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Adobe Illustrator vs Sketch (best graphic design software for mac)

User Interface
Ease of Use
Feature Richness
Customer Support
Creation Tools
File Format Support
Monthly Subscription – $20.99/month
Annual Subscription – $99/year

Adobe Illustrator is the go-to for professionals, with vast features and integrations🏆💼. Though it can be pricey💸, it’s worth the investment📈 if you regularly use graphic design software.

Sketch is a great tool for UI/UX design🌟🖥️. It’s Mac-specific and more affordable than Illustrator, but its uses are more limited❗.

Adobe Illustrator Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Professional quality output📈

  • Vast features🔥

  • Great Compatibility🔄

  • Excellent customer support🤝

  • Highly flexible creation tools🛠️

Sketch Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Intuitive user interface🖥️

  • Great for UI/UX design🌟🖥️

  • Affordable pricing💸

  • Smooth integration with other tools💡

  • Good range of templates🎨

  • Flexible file format support🔄

Top Cons
  • Expensive💰

  • Steep learning curve📚💼

  • Can be resource hungry 🍽️🔋

  • Monthly Subscription💳

  • Overwhelming for beginners😵

  • Limited free templates🎨

Top Cons
  • Limited use beyond UI/UX design⁉️

  • Only for Mac-users 🍎

  • Limited tools compared to AI🔨🚫

  • Annual subscription required💳

  • Limited customer support🤝

Other best graphic design software for mac


Affinity Designer holds its own with a one-time purchase fee🎉💰. It lacks AI’s extensive features, but is a solid choice for those on a budget👍.


CorelDRAW is a well-established, robust tool great for vector art🎨🖌️. It runs only on Windows, a downside for Mac users👎.


Gravit Designer is beginner-friendly, and free!🎈😃. Despite a few limitations, it’s a great option for beginners or those seeking a no-cost tool🏷️.


Some of the top graphic design software programs for Mac include Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity Designer, CorelDRAW, and Photoshop. Each has its unique features and capabilities that cater to various design needs.

Yes, absolutely. Adobe Illustrator is fully compatible and works efficiently with Mac systems. Its smooth functionality and numerous tools make it a top pick among professionals for vector graphics designing.

Sketch is a powerful vector graphics editor specifically designed for Mac OS. It has a simple, intuitive interface and is popular among web and app designers due to its robust plugins, rendering capabilities, and a multitude of design tools.

While both Adobe Illustrator and Sketch are excellent tools, they serve different purposes. Illustrator is known for its flexibility and is used for creating complex vector graphics, while Sketch’s intuitive interface and built-in prototyping capabilities make it ideal for website and app design.

Yes, there are several free graphic design software options for Mac such as GIMP, Inkscape, and Gravit Designer. While not as powerful as Adobe Illustrator or Sketch, they offer a good starting point for beginners.

Adobe Illustrator excels in both print and digital design due to its powerful vector-based capabilities. It is widely used for creating logos, icons, typography, and complex illustrations for any medium.

Yes, the interfaces of Adobe Illustrator and Sketch are quite different. Illustrator’s interface is more complex due to its wide range of tools, whereas Sketch provides a simpler, cleaner work area mainly focused on UI/UX design.

Yes, Adobe Illustrator files can be imported into Sketch. However, due to the differences in the way the two software handle vectors, some minor tweaks may be required after import.

Sketch follows a subscription-based model. Users receive a year’s worth of updates with the initial purchase and can opt to renew the subscription for the following years to continue getting access to the updates.

Absolutely, it’s common for graphic designers to use multiple tools for different purposes. You can harness the strengths of both Sketch and Adobe Illustrator depending on the nature of your design project.

Sketch is generally considered easier to learn for beginners due to its simplified interface and focused features. Adobe Illustrator, with its wide array of tools and functionalities, might have a steeper learning curve.

Adobe Illustrator is often the preferred choice for logo design because of its vector graphic capabilities. It provides precision drawing and shape-building tools, beautiful typography, and freehand drawing functions which are very useful in logo designing.

