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Apple Logic Pro X vs Ableton Live (best music recording software for mac)

User Interface
Sound Quality
Provided Instruments
Virtual Session Player
MIDI Editing
Mixing and Mastering
Plugins and Effects
Customer Support
Ableton Live offers three pricing levels: Intro ($99), Standard ($449), and Suite ($749). Monthly payment plans available.
Apple doesn’t offer a monthly payment plan. Logic Pro X is a one-time purchase of $199

Ableton Live: An excellent DAW with live performance capabilities⚡. More flexible pricing💰, but a steeper learning curve🧗.

Apple Logic Pro X: A high-powered, sophisticated music-making tool🎛️. Best for pros with ❤️ for Apple products, but less wallet-friendly💸.

Ableton Live Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Best for live performances🎸

  • Flexible workflow🔄

  • Strong MIDI capabilities📀

  • Great suite of plugins and effects⚡

  • Continuous updates and improvements🚀

Apple Logic Pro X Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Great for professionals👨‍💼

  • Intuitive interface👌

  • Impressive sound library🎹

  • Strong editing tools🔧

  • Robust mixing and mastering🎛️

  • Seamless Apple integration🍏

Top Cons
  • Steep learning curve🧗

  • Less friendly user interface😖

  • Lesser quality of native instruments🎵

  • Limited audio recording and editing functionalities🔇

  • Pricey for standard and suite versions💰

  • Requires high system resources💻

Top Cons
  • Pricey💸

  • Limited to MacOS🍏

  • Can be overwhelming for beginners😵

  • Requires substantial storage💾

  • Some potential issues with third-party plugins❌

Other best music recording software for mac


GarageBand: A heart for beginners👶. Super affordable (Free!)🤑, but with more limited features🎚️.


Cubase Pro: A professional-grade software with a full range of features. Slightly expensive but well worth the investment💡


FL Studio: A DAW that offers lifetime free updates – a solid package for beginners and pros. Its UI can be a bit overwhelming.


The top-rated music recording software for Mac includes Apple Logic Pro X and Ableton Live. These applications offer robust features such as comprehensive audio editing, multi-track recording, and virtual instruments.

Apple Logic Pro X provides a comprehensive professional studio environment for music production. Its wide range of functions include an intuitive user interface, expansive sound library, powerful plug-ins, and smart controls.

Ableton Live is unique with its dual-view interface that includes both a classic vertical timeline view and a session view for improvising, playing, and performing with musical ideas. It’s well known for live performances, and its ‘Live’ name comes from there.

While Logic Pro X has a slight learning curve due to its extensive suite of options, it offers a variety of tutorials to help beginners master the software. The platform also features an intuitive interface that streamlines the music creation process.

Ableton Live provides excellent integration with other software and hardware instruments. It offers compatibility with a variety of MIDI controllers, external audio interfaces and supports VST and AU plugins. This flexibility makes Ableton Live a versatile tool for music production.

Yes, Logic Pro X is an excellent choice for professional music producers. Its suite of powerful tools and extensive sound library provide the functionality and versatility needed for high-level music production.

Yes, Ableton Live is specifically designed for live performances. It enables users to improvise, play and seamlessly switch between different musical ideas, making it a popular choice for DJs and live performers.

Logic Pro X offers additional features like Smart Tempo, which matches the timing of your tracks, and Flex Time, allowing you to manipulate the timing and tempo of your recording. It also includes a virtual drummer and comprehensive mixing and automation features.

Yes, Ableton Live offers comprehensive MIDI support. It lets you record and edit MIDI data, and comes with a variety of inbuilt MIDI effects. It also supports MIDI mapping and is compatible with most MIDI controllers.

Logic Pro X is compatible with Mac systems running macOS 10.15.7 or later. It’s always best to check the system requirements on Apple’s official website to ensure compatibility with your specific device.

Ableton Live provides some video handling capabilities, making it possible to import, view, and export video. This makes the software suitable for scoring to video or creating audio-visual effects for performances.

Logic Pro X is priced at $199.99 on the Mac App Store. It also offers a 90-day free trial for users who wish to test the software before purchasing.

The price of Ableton Live varies depending on the edition. The Intro version costs $99, Standard is priced at $449, and the Suite version costs $749. More pricing details can be found on the Ableton website.

Yes, there are numerous online tutorials available to help users master Logic Pro X. Apple’s official website offers a variety of user guides and video tutorials to assist with the learning process.

Ableton provides comprehensive video tutorials on their official website. Additionally, there are numerous user-created tutorials available online that can be found with a quick search.

Yes, Logic Pro X supports third-party Audio Units (AU) plug-ins, expanding the range of available sounds and effects.

