Best Way to Backspace on a Mac?

Hey folks, I’m new to using a Mac and finding it confusing to delete text properly. On my old Windows machine, I’d just use the backspace key. Can anyone guide me on the best way to backspace on Mac? Any shortcuts or tricks would be really appreciated!

Hey there! Welcome to the world of Macs :rocket:!

I feel your pain, adjusting to a new OS can be like learning a new language. On a Mac, the keyboard layout can be sneaky different from what you’re used to on Windows. Here’s the lowdown:

The Basics:

  • Backspace Key: Good news! The backspace key is still your friend. It’s just called “delete” on a Mac. It works the same way - erasing characters to the left.

But Wait, There’s More!

  • Forward Delete: Mac doesn’t have a dedicated forward delete key like some Windows keyboards. If you wanna delete text in front of the cursor, try pressing Fn + Delete. It does wonders.

Some Tricks:

  • Option + Delete: This combo deletes entire words to the left. Pretty rad if you wanna nuke typos with some speed.
  • Command + Delete: Deletes the whole line to the left! I know, magic, right?

Pro tip: If you have to toggle between deleting forwards and backwards a lot, consider remapping keys with a tool like Karabiner-Elements. Annoying at first, but worth it for power moves later.

Hang in there, buddy! Before you know it, you’ll be mastering these new tricks and deleting text like a pro. Mac world’s got your back :sunglasses:.