How to Stream iPhone to Firestick: Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Stream iPhone to Firestick: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Watching movies on the iPhone is exciting, but you can take your viewing experience to a new level by streaming to an Amazon Fire TV Stick. There are many third-party apps that you can use for this purpose. In this article, you’ll learn how to stream from iPhone to Firestick using some of the best apps available in the market.

Can You Stream iPhone to Firestick?

Yes, you can stream content from your iPhone to a Firestick, but you need a third-party app for it. Since a Firestick runs on a different operating system (Fire OS, based on Android), you can’t directly connect your iPhone to it like you would with an AirPlay-enabled device.

To stream to a Firestick, it must be on the same Wi-Fi connection as your iPhone. Below are some third-party apps that you can use to stream to your Firestick.

1. DoCast

DoCast lets you stream to Fire TV from iPhone for free. It offers a minimal user interface, which allows for easy navigation and effortless streaming. You can stream photos, videos, and music stored on your iPhone to your Firestick.

Download DoCast on the App Store

When it comes to photos, you can stream as many as you want on your Fire TV. Video casting, however, is limited to 3 minutes per session in the free version of the app. Music streaming will allow you to play songs from your iPhone’s library, but it won’t play DRM-restricted music.

DoCast doesn’t have to be downloaded on Firestick, unlike many other third-party apps. Moreover, you can upgrade it to get unlimited video casting. If you get the yearly or lifetime upgrade, you’ll receive a special gift.

DoCast QR code

Here are the instructions on how to stream from iPhone to Firestick with DoCast:

Step 1: Download DoCast on your iPhone.

Download DoCast from the App Store

Step 2: Open the app and let it look for nearby Fire TV devices. If it doesn’t show up, make sure it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone.

DoCast is searching for Firestick and Chromecast devices

Step 3: Tap your Fire TV in DoCast to connect to it.

Tap on your Firestick in DoCast

Step 4: Depending on what type of media you want to cast, you can tap on Videos, Music, and Photos. For this guide, we are going to demonstrate how to stream photos.

Tap on the Photos tile in DoCast

Step 5: Give DoCast access to your iPhone’s gallery by tapping Allow Full Access.

Give DoCast access to view your photos on iPhone

Step 6: Tap the photo you want to stream to your Fire TV and a red circle will form around it. Tap it again to stop it from being broadcasted on your TV.

Streaming photos to Firestick from iPhone via DoCast

DoCast is also available on the iPad and it works the same way as it does on the iPhone. Simply download it on your iPad, connect to your Firestick device, and then stream any video, photo, or song to it.

2. AirScreen

For many people, AirScreen is the default app for streaming to Firestick. It turns the streaming device into an AirPlay receiver, allowing you to connect your iPhone to it.

There’s no iOS app and it has to be downloaded on the Firestick device through the Amazon App Store.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to stream to Fire TV from iPhone via AirScreen:

Step 1: There are two ways to download AirScreen: either download it straight from the Amazon App Store on the streaming device or transfer it from the official Amazon site on your desktop.

Transferring AirScreen to Firestick from the official Amazon site

Step 2: Open the app on your Firestick and scan the QR code that appears on the screen with your iPhone.

Step 3: On your iPhone, a browser window will open. Tap Entire screen or In-app content to see the instructions for each specific action.

AirScreen receiver name on iPhone

Step 4: Now open any photo or video that you want to AirPlay to your Firestick and tap the share icon.

Tap on the Share icon in the iPhone photos app

Step 5: Tap AirPlay.

Tap on the AirPlay button on iPhone

Step 6: Tap your Firestick device. If you’re not sure what its name is, you can check it in the main menu of AirScreen.

Streaming a photo to a Firestick via AirPlay on iPhone

While AirPlay in AirScreen is on by default, we suggest checking the settings of the app just to make sure it’s not turned off in case your Firestick device doesn’t show up on your iPhone.

3. Screen mirroring・Smart View TV

Screen mirroring・Smart View TV lets you mirror your iPhone’s screen and stream photos/videos to your Firestick device. It has some additional features, such as streaming web videos/photos, YouTube videos, and IPTV, but these require a premium subscription.

This app is mainly known for its screen mirroring feature, which has zero latency. However, its visually appealing UI makes it great for photo and video casting as well.