Yes, in Ableton Live, you can create custom instruments using the Instrument Rack tool, which allows you to layer several instruments and effects together, and map their parameters to your MIDI controller.

Logic Pro X users can access support via Apple’s official support page, which includes guides, tutorials, and community forums. In case of technical issues, Apple’s customer support team is also available.

Users of Ableton Live can access a variety of online resources for support. Ableton’s official support site offers help articles, FAQs, tutorials, and an active community forum. In case of technical problems, users can also contact Ableton’s support team.

Both Logic Pro X and Ableton Live provide free updates for users who have purchased the software. These updates often include new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. They can be downloaded directly from the software or from the respective official websites.

Apple Logic Pro X streamlines the entire process of music production on a Mac, perfectly suiting the needs of professionals and beginners alike. Its powerful features include a comprehensive sound library with a range of instruments and voice samples, flexible tools for manipulating recordings, audio mixing and mastering capabilities, and seamless integration with other Apple devices and software.

Yes, Apple Logic Pro X fully supports MIDI input, which allows users to record virtual instruments using a MIDI controller. You can easily edit the recorded MIDI data afterward.

Absolutely, Ableton Live runs smoothly on Mac systems. It is optimized for both Mac and Windows, providing a seamless recording experience for users of either operating system.

Ableton Live stands out with its non-linear approach to music recording and production, allowing you to create live performances by combining different music clips. It also features advanced warping and time-stretching capabilities, which make it a versatile tool for both music composition and live performances.

Both Apple Logic Pro X and Ableton Live are user-friendly and cater to both beginners and professionals. Logic Pro X might be slightly more intuitive for first-time users due to its interface design, but Ableton Live is equally accessible once you’re familiar with its unique workflow. It is advisable to try both and see which one resonates with your music production needs.

To record vocals in Apple Logic Pro X, you need to first create a new Audio Track in your project. Then, ensure your microphone is securely connected and selected as the input source. Once this setup is complete, you can press the record button to start recording your vocals.

Yes, Ableton Live supports both its native plugins and VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins, giving users an array of choices for music production. It allows you to easily incorporate third-party synthesisers, effect units, and other music software directly into your Ableton Live workflow.

Yes, there are several online platforms offering courses and tutorials to master Apple Logic Pro X. For instance, the official Logic Pro X website has a user manual and various resources to help you efficiently navigate the software.

Absolutely. Ableton Live is specifically designed to cater to the needs of live music performances. It provides an intuitive interface that allows the musician to trigger tracks, loops, effects, and more with just a few clicks, making it perfect for live on-stage improvisation.

Yes, Apple Logic Pro X indeed supports multi-track recording. This allows users to record multiple instrument or vocal tracks simultaneously, providing a simpler platform to compile multiple sounds into one song.

While Ableton Live is renowned for its uniqueness and impressive capabilities, it does have a few limitations. For instance, it may not be the best choice for classical music producers due to its focus on electronic and loop-based music. Its interface can also be overwhelming for absolute beginners.

Yes. In addition to providing a user manual and a variety of online resources, Apple Logic Pro X also provides dedicated customer service that can tackle specific questions or technical issues that users may encounter.

You’re in luck. The official Ableton Live website offers a comprehensive series of tutorial videos, helping you better understand how to use the software and capitalize on its features and capabilities.

Yes, Apple Logic Pro X comes equipped with a variety of built-in sound effect options, which can be applied to add depth and character to your music tracks.

Absolutely, Ableton Live can connect and work seamlessly with a wide range of external MIDI controllers. The software’s MIDI mapping function allows you to assign specific controls to your controller’s knobs, buttons, or keys.

Definitely. Apple Logic Pro X boasts powerful mastering tools and features that you can use to tweak your tracks to perfection, including EQ effects, compression, and limiting tools. It also provides professionally designed presets to give you a quick starting point for your master tracks.

Yes, with the use of third-party tools like JACK or SoundFlower, Ableton Live can handle several input and output audio interfaces at once. This enables more advanced routing options for your audio signals.

The performance of Apple Logic Pro X is largely influenced by your computer’s processing power and available storage space. While it can run on most modern Mac systems, a more powerful machine will allow for smoother operation and the handling of larger, more demanding projects.

Certainly, Ableton Live comes loaded with an extensive array of professional-quality loops and samples, which users can freely use. This, combined with its unique warping capabilities, greatly aids in the creation of original music pieces.

Yes, you can export your projects in various formats from Apple Logic Pro X and share them on other platforms. You can also use the built-in feature to share your work directly to SoundCloud or Apple Music’s Connect.