, creating budgets, and setting goals to reduce debt. More information can be obtained from the how mint helps manage bills section.

Yes, YNAB provides a variety of tutorials and videos to guide its users. You can access these resources from their learn page.

No, Mint currently only supports US and Canadian financial institutions. This information is available in Mint’s help section.

YNAB uses state-of-the-art data encryption and secure servers to protect user data. In addition, they regularly audit their systems and processes. Find detailed information on their security page.

Yes, Mint provides a feature that allows users to set and track savings goals. This can help in achieving financial objectives over time. Read more about this on Mint’s goals creation page.