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Serato DJ Pro vs Mixed In Key (best dj apps for mac)

mixing features
controller support
music library management
user interface
audio quality
beat matching
scratch simulation
Serato DJ Pro offers a free version, but the Pro version costs $9.99 per month, or $129 for a perpetual license. It monetizes through software sales and additional paid expansions.
Mixed In Key costs $58 for a perpetual license. It mainly monetizes through software sales. Its upgrades usually cost around $29.

Serato DJ Pro, equipped with powerful features, is perfect for professional DJs who want plenty of customization options. It’s great for Serato hardware users. 🎧💻🎛️

Mixed In Key, with its advanced key detection ability, is preferred by DJs for harmonic mixing. It’s excellent for beginners learning music theory. 🎶🔑🎵

Serato DJ Pro Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Great hardware support 👍

  • Robust mixing features 🎧

  • Excellent for scratching and turntablism 👌

  • Supports a variety of controllers 🎚️

  • Easy to navigate interface 💻

Mixed In Key Pros & Cons

Top Pros
  • Exceptional key detection capability 🔑

  • User-friendly interface 👌

  • Excellent music library management 🎵

  • Compatible with many DJ applications 🔄

  • Great for harmonic mixing 🔄

  • Offers valuable learning opportunity for beginners 🎓

Top Cons
  • Lacks music streaming integration 🚫🎶

  • Requires Serato hardware for full functionality 🎛️

  • Limited effects 🎵💔

  • Somewhat expensive 💰⬆️

  • Doesn’t allow complete MIDI mapping 🎹❌

  • Lacks video mixing 🚫📹

Top Cons
  • Limited mixing features 🎚️⬇️

  • Lacks advanced effects 💥🚫

  • Not ideal for live performances 🚫🔊

  • No direct controller support 🎧🚫

  • Not a standalone DJ software 💻🚫

Other best dj apps for mac


Traktor Pro with its four-deck DJ software is ideal for creative mixers and remixed beats. It’s perfect for track blending and loop slicing. 📀⚙️🎚️


Rekordbox, a comprehensive DJ software from Pioneer DJ, is excellent for managing music, preparing sets, and performing from the same library. 🎵🎚️🎙️


djay Pro, a robust software with Spotify integration and machine learning capability, caters to DJs of all levels. It’s brilliant for music streaming. 🎶🔊🧠


There are several top-rated DJ apps for Mac, including Serato DJ Pro, Traktor Pro, djay Pro, Mixed In Key, and Rekordbox DJ.

Serato DJ Pro is a top-notch DJ software compatible with a variety of Mac and Windows devices. It provides high-quality DJing tools, such as record control, cue points, effects, and library management functions, ideal for both novice and professional DJs.

Mixed In Key provides harmonic mixing capabilities, allowing DJs to easily mix tracks based on their key and tempo. This helps deliver a smooth, harmonious sound by blending songs that complement each other musically.

Yes, Serato DJ Pro is highly versatile and compatible with a number of devices including controllers, mixers, CDJs, and interfaces.

While there is a free version of the Serato DJ Pro software, advanced functionalities are available via a paid version.

Mixed In Key software offers a key detection algorithm to provide accurate key results, energy level ranking for tracks, and options for personalized cue points and comments.

Both Serato DJ Pro and Mixed In Key offer user-friendly interfaces. However, based on simplicity and intuitive layout, most beginners might find Serato DJ Pro comparatively easier to navigate.

Serato DJ Pro offers a comprehensive library management system. DJs can effortlessly sort tracks, create playlists, and store cue points and loop information in the software’s library.

Mixed In Key is generally used together with other DJ software. It offers harmonic mixing capabilities that can be leveraged alongside DJ apps such as Serato DJ Pro, Rekordbox DJ, or Traktor Pro.

Yes, due to its advanced features, reliability, and hardware compatibility, many professional DJs prefer Serato DJ Pro. However, the choice of software often depends on personal preference and specific DJ requirements.

