How can I make Preview the default app on my Mac?

Hi everyone, I recently noticed that my Mac has been opening PDFs and images with a different application instead of Preview. I’m not sure how this happened, but I’d really like to switch back to using Preview as the default app. Can anyone guide me through the steps? Thanks in advance!

Hey there!

Sounds like your Mac’s gotten a little too adventurous with its app choices. No worries, though, we can set Preview as your default again in just a few steps. :desktop_computer:

Here’s the drill:

  1. Find a PDF/Image: Right-click on the file that’s been rebellious.

  2. Open With: From the context menu, pick “Open With,” then “Other…”

  3. Get to Preview: In the window that pops up, select “Preview.” Make sure you tick the checkbox saying “Always Open With.” (It’s at the bottom – Apple loves to hide things, I know.)

  4. Click Open: Yup, that should do it for that particular file.

Extra Credit: For the peace of mind that all PDFs/images obey your will:

  1. Get Info: Right-click (again!) on one of those files, then select “Get Info.”

  2. Change All: In the info window, under “Open With,” choose Preview. Then, hit “Change All…”. BAM! A pop-up will ask if you wanna make the change for all files of this type. Just confirm it, and you’re golden.

Hope this helps, and may your Mac never betray your default app preferences again. :joy::rocket:

Best of luck!