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Norton vs Bitdefender (best anti virus software for mac)

Malware Protection
Customer Support
Extra Features
Privacy Policy
VPN provider
Parental Controls
Real-time Protection
Bitdefender offers plans ranging from $6.99/month to $19.99/month, each catering to different needs 💰🔀.
Norton’s pricing ranges from $14.99/month to $34.99/month with variations in feature set 💸🔄.

Bitdefender boasts stellar malware detection rates 🎯, packed with features to ensure safe browsing 👍💻.

No-one beats Norton when it comes to overall protection 🛡️😊 and resource efficiency 👌✨.

Bitdefender Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Effective malware detection 🎯🔍

  • Packed with advanced features 📦💡

  • Ease of use – even for newbies 👶🖱️

  • Good value for money 💰✅

  • Respectable privacy policy 👍🔏

Norton Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Robust security feature set 💪🔒

  • Low performance impact 👌💨

  • Clear and user-friendly interface 🌈👀

  • Excellent customer support 🤝📞

  • Great real-time protection 🛡️⌛

  • Respectful privacy policy 👍🔏

Top Cons
  • Customer support could be better 🤝👎

  • Parental controls seem lacking 👪🆘

  • VPN provider not the best 🌐❌

  • Advanced users may want more control 🧑‍💻👎

  • No free option 🆓❌

  • Could use more customization options 🛠️🔄

Top Cons
  • A bit pricey 💸😔

  • Limited VPN provider 🌐❌

  • Parental control features could be better 👪🆘

  • Not the best for advanced users 🧑‍💻👎

  • No free option 🆓❌

Other best anti virus software for mac


Kaspersky offers solid protection, but shines with its extra features like VPN and parental control 👪🔒.


McAfee covers unlimited devices, making it great for large families or businesses 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💼.


Sophos integrates well with business operations providing excellent remote management capabilities 🏢🌐.


The Norton antivirus software offers comprehensive protection to your Mac by safeguarding it against various online threats, phishing attacks, and malware. Its system impact is minimal and it regularly updates its virus definitions so it can effectively handle new threats. Norton also provides an integrated VPN for secure browsing and webcam protection for added safety.

Bitdefender ensures robust protection for Mac users with its multi-layer ransomware protection, safe files feature, and adware blocking. The software is designed to protect your Mac from various online menaces and also safeguard your personal information. Furthermore, Bitdefender provides a secure browsing experience by blocking and removing adware.

Yes, Norton antivirus software includes a password manager as part of their Mac antivirus suite. This feature helps you in storing and managing all your passwords securely in one place, thus enhancing the security of your online accounts.

Though Macs are known for their robust security, they are not immune to malware and viruses. Hence, having a specialized Mac antivirus such as Norton or Bitdefender can enhance your Mac’s security, ensuring protection against the latest threats.

Yes, Bitdefender is capable of detecting and removing adware from your Mac. It keeps annoying adware at bay, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted online experience.

Norton incorporates advanced anti-phishing technologies in its antivirus for Mac. It promptly identifies and alerts users about malicious websites, and blocks phishing attacks that try to steal personal and financial information.

No, Bitdefender does not offer webcam protection for Mac users. This feature is typically available in their antivirus suite for Windows.

Norton offers comprehensive security solutions for your Mac, including anti-phishing, webcam protection, and a secure password manager. Additionally, it offers a low system impact and regular updates to defend against emerging threats. All these factors make Norton an ideal choice for Mac users over other antivirus software.

Bitdefender regularly updates its virus definitions for Mac. It automatically downloads and installs these updates to ensure continuous protection from new threats.

Despite offering robust protection, Norton has been designed to impact minimally on your Mac’s performance. It runs quietly in the background, ensuring that your system’s speed isn’t compromised.

Bitdefender can detect a wide range of malware, including Trojans, ransomware, adware, spyware, and even potentially unwanted applications. By deploying advanced malware detection technology, it offers an additional layer of security to your Mac.

Yes, Norton offers robust ransomware protection in its antivirus software for Mac. It detects and blocks ransomware attacks, protecting your important files and preventing unauthorized encryption.

