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VLC Media Player vs MPlayerX (best free mac software)

Ease of use
Playback Quality
Supported Formats
The VLC Media Player is free and open-source software. Contributions and donations are encouraged for its development. 💁‍♂️
MPlayerX is also free to use. They do accept donations to support ongoing development of the application. 🙏

👏 VLC Media Player is a solid, 💪 robust choice with wide-ranging compatibility for assorted file formats. 🌐 It’s customizable but can be a bit technical. 😅

MPlayerX 😎 offers a wide range of features, but it’s not as widely compatible as VLC. 🧐 High-quality video playback is top-notch though. 👍

VLC Media Player Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 💼 Supports many formats

  • 💪 Robust and solid

  • 💡 Customizable

  • 🔎 Plays damaged files

  • 💻 Cross-platform

MPlayerX Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 🎥 High-quality video playback

  • 👌 Easy to use

  • 🔄 Plays Where You Left Off

  • 💡 Lightweight software

  • 😇 Intuitive touchscreen controls

  • 🤑 Free to use

Top Cons
  • 😕 Complex options

  • 😓 Largely relies on community support

  • 📚 Steep learning curve

  • 😬 Interface is outdated

  • 🔄 No play-where-you-left-off

  • 😱 Not very novice-friendly

Top Cons
  • 🔣 Incomplete format support

  • 🕵️‍♂️ No extensive customer support

  • 😕 Limited customization

  • ⚠️ Trips over complex video codecs occasionally

  • 😬 Interface is not customizable

Other best free mac software


UmPlayer makes 🎥 playing tricky formats simple and easy, but it’s not always stable. 😕 The UI is intuitive, though! 👌


Elmedia Player 💼 is a professional-grade media player with sophisticated features. It offers high-quality streaming but can be heavy on system resources. 😱


5KPlayer 🏆 excels in playing 4K, 5K and 8K videos. It’s also capable of downloading online videos, but the interface can be clunky. 🤔


There are many excellent free software options for Mac. Three to consider include VLC Media Player, known for its versatility and compatibility, MPlayerX, a robust video player, and iWork suite by Apple for productivity needs.

Yes, VLC Media Player is fully compatible with Mac systems. It can be downloaded directly from the official VLC website.

The ability to support a wide array of media formats is one of the key features that sets VLC Media Player apart from others.

Yes, similar to VLC, MPlayerX also offers support for a plethora of media formats, making it highly versatile.

Yes, MPlayerX provides an option to control the software remotely, offering a seamless user experience.

Yes, MPlayerX is compatible with macOS Catalina and other popular versions of Mac operating systems.

VLC Media Player excels in playing high-definition videos smoothly, without taxing your Mac’s system resources excessively.

Yes, MPlayerX offers robust subtitle support, allowing users to load external subtitle files in various formats.

As a reputable platform, VLC Media Player is considered safe to use. However, always ensure to download it from the official VLC website to avoid any security risks.

No, both VLC Media Player and MPlayerX are free, and all their updates are also totally free for users.

Yes, VLC Media Player offers several options for customization, allowing users to change the interface and functionality according to their preferences.

Yes, MPlayerX also offers a number of customizable settings, enabling a user-friendly experience for each person based on their requirements.

The user interface of VLC Media Player is clean, intuitive, and fairly easy to navigate, making it suitable for users of all skill levels.

Similar to VLC, the user interface of MPlayerX is user-friendly, with straightforward navigation for ease of use.

VLC Media Player does indeed support streaming from a variety of platforms, making it a versatile solution for consuming different types of content.

Yes, MPlayerX can also handle streaming content, making it a versatile choice among other media players.

Yes, VLC Media Player allows for various audio adjustments, including an equalizer and synchronization control, among others.

Absolutely, MPlayerX also offers options for audio adjustment to suit user preferences for optimal audio experience.

Yes, VLC Media Player can easily play content from DVDs and CDs, making it a one-stop solution for all media viewing needs on Mac.

Yes, MPlayerX also supports playback from DVDs and CDs, further enhancing its value as a comprehensive media player.

Available free software for Mac includes options like VLC Media Player for multimedia playback, MPlayerX also for video playing, and other programs such as Gimp for image editing, Atom for code editing, and Libre Office for document management.

VLC Media Player, developed by the VideoLAN project, is a highly portable multimedia player that can play various audio and video formats, as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

You can download VLC Media Player for Mac from the official VideoLAN website through this link here:

MPlayerX provides a smooth and easy-to-use platform that plays almost all video and music formats, providing users with excellent subtitle support and no codec downloads required.

MPlayerX can be downloaded for Mac from the official website at this link:

The VLC Media Player is popular among Mac users due to its extensive list of compatible formats, user-friendly interface, and customizable options. Furthermore, its ability to stream video content online is an additional benefit.

While VLC Media Player has many pros, some users have reported slow boot times and occasional glitches during video playback. However, for the vast majority of users, these issues are infrequent and minor.

MPlayerX stands out for its simplicity, its ability to remember the playing position of your previous media items, and its automatic subtitle downloads and matching from

One common criticism of MPlayerX is that it sometimes struggles with larger video files. Also, some users report occasional crashes, although updates and patches are continuously released to address these issues.

Yes, VLC Media Player is a cross-platform software, which means it is also available for Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Unfortunately, MPlayerX is designed specifically for Mac. It isn’t compatible with Windows, Linux or other operating systems.

Yes, VLC Media Player can comfortably play high-resolution videos, including 4K and 8K footage, thanks to its advanced hardware decoding.

Yes, MPlayerX also supports high-definition video playback, giving you a high-quality viewing experience.

VLC Media Player allows users to customize the interface to some extent. You can choose from different themes, adjust the toolbox layout and even toggle the visible controls according to your preference.

In contrast to other media players, MPlayerX provides limited customization options. Its design is focused on minimalism to make it simple and straightforward to use.

Yes, one of the key benefits of VLC Media Player is its wide-ranging multilingual support. It is available in more than 40 languages, making it user-friendly for a global audience.

MPlayerX also offers multilingual support, providing users the comfort of using the application in their preferred language.

The VLC Media Player team frequently issues updates to improve functionality, add new features, and patch any potential security issues, ensuring that it remains one of the best free media players on the market.

Even though MPlayerX doesn’t receive updates as frequently as some other softwares, the updates it does receive tend to offer significant improvements and new features.

Yes, VLC Media Player supports multiple subtitle formats and gives you control over text size, font, and color. It also allows delay adjustment for sync with audio.

Yes, MPlayerX provides support for subtitles. Moreover, MPlayerX automatically searches and downloads suitable subtitles for your movies from