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Avast Free Mac Security vs Sophos Home Free (best free antivirus software for mac)

Malware Detection
Web Protection
Email Protection
Speed of scans
Resource usage
User Interface
Real-Time Scanning
Firewall Configuration
Scheduled Scans
Additional Tools
Avast monetizes through its premium versions that offer more features. However, the basic antivirus protection does not cost anything. Premium plans start at $59.99/year.
Sophos Home Free is entirely free. But users can upgrade to Sophos Home Premium for comprehensive features, priced at $60/year per device.

Avast Free Mac Security offers 💪strong protection against malware and comes with ground-breaking features. But it’s a bit resource-heavy. 😨

Sophos Home Free provides a user-friendly 🤳 approach and strong real-time malware protection, but cleaning and scanning is relatively slow. 😅

Avast Free Mac Security Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 💪 Strong malware protection

  • 🛡️ Comprehensive web protection

  • 📨 Efficient email protection

  • 🚀 Fast scans

  • ⏱️ Scheduled scanning

Sophos Home Free Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 🤳 User-friendly interface

  • 🛡️ Quality real-time protection

  • 🧵 Low on system resources

  • 🔒 Safe browsing

  • 🏞️ Home network scanning

  • 💻 Remote manageability

Top Cons
  • 😨 Heavy on resources

  • 🔓 No parental controls

  • 🕵️‍♀️ Limited privacy tools

  • 👎 Some ads in the interface

  • 📀 Requires more disk space

  • 🤔 Mixed lab test results

Top Cons
  • 😫 Slower scans

  • 📨 Weak email protection

  • 👥 Limited multi-device support

  • 🚫 No quick scan option

  • ⚙️ Manual quarantine management

Other best free antivirus software for mac


Bitdefender Virus Scanner is a perfect lightweight tool for quick, reactive virus scans, but offers no real-time protection. 👀


Malwarebytes excels at removing unwanted apps and malware but lacks the full package of protection features. 😟


Avira Free Antivirus offers robust protection, a clean interface, and a good selection of settings, but it pushes too many additional apps. 😕


The top recommended antivirus software for Mac computers includes Avast Free Mac Security and Sophos Home Free.

Avast Free Mac Security is a great option due to its robust protection against malware, phishing scams, and suspicious websites. It also offers added features like email scam protection.

Sophos Home Free is known for its real-time antivirus protection, parental web filtering, and remote management, making it a comprehensive security solution.

No, Avast Free Mac Security is completely free of charge, providing valuable protection for your Mac without a financial commitment.

No, both Avast Free Mac Security and Sophos Home Free are designed to run efficiently without significantly impacting the performance of your Mac.

Yes, both Avast and Sophos are reliable and reputable companies. Their free antivirus software provides adequate protection for most users.

Avast consistently provides updates for its antivirus software, ensuring that it keeps up with new threats and performs optimally.

Yes, Sophos Home Free regularly releases updates to ensure its users are protected against the latest threats.

Installing Avast Free Mac Security is quite straightforward. You simply need to download it from the official Avast website and follow the prompts.

Yes, you can easily install Sophos Home Free by downloading it directly from the Sophos website and following the provided instructions.

Avast Free Mac Security requires a Mac running OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later with at least 500MB of hard disk space.

Sophos Home Free antivirus software requires a Mac running OS X 10.12 (Sierra) or later and a minimum of 1GB of free disk space.

Yes, Avast Free Mac Security offers real-time scanning for malware, which allows it to detect threats as they occur.

Yes, Sophos Home Free includes real-time antivirus protection, meaning it can actively monitor for and block malware.

Yes, besides its antivirus capabilities, Avast Free Mac Security includes features like Wi-Fi security scanning and ransomware protection.

Sophos Home Free includes added features such as parental web filtering and remote management, enhancing its utility beyond mere antivirus protection.

For more comprehensive protection, you can consider upgrading to Avast’s premium versions which offer additional features like advanced ransomware protection and a firewall.

If you need more advanced security features, you can upgrade to the premium version of Sophos Home, which offers advanced real-time threat prevention and banking protection.

Yes, Avast Free Mac Security offers robust protection against phishing scams, by warning you about suspicious websites before you visit them.

Yes, Sophos Home Free includes features such as phishing protection to help keep you safe from online scams.

There isn’t a clear-cut ‘best’ option as it depends on individual needs and preferences. However, two highly recommended free antivirus programs for Mac are Avast Free Mac Security and Sophos Home Free. Both offer robust protection against malware.

Downloading and installing Avast Free Mac Security is straightforward. Go to Avast’s official site, click ‘FREE DOWNLOAD’, run the installation file and follow the prompts.

Sophos Home Free is compatible with most versions of Mac OS. However, it’s always best to check the official Sophos website for detailed information about OS compatibility.

Avast Free Mac Security uses comprehensive real-time protection to scan and block any potential malware or viruses from infecting your computer. It also has a feature to scan for Wi-Fi security weaknesses.

Yes, Sophos Home Free allows you to schedule scans at a time that’s convenient for you, providing a high level of flexibility.

Yes, Avast Free Mac Security is a free version. For additional features, Avast offers premium plans at a cost.

The standout feature of Sophos Home Free is its parental web filtering, which allows parents to block certain categories of websites. It also has a remote management feature.

Avast Free Mac Security offers basic online security, preventing untrusted apps from damaging your Mac or accessing your data. However, for full-fledged online privacy features, upgrading to a premium plan is suggested.

Yes, Sophos Home Free is quite user-friendly with a clean, minimalistic interface that’s easy to navigate, even for non-tech savvy users.

While Avast Free Mac Security certainly has its benefits, it’s worth mentioning that the free version comes with ads, and detailed privacy features are reserved for the premium plan.

Indeed, Sophos Home Free protects your Mac in real-time, blocking malicious sites, downloads, and viruses as soon as they are detected.

Avast Free Mac Security does provide basic email security by scanning incoming mail for potential threats. However, for more comprehensive protection, a premium package is required.

Yes, Sophos Home Free allows users to secure up to 3 devices, making it a good option for those with multiple computers at home.

The virus definitions of Avast Free Mac Security are regularly updated to ensure you’re always protected from the latest threats. However, the exact frequency of these updates can vary.

Like any antivirus software, Sophos Home Free may have a minimal impact on system performance. However, most users find this impact negligible and the software generally works seamlessly in the background.

Yes, Avast provides a business version known as Avast Business Antivirus, specifically designed to protect corporate data across several devices.

Performance scores can vary depending on the source. However, Sophos Home Free generally receives high marks for its malware detection and elimination capabilities.

Avast Free Mac Security does offer basic protection against phishing threats. For more advanced anti-phishing capabilities, a premium plan is recommended.

The Sophos Home Free version provides basic data protection against malware. For more advanced data protection features like ransomware protection, users need to upgrade to Sophos Home Premium.

Yes, Avast Free Mac Security tends to be well-received by users, often scoring high marks for its effectiveness in virus detection and user-friendly interface.