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Review: 10 Best Graphic Design Software for Mac

Review: 10 Best Graphic Design Software for Mac

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is the industry’s go-to option for all things graphic design. From photo editing to digital painting, Photoshop offers a plethora of tools and capabilities that make it a favorite among professionals and amateurs alike. 🎨👨‍🎨

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Wide array of tools and capabilities
  • Popular among professionals

🥺 Cons

  • Can be overwhelming for beginners
  • Expensive monthly subscription



Procreate is a powerhouse when it comes to digital illustration on the Mac. Designed with a beautiful and intuitive interface, it caters to artists on the move. ✍️🖥

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Beautiful and intuitive interface
  • Ideal for digital illustration

🥺 Cons

  • Limited to iPad and iPhone
  • Requires Apple Pencil for full functionality



When it comes to UI/UX design, nothing beats Sketch. With features designed specifically for vector editing and interface design, it is a favorite among web and app developers. 💻🌐

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Optimized for UI/UX design
  • Seamless vector editing

🥺 Cons

  • Not versatile beyond UI/UX design
  • Learning curve can be steep

Affinity Designer


As a budget-friendly alternative to Adobe’s suite, Affinity Designer offers a powerful design solution for Mac users. Raster or vector, Affinity Designer has you covered. 📐✂️

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Affordable one-time purchase
  • Combines raster and vector editing

🥺 Cons

  • Lacks some advanced features
  • Doesn’t support older file formats



CorelDRAW is a long-standing favorite in the world of graphic design. Whether it’s logo design, illustration, or typography, CorelDRAW brings a versatile toolset to the table. 🖊🔄

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Versatile toolset
  • Strong community and resource availability

🥺 Cons

  • Pricey compared to competitors
  • Some tools can be complex for beginners

Gravit Designer


Looking for a free option? Gravit Designer offers a suite of tools that are great for anyone on a budget. Don’t let the price tag fool you; this software can hold its own. 👨‍🎨💰

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Completely free with no hidden costs
  • Easy to use for beginners

🥺 Cons

  • Lacks advanced features
  • Limited exporting options

Pixelmator Pro


Pixelmator Pro is a single-window interface design software that offers a wide range of tools for graphic designers. From retouching photos to designing graphics, Pixelmator has it all. 🎨🖌

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Single-window interface
  • Wide range of tools

🥺 Cons

  • No shape builder tool
  • Not ideal for print designing



Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphic design software that’s perfect for illustrators and graphic design enthusiasts. 💁‍♀️📐

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Free and open-source
  • Ideal for illustrators

🥺 Cons

  • Not as robust as competitor software
  • Interface can be confusing



Canva is a web-based design tool that’s easy to use and delivers great results. From social media graphics to marketing materials, Canva makes design accessible for everyone. 👥🎈

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Extensive template library

🥺 Cons

  • Limited customization options
  • Online-only, requires internet connection



Last but not least, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerhouse of a software, being both free and open source. It’s the perfect option for those just starting out in the graphic design world. 🌍🔄

Official Website

🥳 Pros

  • Free and open source
  • Extensive toolset

🥺 Cons

  • Interface can be confusing for beginners
  • Lacks professional-grade features

🏁🏁 Conclusion 🏁🏁

Whether you’re a professional designer or just starting out, there’s a graphic design software for Mac that’s perfect for you. From the industry-leading Adobe Photoshop to the user-friendly Canva, and the open-source powerhouses like GIMP and Inkscape, you’re sure to find a solution that fits your needs and budget! 🚀🔝


Which software is the best for graphic design on Mac?

The answer varies depending on your specific needs. Some of the best options include Adobe Creative Cloud apps, Affinity Designer, Sketch, and CorelDraw.

Is Adobe Creative Cloud good for graphic design?

Yes, Adobe Creative Cloud is highly regarded in the graphic design industry. It includes popular tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

What is Affinity Designer best used for?

Affinity Designer is best used for vector graphic design. It’s great for creating logos, illustrations, and UI design.

Is Sketch good for UI design?

Yes, Sketch is specifically designed for UI/UX design, making it an ideal choice for designing interfaces.

How user-friendly is CorelDraw for beginners?

CorelDraw is user-friendly, but it might have a steep learning curve for complete beginners. However, it offers comprehensive tutorials to help users get started.

Does Adobe Creative Cloud work on all Mac computers?

Adobe Creative Cloud works on most modern Mac computers. However, it’s always a good idea to check the specific system requirements for each app.

How much does Affinity Designer cost?

Affinity Designer is a one-time purchase software, costing around $49.99. However, prices may vary so always check their official website.

Can I get a free trial of Sketch?

Yes, Sketch offers a free trial. After the trial period, you’ll need to buy a license to continue using the app.

What file formats does CorelDraw support?

CorelDraw supports a variety of file formats including AI, PSD, PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, DWG, DXF, EPS, TIFF, BMP and more.

What are the system requirements for Adobe Creative Cloud?

System requirements vary per app within the Adobe Creative Cloud. It is recommended to check Adobe’s official site for each app’s requirements.

Is any free graphic design software recommended for Mac?

GIMP and Inkscape are two powerful free graphic design software that work well on Mac.

Does Sketch support vector design?

Yes, Sketch supports and is excellent for vector design. It allows perfect rendering and precision.

Can I use Affinity Designer on both Mac and PC?

Yes, when you purchase Affinity Designer, it is available for both Mac and PC.

Does Adobe Creative Cloud require an internet connection?

While Adobe Creative Cloud does require an internet connection for installation and updates, many of its applications can be used offline.

Is CorelDraw a one-time purchase software?

CorelDraw offers both one-time purchase and subscription options. Users can choose based on their needs.

Can I use these software for both personal and commercial purposes?

Yes, all these software can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, but it’s still important to read each software’s license agreement.

What kind of support do these graphic design software provide?

Most of these software provide extensive support to their users through online tutorials, forums and customer service hotlines.

Can I install these graphic design software on multiple devices?

The license agreement varies for each software. Some allow installation on multiple devices, while others might restrict it to a single device.

How often do these software get updates?

Most of these graphic design software periodically release updates to improve functionality and fix bugs. Some may offer frequent updates, while others may not.

Can these software handle 3D design?

Some of these programs, like certain Adobe Creative Cloud applications, can handle 3D design. However, if 3D design is a primary focus, specialized 3D software might be worth considering.