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CCleaner vs CleanMyMac X (best mac cleaning software free)

Speed Boost
Junk Files Removal
App Uninstalling
Disk Defragmentation
Privacy Cleaning
Duplicate Files Removal
System Optimization
Support and Updates
No free version. Costs $39.95/year or $89.95 for perpetual license 💰.
Free version available. Pro version costs $24.95/year 💸.

CleanMyMac X is premium, comprehensive 💎 offering multiple advanced cleaning utilities and improved system performance 🚀. A bit expensive 😓.

CCleaner 🧽 is a classic, reliable, and efficient tool but lacks advanced features ☹️. It’s great for basic needs 👍.

CleanMyMac X Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • ⚡ High-speed performance

  • 💼 Comprehensive system cleanup

  • 🔐 Excellent personal data protection

  • 💡 Effective system optimization

  • ❌ Efficient app uninstalling

CCleaner Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • 💽 Highly reliable

  • 👍 Beginner-friendly interface

  • 🛡️ Good Security features

  • 💵 Free version available

  • 🔄 Automatic updates

  • 🔨 Solid basic functions

Top Cons
  • 💸 Expensive

  • 🧰 No free version available

  • 😵 Overbearing system notifications

  • 🎓 Steep learning curve for beginners

  • 🔄 Updates can be time-consuming

  • 💾 No disk defragmentation feature

Top Cons
  • ❌ Limited advanced features

  • 💤 No significant speed boost

  • 💾 No disk defragmentation feature

  • 🔍 Limited system optimization

  • 🗂️ Inefficient at duplicate files removal

Other best mac cleaning software free


MacBooster is a robust utility with powerful features for comprehensive cleaning 💫, though its interface can be tricky for beginners 😅.


Avira Optimizer is a user-friendly tool ❤️, providing basic but efficient cleaning, but lacks advanced features 😑.


DiskDoctor offers quick and easy disk cleaning services 👌. However, it’s somewhat limited in scope and features 🧐.


Some of the best free Mac cleaning software includes CCleaner, OnyX, MacBooster, and Disk Doctor. These software can help you optimize your Mac’s performance and free up disk space.

Yes, CCleaner is safe for your Mac. It is a highly reputed and commonly used cleaning software. However, always make sure you’re downloading the program directly from the CCleaner website to ensure it’s genuine and safe.

No, CleanMyMac X is not free. It provides a trial period, but for long-term usage, you’ll need to purchase a subscription.

CleanMyMac X is unique because it offers a comprehensive cleaning solution. It not only cleans and optimizes your Mac but also provides malware protection, privacy features, and system updates checks.

CCleaner is different from other Mac cleaning software as it allows you to customize the cleaning process, enabling you to decide the files and folders you want to clean or keep.

Yes, there are free alternatives to CleanMyMac X. Free utilities like CCleaner, Disk Inventory X, and OnyX can be used as alternatives for Mac cleaning.

Yes, most free Mac cleaning software only delete temporary files and unwanted data. They usually don’t access your personal files. However, you should always review the privacy policies of each program before using to ensure its credibility.

Besides cleaning, CleanMyMac X offers optimization tools, malware removal, privacy features, system updates checks, and application uninstallation features.

No, using CCleaner doesn’t slow down your Mac. On the contrary, it helps speed up your Mac by clearing unnecessary files, thus freeing up disk space.

The benefits of using free Mac cleaning software include optimizing system performance, freeing up disk space, scanning for malware, and ensuring data privacy.

While not strictly necessary, utilities like CleanMyMac X can simplify the maintenance of your Mac by automating several tasks like deleting unnecessary files, scanning for malware, and optimizing system performance all in one place.

While CCleaner offers automated cleaning options, you typically need to launch the program and start the cleaning process manually often to reap its full benefits.

Yes, you can manually clean your Mac without using any software. This might involve removing large or old files and applications, clearing cache, and deleting temporary files. However, using software simplifies and automates this process.

Yes, CleanMyMac X comes with built-in malware removal tools which aid in detecting and removing potential threats.

