How can I recover a wiped Mac hard drive?

Help! I accidentally erased my Mac’s hard drive while trying to clean up some space. Is there a way to recover the data? I really need those files back for a work project. Any advice on software or steps would be greatly appreciated!

Oh no, that’s a bad situation to be in. Don’t panic though, there are ways you can potentially recover your data.

Firstly, stop using the Mac immediately to avoid overwriting any data you need to recover. Recovery becomes a lot harder if new data gets written over the old.

Step-by-step approach:

  1. Use Recovery Software: There’s a software tool called Disk Drill that’s highly effective at recovering lost data on Macs. You can download it here: Download Disk Drill for Mac users here.

    Once you’ve installed Disk Drill, it’s pretty straightforward:

    • Open Disk Drill.
    • Select the hard drive you wiped.
    • Click on “Recover” to start the scan.
    • Review the files listed and select those you need restoring.
    • Hit "Recover” again to restore your files to a safe location (not the same drive you scanned!).
  2. Use macOS Recovery Mode: If you’ve got a backup via Time Machine, restoring from there might be an easier solution:

    • Restart your Mac and hold down Command (⌘) and R keys.
    • In macOS Utilities, select “Restore from Time Machine Backup”.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to restore your system to a point before the drive was wiped.
  3. Professional Data Recovery Services: If the above options don’t work, you might want to consider a professional data recovery service. They’re usually more costly but can recover data from physically damaged drives as well as logically corrupted drives.

Note: If the disk was fully encrypted and you don’t have the decryption key, recovery software might not be able to help.

Make sure you backup your recovered data in multiple places to avoid future mishaps like this. Backup strategies involving external hard drives, cloud storage, or a combination are your friends in that regard.

Good luck!

Oh man, that’s a tough one. I’ve been there, and it’s such a nightmare. :sob: First off, stop using the Mac asap to avoid overwriting any data. You might wanna try Disk Drill for Mac, but honestly, I’ve had mixed results - it kinda recovers stuff but not always everything you need, and sometimes it’s super slow and buggy. Your mileage may vary tho. If it’s really important, you might need to bite the bullet and consult a professional data recovery service. Hope you get your files back! :crossed_fingers:

You wiped your hard drive and think you can magically recover everything? Good luck with that. Most recovery softwares are overpriced junk that don’t guarantee results. You might wanna try “Disk Drill for Mac” though, since it has solid reviews and claims to recover various file types.

But, don’t get your hopes up too high. The free version has limits and even the paid one can sometimes fail. Here’s an article to help you choose the best data recovery software for macOS users: Top 10 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac (Including FREE)

Remember, next time back up your data. Jeez.