No, you do not need coding knowledge to use Sketch for UI/UX design. The software is designed to simplify the design process, although understanding the basics of web and app structures can be beneficial.

Yes, there are several online resources to learn Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. Both companies offer tutorials on their respective websites, and there are also third-party platforms that provide comprehensive courses.

Both Adobe Illustrator and Sketch are vector-based design tools, which means they represent images as a series of points, lines, and curves. This contrasts with raster graphics that represent images as grids of pixels. Vector graphics are resolution independent and maintain quality even when resized.

No, Sketch is not designed to handle 3D designs. It’s primarily focused on 2D vector graphics for user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design. On the other hand, Adobe Illustrator, while mainly 2D, can simulate 3D effects.

Yes, both Adobe Illustrator and Sketch allow the use of custom fonts. This feature helps to enhance the flexibility and creativity of your design process.

Both Adobe Illustrator and Sketch have collaboration features. With Illustrator’s co-editing feature, teams can work together on the same design in real-time. Similarly, Sketch offers Sketch Cloud, which allows teams to share, collaborate and gather feedback on design files.

As long as the device supports the file format, your Adobe Illustrator or Sketch files should appear the same. However, color reproduction may vary depending on the display quality of the device.

Adobe Illustrator can export files in a wide variety of formats, including AI, EPS, PDF, SVG, JPG, and PNG. Sketch, meanwhile, supports export to SVG, PDF, EPS, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and WebP formats.

The best graphic design software for Mac would be Adobe Illustrator followed by Sketch. Both these tools provide sophisticated features and are widely used by professionals.

Adobe Illustrator is an industry-standard tool that provides a vast range of capabilities like drawing, typographic designs, color blending, and more. It’s primarily appreciated for its vector graphics editing capabilities.

Sketch is a Mac-only vector graphics editor, making it solely productive for Apple users. Its primary focus lies in user interface and user experience design, making it fitting for web and mobile design workflows.

Yes, Adobe Illustrator works gracefully on a Mac. It offers seamless integration with other Adobe products and a consistent workflow across macOS.

Yes, Sketch is exclusive to macOS. It integrates precisely with the Mac ecosystem, offering an optimal performance that is precisely tuned to Apple hardware.

Adobe Illustrator offers numerous distinct features like the creation and editing of vector graphics, advanced typography controls, precise drawing tools and brushes, integrated stock image libraries, and more.

Sketch offers its users a refined interface and functionality for UI/UX design. It provides vector editing, a reusable components system, collaborative features, and an extensive plugins ecosystem, making it a powerful design tool.

Yes, Adobe Illustrator does provide a free trial for potential customers. New users can utilize these trials to evaluate the tool before purchasing a subscription. Get more information on the Adobe website.

Yes, Sketch does offer a free trial to familiarize new users with its services. To start your free trial, visit the Sketch website.

Adobe Illustrator for Mac comes with a monthly subscription based pricing. The details of pricing can be found on the Adobe website.

Sketch comes with a yearly subscription for Mac users. The price details can be checked on the Sketch website.

Adobe Illustrator and Sketch both have their strengths. Illustrator is an overall powerful design tool, while Sketch focuses more on UI/UX design. The choice between the two depends on the user’s requirements.

Although Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool, it has a relatively steep learning curve. However, Adobe offers extensive tutorials and resources to aid in learning the software.

Sketch is known for its user-friendly interface. It has a cleaner and more intuitive interface compared to many design tools, making it an excellent fit for beginners.

Other than Adobe Illustrator and Sketch, tools like CorelDRAW, Affinity Designer, and Gravit Designer are also popular among Mac users for graphic design.

Yes, Adobe Illustrator offers a mobile app called Illustrator Draw which is available on iOS and Android.

Currently, Sketch does not offer a mobile application. It can only be used on Mac systems.

Yes, Adobe offers various support options for Illustrator users which include online chat, phone support, forums, and tutorials.

For Sketch users, customer support is available via their online help center and email. The company also has a community forum for additional support and discussions.