Olga Weis

I am an internationally certified Freelance Technical Author/Embedded System Developer. I briefly studied computer science before starting a career in freelance software development. My expertise extends into Mac and iOS app development. Having worked extensively with iOS technologies, I’ve contributed to projects ranging from app development to system optimization, gaining a reputation as a versatile and knowledgeable professional in the tech industry. Fascination with Apple products eventually led me to pursue a career in technical writing. My commitment to delivering accurate and accessible content laid the foundation for my success. Now I'm actively engaged in the development and improvement of projects related to virtual COM ports as well as working on USB over Ethernet technology, Embedded Systems and Multimedia Software. I follow tech-related YouTubers, and frequently watch their webinars and lectures to expand my knowledge and stay updated on upcoming major changes in the digital world. Besides, I use online platforms that offer valuable information for tech writing. I write on varied topics including Electronics, Computers, Technology, Mac software and Apple devices.
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