Here’s how you can use this app for photo casting:

Step 1: On your iPhone, Download Screen mirroring・Smart View TV.

Download Screen mirroring・Smart View TV from the App Store

Step 2: Open the app and tap the casting icon.

Step 3: Tap your Firestick from the list.

Select your Firestick in Screen mirroring・Smart View TV

Step 4: Go back to the main dashboard of the app and tap Photos.

Tap on the Photos tile in Screen mirroring・Smart View TV

Step 5: Tap any photo and it’ll start streaming to the Firestick device.

Streaming a photo to a Firestick via Screen mirroring・Smart View TV

4. iWebTV: Cast Web Videos to TV

iWebTV is an app that was made solely for streaming online videos to Firestick (and other streaming devices). You can’t use it to mirror your iPhone’s screen or stream offline photos/videos.

It’s capable of streaming videos in 1080p resolution. There aren’t a lot of advanced features in this app, but you can make a playlist and queue up your favorite videos. It also offers some playback controls while the video is playing on the streaming device.

Follow the steps below to stream a video from iPhone to Firestick with iWebTV:

Step 1: Download iWebTV on your iPhone from the App Store.

Download iWebTV from the App Store

Step 2: In the app’s built-in browser, type the URL of a site where you can watch videos, such as YouTube.

Step 3: As you play a video, a window will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap Cast and choose your Firestick device.

Tap on the Cast button in iWebTV

Step 4: You’ll be asked to download a companion app on your Fire TV.

Downloading iWebTV on Fire TV

Step 5: A new window will pop up where you can change the settings of the video being streamed to your Firestick.

A casting window will appear in iWebTV

Comparison Between Streaming Third-Party Apps

AppStreaming local photos and videosMusic streamingMirroring functionFree trialPrice
DoCastYesYesYes7 daysFrom $1.99/week
AirScreenYesYesYes7 daysFrom $19.99/year
Screen mirroring・Smart View TVYesYesYesNoFrom $19.99/year
iWebTVNoNoNo7 days$6.99 for lifetime upgrade

How to Stream From a Mac to a Fire TV

Since most Firestick and Fire TV models don’t have AirPlay, you can’t stream to them from a Mac unless you use AirScreen. As mentioned above, the app will turn your streaming device into an AirPlay receiver, thus allowing the Mac to connect to it.

Here are the steps to stream from a Mac to a Fire TV:

Step 1: Follow the steps above to download and set up AirScreen on your Fire TV.

Step 2: On your Mac, click on the Control Center icon in the menu bar and select Screen Mirroring.

Tap on the Screen Mirroring option on Mac

Step 3: Click on your Fire TV device to start streaming to it.

Step 4: You can also cast videos to your Fire TV by opening them in QuickTime Player and then clicking on the AirPlay icon. Choose your streaming device and it’ll start streaming on it.


As you can tell, making your iPhone stream to Firestick is a straightforward process. The two devices aren’t compatible with each other due to the differences in their operating systems, but a third-party app can bridge that gap.

We recommend using DoCast because of its user-friendly interface and ability to stream photos, music, and videos. Moreover, its free version doesn’t show any ads at all. You can also stream to a Fire TV from a Mac. You’ll need an app called AirScreen to convert your streaming device into an AirPlay receiver for this.


Yes, you can cast to Firestick, but you’ll need a third-party app if you’re streaming from an Apple device. DoCast is an app that allows you to stream local photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad to your Firestick for free.
You can’t AirPlay your iPhone to Firestick because they use two different technologies. However, you can use an app called AirScreen to enable AirPlay on a Firestick device. Once enabled, you can mirror or stream from your iPhone to the Firestick just like you would on an Apple device.
If your iPhone won’t connect to Firestick, we suggest checking if they’re connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. If they are and they still won’t connect, then you may either have to upgrade your iOS or Fire OS. In case that doesn’t work either, it’s possible that your Firestick model isn’t compatible with the third-party app you’re using to connect it to your iPhone.
DoCast is the best free app to mirror your iPhone to Firestick. It’s free and lets you mirror for 15 minutes per session without interrupting with ads. You can change the quality of the mirrored video and enable auto-rotation.
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