Apart from a Mac device to run the software, a DJ might use compatible controllers, mixers, CDJs, or interfaces along with Serato DJ Pro.

Yes, Serato DJ Pro offers an online tutorial for beginners to understand the basics of the software.

A Mac device running OS X 10.8 or later is required to install and run Mixed In Key.

The newest version of Serato DJ Pro offers better support for Music Streaming services, has improved the waveform highlights, offers better MIDI mapping capacities, and refined key detection abilities.

By using Mixed In Key, DJs can easily mix tracks in perfect harmony, create playlists with similar key tracks and calculate the energy level of a track for a perfect crowd control.

The Mixed In Key software can be purchased on the official Mixed In Key website for about $58.

Yes, Serato DJ Pro offers a free trial, allowing users to explore the features of the software before committing to a purchase.

Yes, Serato DJ Pro supports a wide range of third-party DJ hardware, including Pioneer, Numark, and Denon devices.

Serato DJ Pro provides excellent customer support, including a comprehensive FAQ section, email support and community forum to help troubleshoot any problems users may encounter.

Mixed In Key offers dedicated technical support through their community forum and via email for any technical queries or issues.

Three superb applications that are popular on macOS are: Serato DJ Pro, Mixed In Key, and Traktor Pro. They each offer a unique approach for mixing and music creation.

The most compelling aspect of Serato DJ Pro is its optimization for high-resolution displays and smart sync with beatgrids. These features provide a clean and streamlined interface, boosting DJ’s productivity.

Indeed, Mixed In Key DJ software is compatible with macOS. It’s primarily known for its advanced key detection capabilities, making harmonic mixing easier for DJs.

Not all versions. Serato DJ Pro is typically compatible with recent versions of macOS. However, it’s advisable to check Serato’s website for current compatibility information.

Mixed In Key stands out for its harmonic mixing technology. It accurately analyzes the keys and tempos of music tracks, helping DJs mix tracks beautifully and create perfect mashups.

Serato DJ Pro can be downloaded directly from the Serato’s official website. It offers a free trial before opting for a paid version.

Mixed In Key does not currently offer a free trial. The application is available for a one-time purchase on the Mixed In Key website.

A unique feature of Serato DJ Pro is that it allows DJs to stream music directly within the software from various music platforms such as Tidal and Soundcloud.

While Mixed In Key caters to all skill levels, its leading-edge audio analysis might be more appealing to intermediate and skilled DJs. Beginners could also benefit from its intuitive interface.

Yes, Serato DJ Pro integrates well with existing music libraries, including iTunes. It allows for seamless browsing and arrangement of tracks on your Mac.

Mixed In Key currently does not support streaming services. It primarily deals with analyzing your existing audio files for better mixing and organizing.

Indeed, Serato DJ Pro is popular among professional DJs due its advanced features, extensive hardware compatibility, and seamless integration with various music libraries and streaming services.

Mixed In Key can significantly enhance a DJ’s performance by facilitating harmonic mixing. By automatically analyzing the key of tracks, it enables DJ’s to create flawless transitions.

Serato offers comprehensive customer support for DJ Pro users, with options for live chat, FAQs, and community-based assistance.

Yes, once the Mixed In Key software is purchased, all future updates to the program are available free of charge.

Yes, Serato DJ Pro introduces colored waveforms to represent different frequencies, which helps DJs identify kicks, hi-hats and snares visually within the track.

Indeed, Mixed In Key can analyze several tracks at once. This feature saves time and simplifies the process for DJs.

Serato DJ Pro offers great personalization. You can adjust the layout to suit your needs, select from numerous EQs and filters, and customize the software’s appearance with various color schemes.

Mixed In Key supports a variety of audio formats, including MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and more. These support a wide range of DJ applications.

Yes, Serato DJ Pro supports video mixing, offering additional flexibility for DJs looking to blend music with visuals during their performances.