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Forecast Bar vs RadarScope (best weather apps for mac)

Ease of Use
Visual Design
Forecast Accuracy
Notification System
General Features
Data Sources
Customer Support
Freemium Model with $1.99/month for Premium version to access advanced features 💼
Premium Pricing at $9.99/month – ideal for professionals and weather enthusiasts 💰

Forecast Bar is a straightforward app 🌤️, offering ample info in a compact design 🌈. It’s worth the sticker price for the convenience 💰.

RadarScope is perfect for weather geeks 🤓 and storm chasers 🌩️. Its detailed information comes with a hefty price, though 💵.

Forecast Bar Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Superior Accuracy 🎯

  • Customizable Notifications 🛎️

  • Compact Design 🌈

  • Easy to Use 🖱️

  • Multiple Data Sources 🛰️

RadarScope Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Advanced Weather Data 📈

  • Reliable & Accurate ⚖️

  • Specialized for Storm Chasing 🌩️

  • Detailed Radar 📡

  • Ease of Use 🤓

  • Great for Weather Geeks 🔬

Top Cons
  • Higher Price 😟

  • Less Fun Design 🧭

  • Limited Customizability ⚙️

  • Basic Customer Support 🙍‍♂️

  • Limited Features in Free Version ❌

  • In-App Purchases 💲

Top Cons
  • Expensive 💵

  • Not for Casual Users 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

  • Limited Non-Radar Info 📋

  • Lacks Visual Design 🎨

  • Limited Customer Support 🙍‍♂️

Other best weather apps for mac


Weather Dock offers basic weather update on the dock, but lakes in features in free version 😕. Good for cost-effectiveness 👍.


Swackett combines fun visual weather representations with ample info 🎨. Better for casual weather checks 😌.


Carrot Weather is loved for its witty and humorous forecasts, but is a bit expensive 😅. Great for a fun weather check ☀️😂.


Mac users have a variety of top-rated weather apps including Forecast Bar, RadarScope, and Weather Widget Desktop among others.

Forecast Bar for Mac offers a highly detailed and customizable weather forecast. It allows users to view current conditions, hourly and daily forecasts, and it also displays crucial weather information right in your menu bar. The app’s design is sleek and unobtrusive.

RadarScope is a specialized app for weather enthusiasts and meteorologists. It provides detailed, real-time information about storms and weather patterns, with high resolution radar data available for North America, Hawaii, and some Caribbean Islands. Its standout feature is its extreme detail and accuracy.

Mac users can download Forecast Bar for free with limited features. For full access, a subscription is required that costs $1.99 monthly or $19.99 annually.

RadarScope can be purchased for a one-time fee of $29.99. It also has higher tiers of service for additional costs that provide extra features and data.

Yes, the Mac App Store has a variety of free weather apps available, including Weather Widget Desktop and others.

Forecast Bar has a user-friendly interface that features a clean design. The top menu bar can display weather details, allowing for quick and easy access.

While RadarScope does offer advanced features for weather enthusiasts and professionals, it also provides general forecasts and weather tracking capabilities that would be useful for any user.

Forecast Bar updates its weather data every hour. However, users can manually refresh the data at any time.

RadarScope updates its radar data approximately every 1 to 5 minutes to ensure real-time accuracy.

Yes, Forecast Bar can predict both rain and snow, helping users to prepare for any inclement weather.

Yes, RadarScope provides in-depth storm tracking information, including storm cell data and tornado vortex signatures. It’s especially useful for weather enthusiasts and storm chasers.

Yes, Forecast Bar allows users to customize the information displayed, including current conditions and forecasts. It’s highly customizable, allowing users to prioritize the information they find most important.

Yes, RadarScope is ideal for professional meteorologists as it provides highly detailed and accurate weather data. It offers a range of tools and information useful for weather forecasting and analysis.

Yes, Forecast Bar can provide forecasts for multiple locations at once, making it ideal for users who travel frequently or want to keep track of weather in several places.

The base version of RadarScope mainly focuses on North America, but it also provides radar data for Hawaii and some Caribbean Islands. For additional international coverage, users can subscribe to RadarScope Pro.

Yes, Forecast Bar will alert users to severe weather conditions in their selected locations. It helps users stay ahead of potentially dangerous weather conditions.

Yes, RadarScope provides detailed hurricane tracking information. This makes it very useful during hurricane season for those living in susceptible areas.

Yes, Forecast Bar provides hourly weather updates, allowing users to plan their day based on the predicted weather conditions.

Yes, RadarScope is available not just for Mac but also for iOS and Android devices. This enables users to have access to the app on multiple platforms.

There are several highly-rated weather apps for Mac, some of which include Forecast Bar, RadarScope, CARROT Weather, and WeatherBug. All have unique features that suit different user needs.

The Forecast Bar is an application available on Mac that offers detailed weather information. This app is noted for its highly customizable appearance and accurate weather forecasts.

Yes, you can customize the Forecast Bar to continually display the current weather conditions, temperature, and forecast directly on the Mac menu bar.

RadarScope is a specialized weather app available for Mac that provides real-time radar data. It is particularly useful for weather enthusiasts and professionals who require detailed radar images and severe weather alerts.

The RadarScope app provides highly accurate and up-to-the-minute weather data because it sources its information from the National Weather Service and other local weather authorities. It is particularly known for its precision in tracking severe weather.

Both Forecast Bar and RadarScope offer a free limited version. However, for access to all features, including more detailed information and comprehensive weather forecasts, users can choose to subscribe for an extra monthly or yearly fee.

One unique feature of Forecast Bar is that it syncs with your calendar, providing detailed forecasts for any upcoming events. It also allows users to set personal weather notifications and has an attractive interface that changes with the weather condition and time of the day.

RadarScope will be most useful to meteorology enthusiasts and professionals due to its real-time radar data and detailed severe weather information.

Yes, both Forecast Bar and RadarScope are multi-platform apps. In addition to Mac, they are also available on iOS devices and Apple TV.

Yes, both Forecast Bar and RadarScope provide customer support for their users. They can be reached through their official websites for any queries or issues related to the apps.

Forecast Bar updates its weather information every hour. However, premium users can set updates as frequent as every 15 minutes.

Yes, RadarScope can provide real-time alerts for tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and flash floods directly to your device.

Forecast Bar provides a rich set of weather data which includes temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, sunrise and sunset times, as well as an hourly forecast for the next 24 hours and a weekly forecast for the next 7 days.

While RadarScope provides detailed and accurate radar data, it does not provide typical weather forecasts like temperture or precipitation. The focus of this app is more on tracking severe weather and storms.

Forecast Bar is for anyone who wants a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand weather forecast. On the other hand, RadarScope caters primarily to weather enthusiasts, storm chasers, or professionals in the field of meteorology.

Yes, Forecast Bar provides widgets that can be placed on your desktop or notification center for quick and easy access to current weather conditions and forecasts.

RadarScope sources its radar data directly from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Weather Service, and other local weather authorities, ensuring real-time and accurate information.

Yes, Forecast Bar allows users to customize what weather information they see, choose from different layout styles, and even select from a range of themes to match their personal style or current weather conditions.

RadarScope is quite advanced compared to typical weather apps and might take some time for new users to get used to it. However, with time and usage, users can gain a deeper understanding of the app’s specialized radar data and severe weather tracking features.

Yes, Forecast Bar allows users to track weather conditions and forecasts for multiple locations. This can be particularly useful for people who travel frequently or have loved ones residing in different cities.