Definitely! Bitdefender includes web protection features that safeguard your Mac while browsing. It warns you about malicious websites, blocks phishing attempts and neutralizes online threats such as malware and ransomware.

Yes, Norton provides VPN service as part of their antivirus suite for Mac. This is a significant feature that ensures your browsing activity remains anonymous and your online data is encrypted.

The primary advantages of Bitdefender for Mac users include its multi-layer ransomware protection, adware blocking, and safe files feature. Bitdefender consistently performs well in independent lab tests, proving its capability in protecting Mac systems against various online threats.

Yes, Norton antivirus for Mac includes robust spyware detection and removal capabilities. It monitors your system continuously, detecting and eliminating any potential spyware threats, keeping your personal information safe.

Yes, Bitdefender antivirus for Mac offers strong protection against ransomware attacks. It uses multi-layered ransomware protection technology to secure your important files and data.

Yes, Norton includes email protection in its antivirus suite for Mac. It scans your emails and their attachments for potential threats, protecting your Mac from any infected files or phishing attempts.

Bitdefender ensures the safety of your personal information on a Mac by preventing unauthorized access and securing it against ransomware attacks. Additionally, it blocks phishing or fraudulent websites that could potentially steal your personal data.

No, using Norton antivirus on a Mac does not require specialized knowledge. The software is easy to install and manage, and Norton offers comprehensive online and customer support if you do need assistance.

The best antivirus software for a Mac can vary based on personal needs and preferences. However, Norton and Bitdefender are two top-tier options that provide exceptional protection, performance optimization and additional useful features.

Yes, Norton is fully compatible with Mac and offers comprehensive protection against a variety of cyber threats, including viruses, malware, and ransomware. The details can be obtained from the Norton official website.

Bitdefender provides excellent protection for Macs, employing advanced threat detection technology and real-time data protection to ensure the safety of your computer. It’s consistently rated highly in independent antivirus testing platforms.

No, Norton is designed with efficiency in mind and generally does not slow down Mac computer systems. Its optimization features also help to maintain the device’s performance.

Bitdefender provides a very user-friendly interface on Mac systems, ensuring easy navigation and operation for users of all computer proficiency levels.

For Mac users, Norton offers numerous unique features such as traffic monitoring to block malicious network data and a vulnerability scanner to identify potential security loopholes.

Yes, Bitdefender offers advanced ransomware protection for Mac. It is capable of blocking sophisticated ransomware attacks by encrypting your files in a secure manner.

The number of devices you can install Norton on depends on your subscription. Some packages do allow you to install the software on multiple Macs.

Yes, Bitdefender provides 24/7 customer support for Mac users. Support options include live chat, email services, and a knowledge base available on the Bitdefender official website.

Norton regularly releases virus definition updates to ensure that the software can effectively combat new and emerging cyber threats.

Bitdefender does provide a free trial for its Mac antivirus software which allows users to test out its fit and functionality before committing to a purchase.

Yes, Norton provides a firewall for Mac, enabling improved security by blocking unauthorized access to your computer system.

Bitdefender is equipped with advanced features that enable it to effectively scan and remove malware from Mac systems.

Yes, Norton offers a cloud backup feature for Mac users as part of their Norton 360 plans. This allows users to store and protect important files in a secure online storage space.

Yes, Bitdefender provides parental control features on its Mac software. It offers various controls to help protect children from inappropriate content and manage their online activity.

The cost for a Norton antivirus subscription can vary depending on the specific plan and the duration of the subscription. You can find detailed pricing information on the Norton official website.

The system requirements will depend on the version of Bitdefender that you choose. However, most require at least macOS 10.10 and a minimum of 1GB of free disk space on your Mac.

Yes, Norton offers a feature called anti-phishing technology, which effectively blocks fraudulent websites that are designed to steal personal information.

Yes, Bitdefender offers robust spyware protection, it continually monitors and blocks any spyware threats on your Mac system.

Both Norton and Bitdefender offer products suitable for both home and business use. The needs and requirements for each setting can be different, but these antivirus brands cater to both with a versatile product suite.