Yes, CCleaner supports scheduled cleaning which allows you to automate the process of cleaning your Mac at specified times.

There’s no standard frequency, but you should use cleaning software like CleanMyMac X regularly, possibly once a week or month, to keep your Mac running efficiently.

CCleaner primarily removes temporary files, browser cache, cookies, and files in the recycle bin. These files are often unnecessary and take up valuable disk space.

Yes, CleanMyMac X can enhance your Mac’s speed by removing unnecessary files, thus freeing up disk space. It also optimizes specific settings for the speedier operation of your Mac.

Most versions of CCleaner are compatible with a wide range of MacOS versions. However, compatibility can change with major MacOS updates, so it’s advisable to check the developer’s website for the latest informations.

The main risks associated with using free Mac cleaning software are accidental deletion of necessary files and possible privacy issues. Always choose reputable software to mitigate these risks.

One of the best free Mac cleaning software is CCleaner. It comes with basic features for tidying up your machine, but for achieving more comprehensive results, you might want to consider premium alternatives, such as CCleaner Professional or CleanMyMac X.

Indeed, CCleaner can be extremely beneficial for Mac users as it helps in removing unnecessary files, free up disk space, and runs your computer faster and smoother. You can find more about it on their website.

CleanMyMac X stands out among other cleaning tools due to its comprehensive set of features and highly efficient algorithm that quickly identifies files that can be safely removed. This software also comes with a malware removal tool, enhancing your machine’s security.

CleanMyMac X does offer a free version, but it has limitations compared to the full paid version. The free version allows you to clean up to 500MB of data. However, getting the full version lets you access all its advanced features and perform unlimited cleanings.

Using CCleaner is typically safe. The software is widely trusted and used by millions of people worldwide. However, as with any software, it’s important to download it directly from the official CCleaner website to ensure you’re getting the legitimate version.

Absolutely. CleanMyMac X removes unnecessary files, frees up storage, and tidies up your machine internally, all of which help improve your Mac’s performance. It also offers potential malware removal and protection features, contributing to overall system health.

Yes, CCleaner can help clean up your Mac’s hard drive. It identifies and removes unnecessary files, helping to free up disk space and potentially speed up your machine.

Yes, CleanMyMac X is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It has a clear, intuitive interface, and the entire cleaning process can be initiated in a couple of clicks.

CCleaner is relatively lightweight software that doesn’t consume a hefty amount of system resources. Even older Macs should be able to run it without a significant impact on system performance.

The cleaning process duration with CleanMyMac X can vary based on the amount of data to be scanned and your system’s speed. However, the software is known for its efficiency, and most cleaning operations are completed in a reasonable amount of time.

Yes, CCleaner gets regular updates to ensure it remains compatible with the latest versions of the operating system and to address any bugs or issues that may arise.

Yes, CleanMyMac X has a tool that can help you find and eliminate duplicate files, which can save a lot of space on your machine’s hard drive.

Yes, CCleaner provides automatic cleaning features, allowing scheduled background tasks to free up disk space without requiring manual intervention.

The cleaning process in CleanMyMac X is quite comprehensive. It covers System Junk, Photo Junk, Mail Attachments, iTunes Junk, Trash Bins, and also looks for large and old files that can be securely removed.

Yes, CCleaner comes with a tool aimed at maintaining your privacy. This feature covers areas such as browser history, saved passwords and cookies, thereby ensuring your online activities remain private.

Yes, CleanMyMac X includes a feature that allows you to easily uninstall applications and all their associated files from your Mac.

Yes, CCleaner does offer quick scan options. This allows you to run scheduled cleanups which efficiently optimize your Mac performance.

Yes, if you are using a licensed version of CleanMyMac X, software updates occur free of charge.

Indeed, CCleaner can clean up your browser history. This feature ensures that your online privacy is maintained by removing traces of your online activities.

CleanMyMac X improves system speed by removing unnecessary files, freeing up disk space, and optimizing your Mac’s performance parameters. The end result is a typically faster and smoother-running machine.